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Classic clothing – the rules for creating a universal fashion image

Classic clothing remains fashionable regardless of the current time. It can decorate any woman, but especially popular among fashionistas who work with a demonstration of merit.

Classic clothing – the concept is timeless because it remains relevant regardless of season, age and general trends. Particularly popular with these garments are business women who need to make a solid impression on their colleagues, partners and competitors.

Suitable for classic clothes

Elegant classic women’s clothing suitable for all women who want to look modest but tasteful. Girls in such robes make a solid impression on others, looking cautious and confident. Women who prefer the classics usually feel uncomfortable in products with too light colors or colorful prints. They are calm and well-balanced, and the garments appreciate the comfort, versatility, functionality and functionality.

Classic Clothes 2018

Although classic clothing stays true to its traditions, every season has something new to it. It affects styles and colors, long skirts and dresses, the use of different materials and combinations and as new garments. The classic style of 2018 includes the following elements:

  • Pantsuits and pants and shirt sets. The pants can have many styles – pants bananas, the models with high and low waist, with thin legs and others. Among the shirts, the leading position is occupied by white the product is thin with different types of collars, but at the height of popularity are other options, including simple and concise prints – cage, stripes and polka dots;
  • all kinds of skirts to the knee or midwifery. A big trend of the year 2018 will be a bit flared and pleated models;
  • Elegant costumes fantasy shades. In the coming season not only the traditional products in black, gray or dark blue, but also fashionable burgundy colors, beautiful and refined products in beige and other pastel shades as well as extravagant white options are among the classics;
  • Half and half jackets [19659008cosy-knitted cardigans;
  • a variety of clothes that are not too tight and do not differ excessively short;
  • Shoes made of natural materials, flat shoes, wedges or heels whose height can not be more than 8-9 inches;
  • neat accessory of a small size;
  • Additionally, classic women’s clothing items includes top-of-the-line wardrobe – sleek coat, fur coats, and feminine jackets.

Classic clothing for women

Classic clothing for girls in a classic style allows every woman to look stylish, beautiful and elegant. It does not allow even the slightest vulgarity or openness, so ladies do not have to worry about giving others a bad impression. Trendy classic clothing does not scare fashionistas and old-fashioned – it’s always relevant and suitable for absolutely any age.

Classic English style in clothes

Although classic clothing is almost always kept in the same style, there are numerous variations that have some significant differences. A special place among the subgenres is an English classic that allows every lovely lady to feel like a real British lady.

Since all Britons are naturally very reserved and balanced, they do not tolerate excessive brightness and colorful colors appreciate the calm and subdued. Her wardrobe is dominated by straight-cut, waisted, comfortable and functional items. While classic English women’s clothing does not tolerate transparent and translucent fabrics, shapeless things that are reminiscent of hoodies and miniskirts. In addition, this subgenre includes the following features:

  • a strict color palette – gray, brown, green, blue and traditional black and white colors;
  • maximum practicability;
  • a limited set of accessories; [19659008] the classic cut of most things.

Classic business style clothes for women

Business women, who need to dress well, but do not divert attention from his work qualities, prefer simple, classically elegant style of dress, subject to certain requirements. Besides, it is provided in most official institutions, and any deviation from it can cause measure.

So classic business style has the following features:

  • restrained color palette. Classic does not allow bright and colorful shades and prints;
  • strict shape and smooth styles;
  • a certain length – just above or just below the knee, plus or minus 10 cm from the patella;
  • a minimum of jewelry and decorative items;
  • Pants strict forms and straight cut, almost always the arrows;
  • closed shoes with a heel of 4-7 inches

Sports classic style of clothing

Young women If you lead an active lifestyle, you want to look stylish and attractive in most cases. Specially stylists and designers have developed an extraordinary symbiosis of classic and sport, which was named Sport Chic. In matters related to this area, you can not only go to the gym, but also have a few meetings and events. Sporty classic clothing is subject to certain rules, among which the following stand out:

  • the combination of different texture of things that often contrast;
  • the presence of straight vertical lines;
  • Versatility; [19659008] bright colors and shades;
  • special underwear that suits the direction;
  • Sneakers and other sports shoes, environment, urban style.
  • the lack of makeup and jewelry.

