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Bleached Hair For Men

Bleached hair for guys has become a popular trend in 2018. Similar to the Merman delusion, more men have the choice of a blond or platinum blonde than hair color to change their style and look. But you know, blonde hair would look like you? If you are considering dying or bleaching your hair a different color, it is definitely a question that you should ask yourself. And what about the different types of hairstyles for bleached hair?

The fact is, guys with bleach blonde or platinum hair are a special race. Not all guys can pull off these cool styles, and once you’ve dyed your hair, shave your head or a very short haircut is really the only way to change “reverse”.

If you are interested in experimenting with hair coloring or different colors like platinum, ash blonde, copper blonde, highlights or white, you will want to check out this guide!

Guys with blond hair

Here are some examples of guys with blond hair.

Blonde tips

Bleach Blonde + Great

Messy side swept blonde

Disconnected Undercut + bleached mid-length hair

A High Fade + Textured Ash Blonde

Medium-long hair + Blonde highlights

Blonde Comb Over + Undercut

Guys with platinum hair

And here are some examples of guys using platinum hair.

Platinum Blonde + Messy Comb Over

Modern Tolle + Platinum Blonde Hair Dyed

High Skin Fade – + Textured Spiky Platinum Hair

Classic Taper + Comb About Pomp + Platinum Blonde

Low Bald Fade + Platinum Highlights

Brushed Back Platinum blonde hair

Platinum Slicked Back Undercut

Best bleached hair guys

Finally, here are even more stylish bleached the hair of men.

Undercut + White Hair Crew Cut

Taper Fade + Messy Top + Bleached with Purple

Center Of Skin Fade + Great + Gray Hair

Hard Part Comb Over + White Dyed Hair

Long Comb Over Undercut + BART

White Textured Fringe

Classic Taper + Flowing Platinum Hair

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