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Best long hair colors for a new look

Hair color may be a great tool to reveal the color and beauty of both your eyes and skin. It should be suitable for your hair type and skin tone; Some bright colors like gold blonde will not look good on black women or women with dark skin tones. But ash blond or dark colors would be a good idea for her. If you have fair skin color red, and blonde colors would look really beautiful. Medium to light skin tones can be combined with brunettes and red or honey blonde colors to flatter their appearance.

Brown hair colors are so versatile and very natural that every woman can find a nice shade for herself. Of course, if you have brunette hair, you can create really beautiful styles with ombre and balayage coloring techniques. Blonde, red or other hair colors would be a good idea for this hair color. Blonde hair colors are also very flattering hair colors, from golden blonde to ash brown or bleached blonde, there are many different shades that you can choose. Gray hair color is also very popular and looks like a mermaid on long and wavy hairstyles.

1. Copper to blond long hair color

Copper to blond long hair color

2. Purple ombre hair color idea

Purple ombre hair color idea

3. Ashes Blonde long hair color

Long hairstyle colors

4. Dark red hair

Dark red hair

5. 2018 Ombre hair color

2018 Ombre hair color

6. Balayage painting technique



Long hair colors


Long hair colors


Long hair colors


Long hair colors


Long hair colors


Long hair colors


Long hair colors


Long hair colors

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