Klassische Oberbekleidung für Frauen [19659019] Schöne Mode klassische Kleidung für Frauen impliziert bestimmte Artikel Top-Garderobe, die mit der Basis harmonieren wird. So verträgt Classic keine „übertriebenen“ Jacken, voluminöses Fell, vor allem Kunstpelz, Parkas, Skijacken und andere Dinge. Klassische Oberbekleidung bietet folgende Möglichkeiten:

  • waisted and semi-closed coat;
  • smooth coats;
  • Fur coats made of natural fur with a direct or trapezoidal silhouette;
  • Leather jackets;
  • light jacket windbreaker length up to the middle of the thigh.

Modern classic clothes

Because fashion does not stand still, but actively evolves, the modern classic clothing style has acquired several other contours that distinguish it from traditional ones. In the meantime, the demands on the classics remained unchanged. Thus, today elegant and feminine classic costumes presented in a wide range of colors – in addition to traditional colors, they come in burgundy, emerald green, sand, color of indigo and many others.

In addition, if women’s blouse, Until recently, only white, modern trends could allow wearing and other products – different models of pastel shades, light and dark blouses with subtle prints, goody, feminine variations of such decorative elements as ruffles, ruffles or ruffles. Changed shape and pants – they can be slightly tapered or flared legs, a non-traditional fit and other differences.

Accessories classic

Like all stylish classic women’s clothing, accessories from this direction have maximum elegance, restraint and brevity. Traditionally, classic images of women are complemented by charming scarves, elegant hats and small handbags made of natural materials. Jewelry such a look must also be chosen with caution – overly massive products can spoil the whole picture, so small and modest things should be given preference.

Classic youth clothing

Classic clothing for girls at a young age is more sophisticated and romantic than adult women. It is dominated by bright colors, and pink and its shades are particularly preferred. Non-classical items that harmonize perfectly with traditional classics, such as knit tops, delicate dresses and romantic flowers, or a wide skirt pleated, are not allowed. In addition, the shoes of the young ladies also lower requirements imposed – so a young man can wear shoes with an open toe or heel.

Classic clothing for taller women

19659004] Ladies with appetizing shapes can afford to dress traditionally. However, they are not available on all the clothes of the classics. So the classic style of clothing for taller women includes the following elements:

  • Straight or slightly flared trousers with yoke waistband;
  • Midi skirts or just below the knee;
  • Dresses and blouses with peplum;
  • clothes
  • short or long jackets that should not end at the widest line of the hips;
  • Coat – a classic just below the knee;
  • traditional shift dress

The classic combination of colors in clothing

Traditional classic does not allow the combination in a picture of 4 colors and more. Meanwhile, the monochrome appearance and the one tone color construction in this range are also undesirable. In order to not be too glaring, but to create a stylish and expressive look, stylists recommend 2-3 colors to combine in harmony with each other.

Thus, the classic colors in clothing, such as black, gray, white and beige are well-matched with each other or with small splashes of light or pastel colors. In addition, interesting combinations can be constructed on the basis of dark blue or brown color schemes. To thin them, you can use cobalt, turquoise, red, cranberry, gold, green and other shades.

The classic look in women’s clothing

Although the classic look in clothing means a minimal amount of decorative elements, restrained colors and austere shapes, it definitely is not called boring. In contrast to the male wardrobe items, classic clothing for a variety of beautiful ladies, and every fashionista can choose among its range of matching models.

Even in austere and elegant products, the lighter good can be a gentle and romantic creature. So, the skirt is linked to the direction of the classics can end about 10 inches above the knee, so young women can demonstrate to others a goody and slender legs. In addition to any classic look, you can get a stylish accessory, such as an elegant gas scarf or big pearls.

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