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Braid hair hairstyles 2019

1. Braids updo for long hair

long hair braided updos

Three separate braids are brought up in a simple updo for long hair. This hairstyle for women is casual, relaxed and easy to wear.

2. Double Princess Crown Braid updo

princess crown braided updos

Two princess crowns are holding their curls in a messy hairstyle. Wear these beautiful style elements instead of headbands.

3. Updo Braid style

Braid Hairstyles Updos

Stick your hair in this effortless voluminous updo with a loose French braid.

4. Twisted Braid Messy Low Bun

Twisted braids Low Bun

Rope braids can be as effective as tighter braiding styles when it comes to keeping your curls out of the way.

5. Side Braid Low Updo for long hair

Side braided updoos

We love this romantic hairstyle with a well-styled side braid and a braided low knot with messy ends.

6. Elegant Braid Updo Hairstyles

braided updos

Flaunt this beautiful hairstyle for every special occasion. This type of braided updos needs an expert touch. Nevertheless, you will not regret your time or money invested. This braided updo is one of those hairstyles that gives you envious glances.

7. Cute High Braided Updos

high bun braided updos

Spice up the classic Princess Crown Bun with this tweak. A French braid and a high chaotic roll make a loose woman’s hairstyle.

8. Front Braid Hair Hairstyles

braided updos

Do you feel particularly daring? Try this braided updo for size. The thick Dutch plait, which is strong on the forehead, is a visually appealing element that guarantees additional style loans on your account.

9. French Braid Updo

braided updos

If you need a particularly elegant hairstyle, try this reverse French braid updo. It’s a style statement hairstyle that you have to try on at least once.

10. Dutch Braids Updo

Dutch Braids Crown braided updos

Four luscious Dutch pigtails end up in a skilful knot that holds your hair in a stylish braided updo.

11. Crown Dutch Braid Romantic Updo

Double Crown Updo

Crown braids can suddenly be playful, romantic, edgy and noble. They flatter every and every hair type.

12th box braids updo for black hair

Box Braids updo

Alternative braids and braiding styles create this mesmerizing mix. A unique hairstyle under braided updos, which last longer than Dutch braids or French braids.

13. Edgy Braided Updo Hairstyle

four braids updo hairstyle

First, the hair color is a trend this summer. Second, the braids are perfectly tight in a low knot.

14. One Braid Updo Hairstyle

elegant braided updo

This simple Dutch braid creates a stunning look that can be worn in the office or at a party. The side roll is an unexpected detail that gives your look an extra feminine touch.

15. Braided Bun Updo

Wedding hairstyles braided buns

This beautiful braided bun requires more patience to achieve. While it is a continuous braid, each layer is attached with pins to create this flower-like pattern.

16. Bun Braided Hair Hairstyles

braided bun braided updos

Another flower-like pattern that looks nothing short of breathtaking. Ask a friend to help you, as it can be harder to achieve this perfect finish yourself.

17. Elegantly braided bun updo

long hair braided bun hairstyle

The thicker the braids, the more volume your hairstyle will gain. We love this elegant braided bun for women that can be exhibited anywhere.

18. Natural braided updos

Side braid with low knot updo

A braided updo, with the loose ends snagged well, can bring a long way to achieving that learned I-keen-look look.

19. Gorgeous Twist Braids Updo

Twist Bun updo

Another beautiful specimen of a woman’s hairstyle that looks like an effortless piece of art.

20. Five strands of braided updos

five plaited braids with plaited updos

Such complicated patterns using five strands at the same time may require more patience and skill. Nevertheless, the results are breathtaking.

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