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Bib – what is a T-shirt in clothes and how to wear it?

Bib – What is a shirt in clothes and how to wear it?
Dickey has become a popular accessory in modern fashion, which not only offers the reliability and usability of the image, but also adds originality, originality and attractiveness to appearance.

It is no news that the original accessories in the picture are able to highlight all the combinations of unusual, attractive and the individuality of the style. One of the fashion decisions today has become a start number. And if you think that this is a purely knitted wardrobe, you should look at the stylish review and other interesting models.

What is a bib in clothes?

This accessory is a flat bib that can be worn over the head to secure the neck, the closure. In modern fashion, this item is slightly modified and can serve as a functional and decorative feature. In the first case, the bib for women is made of warm material that warms the chest and neck in the cold. In the decorative solution, these products can consist of a variety of beautiful fabrics, complemented by a shiny finish, embroidery, appliqu├ęs and others.

Ladies shirt

Today, designers use a variety of materials in the design of fashion accessories – leather, suede, cotton. Most popular, however, are knitted products that can be hand-made in fashion boutiques, departments or even made by hand. The collar can have different sizes – cover only the neck or the entire chest area and back. Stylish additions are not only used in everyday fashion but also in formal style, business look and theme combinations for issue. Let us see the most beautiful design solutions:

  • Frill , Very feminine and romantic look of fine cotton or silk products, created by the combination of lush ruffles. Jabot will adorn any stylish look and help to visually customize the bust area, especially the owners of small breasts.
  • Short poncho , Such models are represented in a solid design with the neck. The main difference is the wide base, which covers shoulders, chest and back.
  • Cap , An interesting element can be a part of shirts, dresses, blouses. In this case, the area is in the form of a tricot shirt with contrasting fabric shades and a light finish.

  • Jewellery , This stylish accessory is represented in the collections of women’s jewelry. A beautiful necklace with stones, woven pearls, gold and silver jewelry – the trendy choice for a formal bow.

  • For , Another stylish option is natural or fake fur. This addition does not look so spectacular and elegant, but reliably protects against hypothermia in the cold.

Scarf bib

One of the most popular styles was solid scarf. Such a model can be equipped with a wide, round Kehlschulterpolster. Stylish choice became an option in the form of a wide whistle. But in this case, only the neck area is closed. Snood hat can complete the look as over-top clothing and. Craftsmen make such accessories, which are made of warm wool, acrylic or Velcro yarns. This garnish became an important element in the winter, spring and autumn look.


A comfortable choice is the product supplemented with a buckle. Most often, a bib for women was buttoned. Accessories can be placed in the middle or on the side. This option is practically the fact that you can adjust the width and size of the accessory with a closure. Hardware is a common speaker and a nice finish. In the trend model on large and curved buttons, wooden barrels, a metal solution in the military style. Fashion shirt with push button hook, zipper, studs and laces. Designers offer as knitted products and styles of textiles.

Openwork bibs

The products of open-knit look very beautiful and feminine. Such models are presented in fine mohair, which is suitable for the cold season, and cotton or silk, which is important in the summer season. Openwork bib on the neck is shown in the technique of Irish lace. Such accessories are more in the category of jewelry than functional add-ons. Openwork knitwear always underlined the image of romance and tenderness. This is a great way to dilute the strict arc without changing its basic style.

Dickey fleece

A current choice for active everyday steel model fleece. Dense but soft tissue, well suited for the duration of the worst cold. Due to its thermostatic properties, they keep heat and moisture away from the body. Such features are suitable for sports on the road. Fleece bib has become a popular addition for lovers of skiing and other winter sports. The only disadvantage of fleece products is unattractive. In contrast to the knitwear, such models are often plain, without decoration.

Hat Bib

The simple decision is the choice of the set. Knitted bibs for women are often trimmed with hats. This ensemble is always successful due to identical design. You do not have to look for similar accessories, it takes time. Stylish option is taken into account and a one-piece product that instantly covers head, neck and shoulders. These accessories have several names – cap, snood, hat with a cap. Designers offer models such as yarn and fleece, wool, cotton insulated. Particularly popular are the models of waterproof raincoat or Bologna with a warm lining.

Rectangular bib

A stylish addition to a casual bow is the product of rectangular shape. Such models are available in two design variants. In the first case, this one-piece collar with a round neckline and bib is the rectangle. Such a decision looks particularly stylish in the picture, the offset angle on the chest. Geometric rectangle in the form of a scarf with buttons, studs, buttons or hooks. If you have an asymmetrical shape with one end lower than the other, you will emphasize in the picture your personality and originality.

A lacy bib

A stylish addition to a romantic and delicate bows have become refined accessories of the top. These models are presented in the form of thin strips around the neck and openwork bibs. This design is as relevant as smooth cut and gathered frilly ruffles. Popular in the market is the white hat, as the classic lighter shade is completely in line with the romance of the lace. In white color, this addition will fit perfectly as a bright onion and rigorous business combinations.

Body bib

Trendy style oversized are not only in garments, but also the collections of stylish accessories. The oversized scarf shirt for women is a bright accent for a casual bow. However, this is bulky design and has practical qualities. In extremely cold temperatures store model oversized safely and protect against overcooling, tightly closing the chest and neck. This option is shown in the form of a wide one-piece ring worn in two turns. A good solution would be a model with the detail on the head, which makes the purchase of additional hats unnecessary.

The bib chunky knit

Accessories Chunky knit looks attractive and original. Such models are freely represented with thick yarn in knitting technology. Stylish choice is considered a knit shirt with a large textured pattern – braids, Arana, abstract paintings of twisted and elongated loops. To focus on such details in the picture, choose a style with a wide bib. On the scale of the patterns more clearly. However, this item is not suitable for wearing under clothing. Here can be high or double throat, precisely knitted small tripods.

What to wear with the bib?

The originality of these stylish accessories due to their versatility. Beautiful bibs can be worn both in winter and in the warmer months. The main selection criterion in this case is the composition of the yarn. Models of pearls, stones and pearls are considered an attribute of a purely formal style. Fur products are suitable for everyday use and on the way out. With other yarns and fibers that are often used in everyday life. However, no element of the wardrobe can complement a striking bib. Let’s take a look at the most successful solutions:

  • With the dress , Lace ruffle styles and stylish will complement the strict styles of the clothes in the style business. In this case, the addition will be a good way to dilute the strict limitation of the image.
  • Under a jacket , If you do not wear a shirt and tie, a simple jacket can complement a beautiful lace accessory with ruffles and lace knits. Silk and satin products look stylish on a collarless jacket.

  • With the coat , Warm knit add-ons, design, chunky knit and oversized combined with classic outerwear. This casual accessory is as universal as a tailored coat and styles a man’s cut.
  • On a sweater , In the winter, when the weather does not require warm clothing, the neck and chest can be warm in fur or three-dimensional knitwear, worn over a pullover or an elongated oversized model. This article will be a stylish accent. The sweater must be firm in this case.

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