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Body Art Women – what it is, the story, types, techniques

Body Art Women – what it is, the story, types, techniques
Modern body art is simply amazing because artists use their talents to create a truly stunning masterpiece. Different types of body painting allow women to transform their personal style and demonstrate it to others.

Today, girls, to demonstrate their own individuality, can use not only bright and garish clothing, but also the unusual make-up. Including modern fashionista working actively with body art is a way to paint the whole body or specific parts to achieve an incredible impact.

What is body art?

Most members of the fairer good are at least minimally familiar with the basics of the English language can easily translate the name of this art in Russian – literally “paint the body”. However, not all young ladies know where body art and why it is so unusual for popularity around the world.

What is body art?

The history of body art

According to fashion experts, the history of body art dates back to antiquity. At all times, women and men have tried to decorate, impress and attract the attention of the opposite good in various ways. In addition, wearable drawings could scare the enemy and scare off predators in some cases.

Later, body art was used to highlight a particular position in society and a few more decades for ritual purposes. This whole time lost its relevance, although it is similar to the tradition of painting, which still exists among the aborigines of countries such as Australia, America, South Africa and others.

Since the late 1960s-70s body painting, body art has stormed back to the forefront of popularity and conquered the hearts of American youth and then spread to other countries. The modern diversity of this art combines elements of graphic design, classic make-up, abstract art and decorative areas.

In general, the body can be painted with henna or facial paint, gouache or acrylic paints on which to do so for z parties and festivals, fashion shows around the world, various exhibitions and other events. Body Art has found its application in psychology – the modern professionals favor treatment and psychological correction with masks and colors. Small examples can be seen in football stadiums – fans generously decorate your face and body to show others who belong to your favorite team.

Body Art Women

So far, the drawings of body art can be found almost everywhere, but the older generation’s representatives often think that art is a bit vulgar, overly frank and obscene. This is especially true when the image is applied to a completely naked body whose private parts are masked with paint and other used objects.

Naked girls, whose bodies are completely covered with paint or varnish, usually stand at events or on the catwalk, advertising for a particular manufacturer, service or music group. Such a painting can not go unnoticed, so that marketers give it great hope, and very often they are justified. In everyday life, however, it is almost unreal to find such pictures.

In order to demonstrate their own individuality and to give your picture charming “highlights”, girls and women usually use small pictures that are applied in different ways. The types of body art are a method of application that is used by the tool for coloring the body and the time of preservation of the figure. So, when funny face painting is used in most cases for just a few hours, the tattoo is also a kind of body art that can last a lifetime on a person’s body.

Body art women

Body art on the hand

Contemporary artists draw a large variety of different images from the human body. To draw pictures with only the hands, the skin is often not too sensitive and can withstand considerable stress. Temporary or permanent tattoos, body art with acrylic paint or gouache can be made on the woman’s arm or has recently become popular with henna or mehendi.

One of the most eye-catching images in the hands, which leave no one indifferent, was able to create The Italian artist Guido Daniele on behalf of a creative agency. The man used his models’ hands to use incredibly beautiful animals and birds, often using not only drawings but also magnificent three-dimensional figures. Fingers in such works often played the part of wings, ears or horns being extremely cute and truly adorable pets.

Body art on the hand

Body Art on the back

Drawings and tattoos Body Art on the back are very popular with artists and designers, because on this surface it is possible to realize almost every one of your fantasies. The back has a larger area than other areas of the female body and is also different from smoothness and flatness, so it can stay on all colors and materials.

For theme parties and podium performances usually choose large pictures in the full-back applied a bright colors. In contrast, on the contrary, much better, a little dragonfly, a charming flower or a cute little heart.

Among the artists who show Body Art on the back is the brilliant American Natasha Farnsworth with incredible pictures and mind bending optical effect. With his unsurpassed talent, this girl draws on the backs of her friends an amazing picture – the open hole from which stand out dangerous animals, unusual “window” with visible image or vivid abstraction that is unlike any other painting.

Body art on the back

Body art at the foot

Drawings Body art on the slender legs of the young beauties looks very sweet and harmless. They are able to add lightness, playfulness and charm to the image of a modern fashionista and are therefore very popular with young ladies. Typically, such images are applied to the delicate ankles, but may extend over the leg as needed. On the legs are often funny body art images shown – crawling an ant or a worm, characters from comics or cartoons, funny signatures and smiles.

Body painting – body art

Is modern art as a body art without restrictions? If desired, and under the influence of the artist’s imagination, you can absolutely draw everything – the main thing that it looked beautiful and liked the fashionista. Artists who practice different types of body art have found that the process of drawing on the body evokes the inexhaustible creative energy, so the problems of selecting a theme or motif for the image never occur.

Meanwhile, professionals have difficulty choosing nature, which will not refuse to undress and let a stranger paint with paints and other suitable compounds. Body Art – totally unique, no similar art that completely devours the Masters, after which they can not do any other kind of art.

When the body of a living human has an extraordinary energy, the artist feels the warmth of the model and its mood. Apply to the soft skin with a brush or with your hands, masking it like a nudity of clothing and creating an image that will come alive, move or change volume or color.

Sport Body Art

The sports body art understands not only the painted face and the torso of the fans, but the system of body transformation, which combines different types of training. With regular trips to the gym, body art sports help to achieve an amazing result – improving shape and silhouette, hardening the muscles of the whole body, and harmoniously developing mind and soul.

The system of training body art sports includes the following elements:

  • Yoga;
  • Pilates;
  • Tai Chi;
  • Martial arts;
  • Strength and cardiovascular exercises.

Body Art – Flowers

Flower Body Art is the most feminine, tender, and romantic version of this art form. It is often called “floral camouflage” because in this shell every representative of the fairer good feels magical. The flowers on the body of a beautiful woman always look bright, striking and seductive, they create around an atmosphere of warm fragrant summer and give extraordinary feelings, thus such drawings are seen more often on models.

Erotic body art

Erotic or goodual body art is no different from other varieties of this art, except that it runs on a completely naked body. While the private parts are not masked under a thick layer of paint, but on the contrary, they are also clearly visible in existing drawings. This full art refers to the erotic, it should not be accessible to the general public and in most cases is valued only in an intimate environment

Body art for pregnant women

The time to carry a baby for all the beautiful women is incredibly exciting and long-awaited. At this time, ladies like to observe the changes in your body and pay attention to the photo shoots, which allow them to capture their unusual status and the rounded shape permanently.

It is often such pictures on the exposed belly caused by the future mother funny drawings. Not all techniques of body art are available for pregnant women because they can only produce short-lived images that do not harm the body of the woman and the unborn child. So, in this case, can only be used in make-up, gouache or watercolor or a special harmless principle that lasts for about 10 days.

Body Art for pregnant women

Body Art Wedding

For all young brides who want to stand out from the crowd and present their personal style, Body Art is a great way to attract attention and create a one-of-a-kind look that will leave many bright and interesting memories. As a rule, young ladies marrying decorate their bodies with flower motifs, angel wings, painted bangles, cherry twigs or monogram with the first letters of the newlyweds’ names.

Make-up with elements of body art

Bright and unusual make-up, body art involves the makeup of various patterns. It is perfect for festive occasions and is able to correct the appearance or make certain functions clearer and easier to understand. This type of body art chooses a brave and self-confident girl who does not like to stay on the edge.

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