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Business clothes – trendy looks within the dress code

Business clothes – trendy looks within the dress code
Business clothing is a safe choice that is universal for every age, occupation and form. Modern style offers an unlimited variety of stylish solutions that allow you to stay feminine and sophisticated.

The classic look always emphasizes elegance and refinement. Strict direction never goes out of fashion and is suitable for every girl. Business clothing is therefore a basic wardrobe in which every fashionista looks stylish and original every day and is on the way out.

Business dress for women 2018

In recent collections, designers have introduced stylish new products that help you not to dress up in boring odnolikih pictures, and to emphasize together with restraint and severity of their individuality and original approach in combinations. In order to know how to find the actual objects, it is important to know the main differences between the classical direction. Let’s take a look at business attire 2018:

  • Colors , Every year, designers are increasingly expanding the possible colors that do not exceed the restrained and laconic style. In addition to the standard black and white, the new collections feature a deep and rich shade of blue, green and violet. In trendy and natural tones, where the most popular are pink.
  • Fabric , The most relevant are the materials dense texture, able to hold the shape. These include wool, tweed, jersey, linen, cotton fitting. For exquisite bows to the outlet, stylists use silk, lace and soft calico clothing.
  • finish , A characteristic, simple, classic bow is the lack of eye-catching decor. Admissible additions would be Wide-Volant peplum, elegant Ascot collar, oversized ruffles, lantern sleeves.
  • Cut , The elements of a classic wardrobe usually have a linear silhouette. Recently, however, designers are making feminine notes and offering an elegant solution in a slim cut.
  • Basic wardrobe of a business woman

    The advantage of formal wear is its versatility. In contemporary fashion, these items not only in the business look but also hybrid combinations with areas such as romantic, casual and even sports. In addition, the appearance is always neat, elegant and graceful. At the same time, such combinations have never seen the openness of vulgarity, but does not exclude gooduality. Today, business capsule cabinet includes not only basic garments, but also underwear, accessories, warm solution. Let us see the latest offers:

  • Business Outerwear , The most popular choice remains a classic coat or a short coat. In the warmer time corresponding English raincoat trench coat. Alternative solution is the leather jacket without processing.
  • Elegant business attire , If you are looking for clothes for an official meeting or a corporate party, a good solution will be combined with classic pants. This design is closed at the top, although the arms can remain plain, straight or flared by the hip bone.
  • equipment , The image of a business lady eliminates massive decorations and jewelry. This decision causes the restraint and abstinence of the style. Valid wristwatch and a tie.
  • Business pants for women

    Traditionally, the classic pants have a straight leg and a regular fit. The color of this clothing is always clear, usually dark. The length of the article should close the bone at the ankle. In modern fashion, however, designers are increasingly experimenting and supplementing the strict styles with interesting solutions. Business attire for women presents in a tapered silhouette and cropped length. The actual finish was a high waist, which makes your figure more refined and feminine. Stylish complement to the pants often appear and smoothed in the middle of the arrow.

    Ladies dress business style

    The most popular style is considered a serious case. These models have a flat or fitted silhouette, a closed yoke and hem MIDI. Classic case as presented in the winter collections of warm materials with long sleeves, and for the summer season in a sleeveless the solution of thin cotton or linen. Womens business attire and allows ideas more feminine cut, for example, just a summer dress with the skirt of the bell. In this case, a hem can have a wide accordion fold. Comfortable and functional, medium-length steel knit with belt and collar

    Female dress in business style

    Very convenient and practical, especially for everyday use is considered a strict set. The official clothing style is doubling ensembles and triples. In the first case, a compulsory item will carry a classic jacket that goes well with trousers or a skirt of the same design. The jacket can be double-breasted or double-breasted, with long sleeves or without this detail. A fashion trend in contemporary fashion steel with extended jacket. Classic trio complemented with a vest. This is considered more conservative.

    Rock in the style shop

    The most important choice for heavy bows was an elegant dress pin. These skirts have a straight or conical fit with a MIDI length. However, the hem can vary from a zone above the knee to the middle of the calf. Rigorous style can be complemented with a peplum or a small slit at the side or in the middle. Closet business women includes and more romantic model of the bell. In a ensemble with a jacket or an office blouse, such clothing is also restrained. Current solution in recent collections simply skirts was a high waist that can be accented with a thin belt.

