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Bombshell Blonde Balayage Ideas

Blonde Balayage is a uniquely interesting technique that stylists use to give you a hair color that looks extremely natural and that does not stand out when your hair starts to grow. The best part is that there is no pattern for it. Every color and every color is and will be tailored to you and your wishes. Therefore, even if you and your friend, say, choose the same color from the palette, it will be different for you. With these words, here are 45 shades of blond balayage to inspire you!

1. pale blonde balayage

This particular blonde shade is so transparent and delicate that it almost reminds us of a ballerina. It can also be described as porcelain blonde and it is a perfect shade for the winter time. Just think about how great you will look for your next Christmas party.

pale blonde balayage

2. Noisette Blonde Balayage

The word Noisette is a French term for hazelnut. This blond shade aims to reproduce the outer shell of the nut in the most delicious way. It is a perfect color for girls with brown or dark eyes.

Noisette blonde balayage

3. Light Golden Blonde Balayage

We’ve already seen a version of golden hair that you can try, but not like this one. Since the metallics are really this season, you should put on gold, copper and brass colors for your hair. This light golden hue is just an idea that you can try.

bright golden blonde balayage

4. Heavy Golden Blonde Balayage

If the light was too golden for you to understate, why not try the heavy gold? It’s bold, but without brass and a perfect fall color. Make sure your stylist gives you a dark brown base before you start.

heavy golden blonde balayage

5. Pure Blonde Balayage

Not to be confused with platinum or Eisblond, this color is called pure blonde. It’s a color rooted more than anything else in gray and white, with a dull and chalky finish. The roots here are brown instead of brunette.

pure blonde balayage

6. White Sands

There’s a sandy blonde and then there’s white sandblonde. Yes, the blonde palette, especially when Balayage is involved, is virtually endless. You can try a deep chestnut base for your roots, which can also melt into the color itself.

white sand blonde balayage

7. The Gigi Hadid

One of the many celebrities that embraced blond Balayage is supermodel Gigi Hadid. With her pretty face and hazel eyes, this hair color is just breathtaking on the young model and she really seems to enjoy it.

gigi hadid blonde balayage

8. Cream Soda Blonde Balayage

If there is a hair color that has taken Hollywood by storm in the last few seasons, then it is the right thing to do. It’s called Crème Soda and everyone from your stylist to the biggest celebrities has worn it. What are you waiting for?

cream soda blonde balayage

9. Elizabeth Olsen

Th Olsen’s other sister, known for her roles in Avengers and I saw the light could not be more beautiful than in that perfect shade of blonde balayage. And look at this perfect Hollywood smile!

Elizabeth Olson blonde balayage

10. The Heidi Klum

The supermodel never took off her blond curls and we are very happy about that. It’s her signature look and she’s a maniac. She could have changed the shadow of the blonde she wears, but she was always a blonde bomb.

Heidi Klum blonde Balayage

11. The Kim K.

Yes, even Kim K has fallen victim to the blond Balayage. Although she is now notorious for her long, brunette mane, Kim also occasionally became blonde. And she did not look bad at all. Although we like her more as a brunette.

kim k blonde balayage

12. The Lea Seydoux

We know that you loved Emma Watson as the new Belle, and so did we. But we strongly recommend the absolutely bizarre and fairy tale version of Beauty and the beast to see Lea Lea Seydoux is Belle. You are put into an enchanted world.

lea seydoux blonde balayage

13. The Leighton Meester

How many times have you wished to have Leighton Meester’s wardrobe, smile, eyes or hair? Admit it! As often as you have looked Gossip Girl. She is indeed a beauty, especially with this brown melting blonde balayage.

Leighton meester blonde balayage

14. The Chrissy doughs

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen has redefined the standards of classic beauty when she became a star. She advocates the idea of ​​looking good in your own skin and loving your body as it is. Oh, yes, and eat! As much as you can!

chrissy dough blonde balayage

15. Iceberg Blonde Balayage

We already mentioned, Iceberg Blond and now it’s time we showed it to you. Iceberg Blond must be a solid block of whitish pale color with a dark brown base. Do not be afraid to go all the way, if that’s your preference.

Iceberg blonde balayage

16. Vanilla Cream

There is a lot of inspiration in food and treats when it comes to blonde. Maybe that’s why they say that blondes have more fun. This is a magnificent shade with brown roots and golden stripes running through it.

Vanilla cream blonde balayage

17. Autumn Blonde Balayage

If you’re looking for the perfect blonde for this fall, look no further. You definitely found it now. It is so much like autumnal nature that it might as well camouflage itself. Which is exactly what you need to do this season.

Autumn blonde balayage

18. Sombre Blonde Balayage

This is a great color that is perfect if you work in an office with a stricter dress code or if your industry asks. It’s the perfect combination of somber and playful with the natural beige on the top and the barely visible platinum below.

dark blonde balayage

19. Braided blonde balayage

Are you stomping as far as hairstyles that can show off your great balayage? How about a simple three-way network? You do not even have to tie the end. Use a little hair spray to fix it in place and you are good to go.

braided blonde balayage

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20. Brass Blonde Balayage

We have already mentioned that one of the most sought after colors of this season is brass. Here it is. This is Brass Balayage and we have to say it is amazing. The metallics in it are absolutely spectacular and just waiting for you to combine them with dazzling makeup.

brass blonde balayage

21. Sunlight Blonde Balayage

A lot of Blondschatten must be so with sunlight and it is natural, because what a blonde really means. A sunny, bright person, be pretty and warm. This shade is called sunlight blond, and you can see why.

Sunlight blonde balayage

22. Frozen Blonde Balayage

If Elsa was a real person, that would be her hair color. Of course, she would go balayage, and obviously she would choose an icy blonde as her primary shadow. The roots here are not brown or brunette, but a darker shade of ash blonde.

frozen blonde balayage

23. Ivory Blonde Balayage

Ivory is a different color from White Blonde and belongs to the same family as iceberg, ice, milk, eggshell and platinum. It’s the darkest of them all, which means you can confuse it with your natural brunette roots.

Ivory blond balayage

24. Eggshell Blonde Balayage

Well, since we mentioned the eggshell in the above reference, it is here. It is a very dull and almost porous blond shade, just as one would expect from an eggshell. We suggest that you combine it with light gray or a different shade of ash blonde.

Eggshell blonde balayage

25th Rose Gold Blonde Balayage

There was no way to end this list without mentioning rose gold. Essentially, this shade is a type of strawberry blond that you get by mixing light red and gold blonde. The results are really spectacular. Here is a tip – use a shine agent to give your locks a metallic sheen.

Rose gold blonde balayage


Here are the 45 blonde balayage ideas that we promise you look like a bomb. From arctic, iceberg and eggshell to rose gold, white sand, autumn, chai, beige, vanilla, champagne, browned and Manhattan, we’ve all seen them. Which one was your favorite?

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