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Big comeback of hairstyles of the 80s in 2019

Wispy pony

From the subtle hairstyles of the 80s, we can make ourselves a tender pony, which immediately reminds us of the icons of the 80s. But you should definitely give this pony a modern touch. Wear it with a praise haircut and make a fashion statement. For inspiration, look at the model below. She styles her pony so that she breathes new life into them. It’s just a fabulous headgear for everyone.

Non-part hairstyle

Play with the trend of the no-friend hairstyle and rock a retro-inspired, back-curled hairstyle. It’s 80’s “cool girl” look that shows no sign of disappearing. Actually, the style requires some hair gel and fingers comb your hair back. You can also get the look easily at home. It works on every hair length from short to long, therefore everyone can wear it.

Updo for short hair

It’s really hard to ignore the ’80s mood and not pull off a chic updo like this one. And it is meant for ladies with short hair. It features taped roots and unstructured style created with bobby pins. It’s just a great way to get your hair out of your face. If you have a full-grown goblin, do it casually or formally.

High ponytail

The high ponytail is 80s signature hairstyle and has never left the fashion industry. Then it was paired with ruffled or crocheted hair, now you can take the style one step higher and rock with mini or voluminous braids. For example, with pigtails, your high ponytail will never look old. It’s an excellent workout hairstyle that pulls your hair out of your neck in a stylish way.


Perms were also popular in the 80s. We love to see his comeback. This hair is full of volume and bounce. In fact, Dauerwelle creates an excellent 80s-inspired look that makes others try it. Find the right perm style for you and keep it going. Perm looks good on both medium and long hair.

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