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Classy hairstyles for long blonde hair

Balayage blond hair with layers

Healthy hair is a matter of envy for many women out there and those curls are what I mean. The luminosity of the strands comes from hand-painted accents. These highlights become brighter towards the tips and create a cool hair look. When it comes to this hairstyle, it’s about layers that not only increase volume, but also provide enough movement in the curls.

Classy hairstyles for long blonde hair

Ash Blonde waves

It is impossible not to fall on these strands. How healthy and cool they look. The headgear includes different tones that bring the overall look a little higher. The style is full of sophistication and brightness. The pearly shades lead to long blond hair. Low volume and chic waves add a modern touch to the style. With such a hair color you do not have to worry about hairstyle.

Classy hairstyles for long blonde hair

Blond long hair with long pony

If you have a trendy crop, your long strands will never appear flat or boring – as in the following example. This chic long pony not only complements the style, but also one step higher. The long pony offers numerous styling possibilities. Whenever you do not feel like wearing them, you can just get stuck on the side and you are free of irritating hair on the face.

Classy hairstyles for long blonde hair

Long shag haircut

Is it necessary to remind you that Shags are back? In fact, with long shag you can still make a fashion statement. The following haircut was heavily layered to give the style a lot of movement and depth. Straight texture is amazing too. When it comes to color, it’s creamy cashew and walnut. It’s a beautiful tone that complements fair skin.

Classy hairstyles for long blonde hair

Center Parted Beige Blonde

Beige Blonde is another lush shadow that enhances all hairstyles. If you already had a beige blonde hair color, try a hairstyle in the middle. It’s the simplest hairstyle that requires dividing your hair into two parts. Loose curls are also useful to improve the look.

Classy hairstyles for long blonde hair


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