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Cher Lloyd Haircuts: Formal Hairstyles

And here is another view of the challenging wave Bob, who likes Cher very much. Her dark brown hair has natural highlights of deep copper that add warmth and bring out the deep brownness in her eyes.

This look works best with medium to thick hair, which has a certain natural volume. And here it is really sleek styled all over the head, with an extra width through the attractive barrel shafts on the sides. And keeping the look contemporary-casual, the ends are slightly textured for the hair and left over to be slightly spiked to create a look that’s unbelievably flattering!

Cher Lloyd Messy updo

Here’s the next stage in Cher’s hairstyle development when she appears with dark brown hair arranged in a sort of “fantasia” style of chaotic updo. It’s a fabulously imaginative upstyle that’s perfect for a red carpet event. The asymmetrical fringe is beautifully smooth and shiny and creates a fabulous creative contrast in texture and shape, supported by the “messy” breathy hair! Some messy upstyles just miss the perfect balance of flattering “chaos” and just chaotic, but this look is both laid-back and subtle in check.

The final touch of a pretty red scarf is simply an allusion to Cher’s pride in her own gypsy culture and looks good against shiny, dark hair. It’s a high-fashion look that’s certainly individual and different!

Cher Lloyd messy updo
Cher Lloyd messy updo

Cher Lloyd Hair: Brown Curly Long Hair

Here is the British pop star Cher Lloyd looks youthful and of course in a fabulous, windswept look. Her long hair is asymmetrically cut with long layers and a deep side parting, which creates an attractive hairstyle in the upper part. This gives height and simply covers part of the forehead as it merges with the longer side. This will be a style that uses contrasting textures to accentuate every part of the hair rather than color technique, though there are only a few subtle highlights above.

The warm brown tone accentuates Cher’s eyes and warms her cool complexion and with an hour or two of loose waves this can be a wonderful example of how natural textures can be used for ultra-modern styling!

Cher Lloyd Hair: Brown curly long hair
Cher Lloyd Hair: Brown Curly Long Hair “width =” 460 “>
19659008] Cher Lloyd Welly Hairstyle: Formal Medium Haircuts

Here’s another one of Cher’s fabulously flattering hairstyles, and this time this woman wears a middle bob cut that’s the same length everywhere.

The midsection creates the gently draped strand that ends in a flattering, “off the face” wave that accentuates her beautiful brown eyes. In addition to the other side has waves to the face, but casually behind one ear for the relaxed finish touch up to a sophisticated look that is ultra-trendy!

Cher Lloyd Wavy Hairstyle: Formal Medium Haircuts
Cher Lloyd Wavy Hairstyle: Formal Medium Haircuts

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