Long hairstyles

Coolest Long Layered Hairstyles

Wavy long layered hairstyle

Coolest Long Layered Hairstyles If you have natural wave locks but are not satisfied with their appearance, then invigorate them. Go for a layered hairstyle and you will feel how beautiful they look once they have dried. This gives your hair more volume and makes it more beautiful.

Long straight layers

Coolest Long Layered Hairstyles Just locks can bring out your layered hairstyle to perfection if you cut or center them laterally. This neat and very seductive hairstyle is one of the best for long, thick hair.

Feathery hairstyle

Coolest Long Layered Hairstyles Do you need more softness and attractiveness for your long hair? Add a feathery touch to it. Feather layers are airy and look more subtle. They are ideal for thin and fine hair, as they make these hairstyles fuller and more voluminous.

Tousled and Sleek Layered Hairstyle

Coolest Long Layered Hairstyles For schoolgirls looking for a smooth hairstyle, I offer the disheveled layered haircut. Smooth your layers and get the effect you want. This hairstyle is casual, which can often be worn. If you like, you can do regular mending once a month to keep your layers in perfect shape.

Highlighted layered hairstyle

Coolest Long Layered Hairstyles Women who are willing to play with their hair color can go out of highlights. If you already have layers on your long hair, then accentuate them with stylish highlights. Add caramel highlights if you have blond or brown hair. Add red highlights if you have black hair. Apply pastel shades if you have too light hair color. The possibilities are varied and you can choose between the trendy ones.

Short layers on the top

Coolest Long Layered Hairstyles Here I offer you an extravagant and eye-catching style. Add a few short highlights to the top of your hair and leave the rest in its long shape. This will make the crown voluminous and add dimension. This is the most unusual layered hairstyle you can wear.

Side bangs for long layered haircuts

Coolest Long Layered Hairstyles The bangs that can be combined with long layered hairstyles are many, but if you’re looking for a snug, that can beautifully shape your face and look like the continuation of your layers, then choose long side bangs.


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