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Blonde and pretty long hairstyles for women

Blonde hair tones are very diverse these days, every woman can look good with blond hair by finding a suitable shade for her. Not every blonde color is suitable for every skin tone, you should choose a blonde hair color that flatters your facial features and your skin tone. For example, women may choose medium-skinned shades of honey-blonde, sand-blond, or gold-blonde in color, as light-skinned women should avoid ash-blonde or honey-blonde colors. You can with light blonde or ” bronde “Color go to create a really nice look. Women with Dakr skin tone or black women can go with platinum blonde or dirty blonde tones to a pleasing appearance.

Hairstyles can be really versatile and blonde hair colors clearly show the style, whether you have plaited hairstyle or nicely curled hairstyle for different occasions

1. Sand Blonde lights

Sand Blonde lights

2. Big blonde long hair color

Big blonde long hair color

3. Amazing curly curls

Amazing curly curls

4. Thick hair

Thick hair

5. Medio bollo simple

Medio bollo simple

6. Dreadlocks for long blond hair

Dreadlocks for long blond hair

7. Half roll hairstyle

Half roll hairstyle

8. Braided hairstyle

Braided hairstyle

9. Ponytail idea

Ponytail idea

10. Hollywood curls

Hollywood curls

11. Layered Blonde Platinum Hair Idea

Layered Blonde Platinum Hair Idea

12. Wavy bright blond hair

Wavy bright blond hair

13. Balayage long hair

Balayage long hair

14. Golden blond hair color

Golden blond hair color

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