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Celine Micro Belt Bag Review

Celine Micro Belt Bag Review

I’m finally here with my review Celine Micro Belt Bag in Clay ! I know I briefly told you the story of how I acquired this bag, but for those of you who do not, and for a deeper story, I’ll start with that as an introduction before I do it. If you are just here for the review, scroll down.

So I had always loved the style of the Celine belt bag, so much that I had watched it for about 3 years (I saw it on Marianna Hier). As you know, a few years ago I finally got my beloved Nano Luggage in Dune, which I reviewed for you, this is my second Celine purchase. The color I wanted in my belt pouch was either the clay or the light taupe. I had decided that the light taupe was too similar to my dune, so I chose Clay because I thought that was the most meaningful. I’ve been selling so much of my stuff on eBay to raise money for this beauty, but it took me months to finally raise enough money for it. This is when the trouble started! Having saved enough at the time and going to London in mid-April to arrange a medical appointment, I wanted to go to the Celine boutique and pick her up – but that did not happen.

The week before I was on my way to London, Celine had removed the Micro Belt Bag in Clay from the website and that caused concern for me. I’m used to this happening on other websites and it usually means it’s being discontinued and is no longer available. I reported Celine and they had told me that the shade was no longer available in Europe! I was very scared and thought the bag I had just saved so much money for and bought next week would not even be there. Adam called the boutique on Mount Street for me, and it was true that there was no clay left at all. The seller, however, was very helpful in saying that he had checked all UK inventory on his system, including concessions, and found a single micro-belt bag in clay at the Dover Street Market. However, he was not sure because the stock tester is not always up to date.

Adam called Dover Street Market for me and talked to a wonderful guy who confirmed they had one left over, the only one left in the UK (and apparently Europe) and that he would hold it for me for 3 days until I got there could come to shop. I was ecstatic at this point, but also incredibly nervous! I never had a chance to personally see the bag and make sure it matched me, was the right size, etc., so I committed myself to putting them on hold to buy everything. I was 99% sure that it would be perfect for me personally, but you know you always worry about something so expensive.

Anyway, Adam and I went to Dover Street Market to get the bag after my medical appointment (when I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome). I was nervous because I had hoped that it had not been sold by chance, so I was very worried at the time. I’ve never been to the boutique before and when I got there it was crazy! The layout and design is extremely futuristic and cool, so it’s not the usual place to shop. We made our way to the Celine concession and I started to relax more when the guy said he still had it ready for me and went to get it. I rummaged around while I waited and saw that they now also had a nano belt pouch that caught my eye and then I was not sure if I wanted this instead since it was smaller … (maybe a future purchase?), but as soon as he brought out the micro and revealed it to me, I loved it.

When we were inside with the store lighting, I could not see the color clearly and was not sure if it was or not the exact shade I wanted and had seen online, and after I examined it for about 5 minutes, tried me to make sure that I wanted this size. I said I would take it and that was it. I ran through London and clutched this gift bag so tightly that nothing happened! When I got home, I checked it in my room light, but then it was daylight the next day and it’s really beautiful! I can not even explain the color, because it has many shades, but I’ll talk about it in the discussion that I start in a second. Overall, I am very excited to own this beautiful bag and have worn it countless times, as you have seen here and here. I am very happy that I saved enough and had the last one, especially because it was so close that it was not possible! It was supposed to be just that, so I know it was right. It was the same with my Nano Luggage, it was the last one in the boutique so it was done for me!

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The design & details

What attracted me to the belt bag style was just the design and how classy, ​​sleek, minimalist it looked, yet still beautiful and stylish. It has been part of the Celine collection for years and will remain as classic as its luggage bags. As you can see, it has an upper handle and a large flap closure. There is a zipper to keep everything safe. It also has an outer zip pocket on the back of the bag, an inner flat, pocket and the closure is pretty cool. You can see what it looks like in one of the photos below, but the circular metal component slits into the runner and secures it closed. This can be quite fiddly to open in a hurry, but a lot of people tend to just hang the flap over the strap, which is really cool! It’s called the belt bag because of the belt knotted across the front. It’s pure for aesthetic design purposes, but it’s a great thing! The branding is also minimal, as is the case with Celine, so it only has a small golden Celine stamp on the front, lower position of the bag.

The sizing

This micro version has a length of 9 “, a height of 8” and a depth of 5 “, so it’s pretty big and holds so much stuff. It’s probably my biggest designer bag in my collection, as I usually prefer the smaller cross body styles, but luckily this can be worn as well, as it comes with a detachable band with a 21 “drop. There are a total of 3 different sizes, starting with the largest, which is actually referred to as Small, to the medium size of the Micro (mine) and the smallest size of the Nano, so if you love the design of this bag, but think it is too small or too big, you can choose a different size instead. There used to be a mini, but that does not seem to be available anymore. For me, the Micro is ideal because it’s small enough to be worn on my body without being overwhelming, but it’s big enough to carry around many extra items that I do not usually pack in my crossbody bags can [19659003]

