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Cool men hairstyles 2019

Every year, hairdressers around the world try to outdo each other by bringing back new cool men hairstyles. These popular haircuts for men range from short to medium to long, classic to modern, textured, smooth, and everything in between. And over the past decade, these talented stylists have not disappointed, developing some of the coolest cuts and styles to date.

For example, 2018 saw an increase in textured short to medium-length hair. While the undercut and the fade continue to be trendy options, the conical haircuts on the sides have grown more grown. As for the hair on the top, men prefer more styles versus very short cuts. For more hair means more styling options to get the best hairstyles, in 2018 will probably be the crest over, great, faux hawk, combed back, and crop top with long fringes. All these cool haircut styles can look good, messy, textured, or neat.

Just remember that choosing the hottest new trend will also depend on your hair type, face shape and personal style. Although most of the top haircuts for men look just as fresh with straight, thick, wavy or curly hair, it’s always important to consider these factors.

Below is a list of cool men’s haircuts for the year 2018. These stylish hair trends introduce the newest and most popular styles for guys trying on their next visit to the hairdresser!

Low Bald Fade + Spiky Fohawk + Heart Design

A faux hawk, worn with a low bare fade, offers a beautiful high-contrast style. The heart design in the neckline is a cool touch!

Pompadour Fade

The pompadour fade has remained a wonderful men’s style. This textured variation, paired with a clean bland, is straight cut and styled to perfection.

Wavy Faux Hawk + Undercut + Hair Designs

A short, goody faux hawk and sweet undercut combine for a look that’s in a crowd.

Middle Bald Fade + Textured, prickly hair

Any guy with thick hair should try this styled spiky textured look with pomade [1] ,

Short Crop Top + Fringe + High Bald Fade + Edge Up

The creative textured crop and short fringe combination make for a unique look. Complete with a cool bland and line-up, show your hairdresser this picture for an awesome haircut.

Low Fade + V-Shaped Neckline + Spike Blonde Hair

V-shaped necklines and dyed hair have become a hit as more men look for ways to create new styles.

Hard part comb over fade + beard

The difficult part of comb never fails to impress. And this version, with a fresh fade and trimmed BART, the girls swarm you!

High drop fade + 2-line design + spikes top

This drop fade stitches perfectly into your cleavage, finish for a clean cut. Meanwhile, the half spike and semi-textured hairstyle above is one of the first of its kind.

Fohawk + Razor Fade + Cross Design

Shaved pages or skin continues to dwindle a favorite in barber services. The longer hair on the top, styled in a fohawk here, you can also do a comb over, great, or pomp.

Long back combed undercut + LENKER mustache & BART

This modern twist has become a retro style, the ultimate hipster haircut. The slick-back and undercut always look good together.

Undercut Fade + Short Textured Faux Hawk

This cool faded undercut contrasts well with the short fohawk at the top.

Comb Over Fade + Hard Part

The modern comb has over revitalized this old-school look, and part of the reason is the bland and hard part turning.

Short curly hair on the top + low fade

For a low maintenance and easy way to style curly hair, try a short cut.

Low Burst Fade + Dyed Short Hair

Messy short hair on top and low-burst fade on the sides makes for an attractive choice.

Short, Frizzy Afro + Low Bald Drop Fade + Shape

While waves and buzz cuts always look great on black men, even black hair starts to trend more.

Low skin fade + spikes

Although some guys experiment with tapered cuts that will soon fade away soon.

Top Knot + Shaved sides + neckline design

Although the top knot can not have the stamina of the man, the bun, the best part of this example is the shaved sides and custom design.

Thick Textured Hair + Low Fade

The low fade can be the most common type of fade due to its versatility.

Undercut Fade + Lose Quiff

The great haircut [2] It comes in many variants – short, long, modern, classic and guys the opportunity to change your appearance, on a daily basis.

Slicked back undercut

Many short sides, long top hairstyles can be styled-smooth or textured and the back straight or angled. This ability to change the look is one of the many reasons more styles exploded on the scene.

Short Quiff + Mid Skin Fade

If you have thick hair, we recommend leaving a skin blot on the sides for a high contrast surface. Plus, this top balance between quiff and longer harvest.

Modern flowing side panel + undercut

With hipster hair still trending, in 2018 more hairstyles will be worn, in loose styles.

Classic Beveled Pages + Chaotic Pomp

The classic tapered haircut offers a longer alternative to the bland. While faded are still the most popular way to cut your pages, cutting these classic scissors can be an alternative value to be tested.

Long High Comb Over + Part + Taper Fade

With loose and messy styles comes a chance for more volume and height. Try a long comb over style high with a tapering fade on the sides for a different approach.

Platinum harvest + fade

Bleached hair for men has been a new development, definitely to the New Year. Platinum-blonde, gray and white hair will definitely add a little something extra to any look.

Long Textured, Messy Harvest

If you have a man with wavy hair, do not be discouraged because your locks are hard to tame. In general, shorter haircuts are great for high-care hair types, so try a messy-cropped cut.

Short, frizzy hair + skin fade + line-up + part

Structured Modern Tolle

Bald Fade + Messy Medium Top

Curly fringe + low taper fade

High Taper Brushed Fade + Hair Back

Taper Fade + Side Part + Side Swept Fringes

Comb Over Undercut

Textured Crop Top + Part + High Skin Fade

Blonde Hair Back Combed + Fade

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