    Women blouses business style

    Choice tip of very important for determining the primary style of the picture. Strong bows of the current solution is the blouse. The official style clothing for women suggests the image of a plain white shirt. This item can be worn under a skirt or under a pair of pants, a dress or a jacket. Interesting and stylish look combined with silk or chiffon blouses, where you can use the original trim collar, the high front shirt, the faux shirt and the lantern sleeve. This is the best option without wearing the jacket. Here’s a valid and rich spot color.

    Ladies handbag business style

    No modern business lady can not do without a comfortable, spacious helper. Wear the latest bags in the strict manner of steel folders on a short handle for the hand. However, this option looks crude and unattractive. Therefore, stylists offer alternative solutions. Business style clothing for girls allows the use of pockets trapezoidal shape. A touch of elegance will add a beautiful envelope, the colors that can contrast that will add a bright accent to the combination. For the journey comfortable choice is the tablet with several subjects.

    Women shoes business style

    The end of the classic bow should be comfortable and practical, which will ensure the functionality of the girls for the day. Mandatory element in design supports closed toe. In summer the permissible open heel. Business clothing for girls always looks immaculate in the ensemble with pumps. This can be a heel, wedge or flat sole. In the autumn time are ankle boots. In the cold and demand is high knee-high boots made of leather or suede without decor, decoration, monochromatic coloring.

    Business clothes for full

    Fashionable women plus size, it is important to choose products are not only practical and adapted to the latest trends, but also to offset the disproportionate number. Business dress for fat women well-guarded. But you should pay attention to features like high waist, which visually emphasize the bust and belly hiding, straight or flare cut leg that will smooth curvy hips. A good length of dresses and skirts is considered MIDI. Business attire for full mostly monochrome. But acceptable pressure of vertical stripes.

    Brand shop clothing for women

    The modern market not only presents the factory, but brand products whose advantage is high quality and unique design. Famous designers offer original solutions that help to meet strict dress codes, yet remain feminine and outstanding. Brand trends have become popular with such well-known style icons as Victoria Beckham, Kate Blanchett, Kim Kardashian, Elizabeth Olsen and others. Stylish business attire for women, which was presented in collections in many companies, but most popular were the following:

  • Hugo boss , This marker helps you to find the best solution for those who prefer a classic direction with elements of masculine style. In the Hugo Boss collections you will find quality products in a simple, simple design for every day.
  • Chanel , French brand offers elegant and feminine pieces that are not only a business woman but also romantic and sophisticated fashionistas. The originality of the brand is the ability to combine brevity and functionality.
  • Dior , The popularity of this brand due to the variety of garments depending on the season. Designers offer their collections as casual suits and dresses as well as warm garments.
  • Elie Saab , This fashion house has a surprising abundance of chic and sophisticated outfits. So, if you’re looking for modest clothes on the way out or for an official get-together, you should go to Elie Saab.
  • Fashion clothing store

    Modern fashion offers interesting experiments that affect seemingly unshakeable classic combinations. Stylish business clothing, dress code that is not restricted by a strict framework, can be combined with parts Casalingo, romantic and even a sports style. The most popular combinations were elegant coats and sneakers, jeans and a suit jacket. However, if you need to follow one direction, it is important to emphasize your originality and exceptional taste. Let’s see the most popular ideas:

  • With the dress , Fashion is a good choice dresses rich deep hue, which can accentuate with accessories in black – tights, shoes and bags. Facilitate your look and add a bright, supple silhouette with an open neckline and a contrasting waistband.
  • With the skirt , The original decision in the form of a skirt will have a choice shell, for example the solid chiffon t-shirt tucked in. In the cold season, replace the boring jacket with an elegant cardigan or cashmere sweater.
  • suit , If the dress code requires you to wear the kit, create a solid overall picture. The shadow may not correspond to a strict direction and garments to different tone.
  • Business attire in the summer

    In the hot season, it is very important to provide comfort that will affect the overall functionality. Dresses and skirts prefer. Put the backburner blazers and jackets, highlighting the line blouses and shirts. Clothes business person can be printed – plaid, stripes, “a geese pad”. Pants better to wear wide or boxy, cropped length. The actual summer accessories are sunglasses with thick frames.

    Winter business dress

    In winter, it pays to think about the functionality of the shoe. If you bet on heels, avoid stilettos, opted for wide pads. Therefore, the insulation should not be simultaneous and end. Jacket instead, you can knit neat sweater over the shirt, straight out the collar. In addition to the classic coat business etiquette in clothing and gives the existence of coats. However, it is important that the coat has a true natural color.

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