The Leather

This belt pouch is made of grained calfskin, so that, like my luggage bag, it has a beating effect. It’s a really sturdy leather and it’s strong, but it can be easily scratched. I have noticed that it is quite sensitive as it does not seem treated or as glossy / shiny as my other one. The leather is very dull and therefore easy to mark with nails. There is a small worn area on the clasp that I noticed, and a small scratch under the top handle on the top of the bag, which I suspect is nails. It also has a calfskin lining, as you can see, and that’s more of a suede-type inside or the bottom of the leather, if you like. It is of extremely high quality and made in Italy, so you can see that it is of the highest standard and that it has the smell that designer bags have. However, since it is sensitive, you naturally want to avoid contact with water, grease, perfume and cosmetics and keep it in the dust bag when not in use. I’m always very sensitive with my bags anyway, and since they have no metal feet on the floor, be very careful where you place them so you do not scratch the floor.

The price

Now that’s the hard part, as Celine had a price increase in March and this Micro Belt Pouch is now £ 1,500. Since I fell in love with her for the first time years ago, it has risen a lot, but just as with inflation and most designer pieces, so does that. I never know what to write in the price section of my reports as it is always dependent on the person. If you love designer bags and save, then you know the drill and that’s cheaper than most other designers. Other people, however, will be completely shocked and freaked out by such a price tag, which can often amount to 2-3 months’ rent. I justify mine with the fact that I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke, I do not go to parties or spend nights etc. (not because I’m robbing myself – it’s just not me) and I sell a lot of my old pieces, to earn money for newer ones. I absolutely love fashion and since this bag will last a lifetime with me and is classic enough to be worn every decade, I know I want to do something. Plus, since it’s a classic, it’s always an investment because you can sell it for almost the same money you paid – close enough. So yes, please do not judge this section as we all spend our money on what we like. I know some people who do not think twice about spending 2000 pounds on a TV, and that could only take a few years. It’s all we choose, and if you know Celine and adore quality as much as I do, you’ll appreciate it. The craftsmanship is outstanding!

The color

Wie du weißt, heißt diese Tasche Clay und es ist so schwer zu beschreiben! In gewisser Weise ist es tatsächlich wie Ton, der hellgraue, luftgetrocknete Ton, wenn man selbstgemachte Töpferwaren herstellt, aber bei anderen Lichtern hat es eine taupeartige Erscheinung, die nur wärmend ist. Ich weiß nicht, wie es möglich ist, dass eine Tasche in einigen Lichtern warm und taupe aussieht, aber in anderen kühl und tongrau. Es verändert auch Schattierungen von Helligkeit und Dunkelheit. Drinnen ist es ein dunklerer Taupe, also ist es in der Farbe irreführend, dann draußen in der Sonne, es ist wirklich hell, fast weiß / hellgrau bis zu dem Punkt, dass es ganz anders aussieht. Das ist es, was ich daran liebe, denn es macht es unglaublich vielseitig und passt zu allem, was du tragen willst, egal ob es warme oder coole Outfits sind! Da dies jedoch nicht mehr möglich ist, empfehle ich die Light Taupe als nächste Option. Ich habe es persönlich gesehen und es ist sehr ähnlich, aber wärmer mit mehr beigen Untertönen als Grau, aber es ist immer noch ein vollkommen neutraler.

4 ways to wear the Celine Micro Belt Pouch

Now, as you can see in the following pictures, this bag is as versatile as you wear it. There are 4 ways to style it and it’s over your body so it sits securely on your front or back, however you make it sit. Then there is the draped shoulder, which is really simple and stylish. It’s holding in the crook of your arm, which is very simple and looks fancy with dresses and jeans, or you can just hold it in your hand with the top handle on the side. As I said, it is so versatile that it is suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re a mom on the road and need it to keep body with the kids, but would like to wear it on the top handle at night, or if you’re someone who loves shopping during the day and wears it in the crook of his arm, it works , Being a great size, it also makes a perfect travel bag with the detachable strap.

My overall opinion

I literally have nothing negative to say about this bag. I would not have bought it if I was not 100% sure as it is a high priced investment. Compared to most designer bags brands, Céline is often at the more affordable end of the scale, so if you were to buy a bag of this size and quality from another designer, you would look for payment of well over £ 2500. That makes it more valuable in my opinion alone. I love the design and the shape of it, the small features and details, the clay color, the way it is worn … It’s all beautiful.

I think my only complaint, if I had to make one, could mark the leather easily, but that’s not just a complaint to this bag just about all of my designer leather bags are delicate. It is as it is. For me it’s one of my best purchases (I love almost as much as my nano luggage) and that’s why I’ve been waiting to write this review on how to do it right. Can you believe that it is only over 2500 words long? With this statement, I wanted to make sure I lived up to it, share the right photos with you, and write as much as possible about them to help any one of you who might wish to make the purchase. It’s worth it if you love designer bags! It’s a 10/10 of mine. It is one that you will reach regularly! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will answer. Lorna xx.

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P.S. – Here’s a video showing the bigger bag from another blogger. I found it useful to see the design and the way it moves, as well as my photos.

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