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Bob Hairstyles Hairstyle 2019

1. Vintage Curls

Are you a luxury princess? Because we have the perfect hairstyle and color for you. The hairstyle is an overlong reversed bob with vintage jumbo curls at the bottom. The color is a very soft peach with just a hint of mother of pearl.

2. Inverted Textured Bob

If you have chosen a hairstyle from a structured bob, short or not, we also recommend a unicorn hair color. Layering is the perfect way to showcase such a fabulous selection of colors. In this example, it was based on purple, mauve, and blue, but you can choose your favorite.

3. Red Hair Inverted Bob

This brick-red, smooth and dull cut simply required one or two hair accessories. The model found it in the form of a wool headband with a long needle studded with simple, white pearls. This is how luxury is created.

4. Feathery Inverted Bob

This color is called Tequila sunrise orange and you can easily see why. The harvest is immensely feather-light and it’s a very ’90s on the classic inverted bob. We especially like the short Baby Pony and the Electro Blue and Cherry Red Makeup.

5. The Kelly Osbourne

This famous TV presenter decided to accept the inverted Bob and make it her own. Here she is with a glossy lavender color, short bangs and shaved sides. It’s nice to see her make-up match her hair color.

kelly osborne inverted bob

6. Tip-Dye

An alternative to Ombre is called dip-dye. As the name implies, the result looks like you’ve dipped the tips of your hair into a particular color. This time it is ink blue on white sandy blonde.

Blonde in ink inverted bob

7. Medium Inverted Bob with Pony

Sometimes, all you need is a pop of color. Forget about the choppy layers or the shaved sides. Keep the classic cut and choose a strong, velvety color, like this strong blue. Oh, and these moschino tote earrings are a dream!

blue inverted bob

8. Two Tone Inverted Bob

This moss-green forest is the perfect complement to your style in both winter and summer. In the hot season it gets cool and refreshing, while in winter it can be easily combined with scarves and gloves for a woody look.

9. Hairstyles for inverted Bob

If your bob is long enough, you can style it in half a half down style. In this way you can wear a pair of oversized or statement earrings that are just now fashionable and really the beauty of the ball.

reverse bob with bangs

10. Long and Layered

Here is the praise or Long Bob. If you really want to opt for the reverse version, it’s best to ask your stylist to layer it. That way, you can use your curling iron to bring the ends to your face.

layered long inverted bob

11. The Dakota Johnson

Even though she is famous for her pony, Dakota Johnson becomes more and more attractive with this simple and casual inverted bob. She wears it like a real hipster with very little make-up and round plastic glasses.

dakota johnson inverted bob

12. The Gemma Arterton

If you really want to look like a movie star, take a cue from the British beauty Gemma Arterton. Here she is with a mid reversed bob, heavy bangs, and an 18 (19459045) century theater-white collar. How many likes do you think you’ll get on Insta with this look?

13. Choppy Ends

For a fresh look, you can always ask your stylist to finish your inverted bob with some choppy ends. He or she will use a razor to make you look casually sweet and effortlessly beautiful.

dark pink inverted bob

14. The Haley Bennett

You have seen and loved her The girl on the train , Now watch as Haley Bennet takes Hollywood by storm and establishes itself as a household name. We like to think that the amazing blonde bombshell has something to do with the inverted bob.

15. Inverted Bob for fine hair

A short and cute bob with a soft bangs could be the perfect solution for fine hair. It does not require a lot of maintenance. All you have to do is straighten after washing and use a small amount of brightener for a nice finish.

fine hair reversed bob

16. The Jennifer Love Hewitt

Here is a rare remedy image of our beloved Jennifer Love Hewitt without her long mane and with very little makeup. She wears a slightly shabby, 2000’s inspired reversed bob. The color is a shiny chestnut mixed with just a little burgundy.

Jennifer love Hewitt inverted Bob

17. The Shakira

Another woman known for her inspiring blonde long curls was the fiery singer Shakira. Nowadays she went for the mother cut, which of course means a bob. She also renounced the heavy eyeshadow.

shakira inverted bob

18. The Helen Mirren

If there is one thing we love and support, it is women who are beautiful and gracefully aged. And Helen Mirren is definitely a perfect example. Her smoky, white hair is cut in a super short inverted bob that comes very close to an elf cut.

helen mirren inverted bob

19. The Jessie J

Jessie J’s hairstyle is an icon. She wears her hair in a very dull bob, super smooth and shiny, color block brunette, with extremely curtain pony. She is also a fan of super-strong make-up that makes her look like a total diva.

20. The Selena Gomez

Long before she was the most beloved person on Instagram in the world and a sultry singer, Selena Gomez was just a fresh-faced kid on the Disney Channel. Remember when she practiced this cstinted inverted bob and baby pink lip gloss sport?

21. The Olivia Munn

Another woman on the big screen who has always remained true to her hair color is actress Olivia Munn. She loves her radiant brunette as much as we love her. Just look how amazing she is with so little makeup and contoured eyebrows.

olivia munn inverted bob

22. The Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s Stilzug was on the way to beat Madonna after she reinvented herself, in reverse Bobville. It made them look very mature and much more stylish than what we normally see.

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