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Copy 18 Katy Perry hairstyles inspiration this year

The name of the singing sensation needs no introduction to pop music fans.

Since her arrival in the music scene she has led the charts with her songs. There is another chart that she has also ruled – the fashion hairstyle charts. There is probably no hair color or edgy hairstyle that she has not tried. Over the years she has tried so many haircuts and hair lengths – from super short to very long.

Katy Perry’s hairstyles are as angry with her fans around the world as her songs. Whether you are a fan of the star or not, there is no reason to deny that you will love her hairstyles. If you’re looking for a hair rejuvenation or a bold experiment, let your look-book be your guide. Just choose from the many styles she has tried. With little help from your barber you can also achieve her amazing look. Make sure you care for your hair properly, no matter what hairstyle you try. You’re sure to be the star of the party with these super cool styles.

Layered black hair with pigtail

This hairstyle of singing sensation makes you look as pretty as a princess. You are blessed if you have the pitch-black hair that style demands, or you can go ahead and dye it black. Add beautiful layers to your hair and then take a few strands of hair from one side to make a simple braid. Pull this braid like a headband on the other side of the hair and your look of the day is ready.

Funky Highlighted Hair with Lock

The hairstyle is proof Simple curls can never be boring if you know how to spice it up. All you need is crazy about colors when it comes to your highlights. Dig the same old caramels and brown with funky colors like blue, pink and purple. Let the highlights stand out between your dark curls.

Chopped blonde Pixie cut

This is one of the popstars latest hairstyles and their fans just love it. You would love it once you see how good it looks to you. Keep the hair short on one side and longer on the other side. This choppy haircut is an interpretation of the classic Pixie cut and looks great on all blondes.

Chopped blonde Pixie cut

Space rolls with wrapped plait

This one is out there for all the dark haired beauties. It’s one of the funky styles that the star will try. Start with this, start with a clean mid-point and divide the hair into two sections. Make ponytails and then wrap these ponytails neatly in buns, but leave out a thick strand of hair. Make a braid with the boisterous hair and wrap it around the bun.

Space rolls with wrapped plait

Collided with hair

This style has an old world, Holly Glam feeling that it just looks so good. You need layers in your hair to support them. Bump your hair really high for this. Add ripples to the hair and let the strands of hair line your face. This one is so glamorous and feminine that you will surely fall in love with him.

Straight bob with blunt fringe

You either need Poker Straight Hair or set it up completely for this style. Go for the blunt cut where the hair is a bit longer around the face than around the back. Make long fringes that completely cover your forehead. The hairstyle is really easy to achieve and can serve as the fastest hair rejuvenation ever.

Straight bob with blunt fringe

Twisted Mohawk rolls

Katy Perry tried this look for the Brit Awards of 2018, and it has earned so many compliments from the fashion gurus. The hair is brushed and firmly knotted with it. Then make a set of buns with your hair and peg as you go. When you finish the twisted buns, you look like you made a mohawk with rolls.

Twisted Mohawk rolls

Platinum Blonde Welly

The star let the darker shades of hair disappear and turned her hair into a beautiful shade of platinum blonde. Ask your barber to make a regular bob haircut on your platinum blonde hair. Continue with your hair curler and add loose waves to your hair. Do not go for a prominent breakup and leave your hair a bit messy for this.

Pastel Blue Bob Cut

If you are into daring style experiments, then this hairstyle right here will really be loved by you. Regular Bob Haircut on a perfectly sleek hair is something that you must have seen on many. But Katy Perry takes it one step higher by coloring it in the vivid pastel shades of blue. It takes a lot of momentum and confidence to wear a bold hairstyle like this.

Medium Parted Long black hairstyle

This is one of her simpler looks. Nevertheless, the Gorgeousness factor is not too short. You have to have long, black hair for this. So, rush to your barber if you do not have that hair color. Divide your hair from the center of your head and comb it well. You can blow dry the hair to get the right look. It’s perfect for office and after-office parties.

Medium Parted Long black hairstyle

Crown braided hairstyle

Make your own crown of braids in this hairstyle and look like the queen that you are. Brush your hair well and then braid well on both sides of the head. The braid on the left side must look right and vice versa like a crown on the head. It keeps the hair off your face and still keeps you fashionable.

Long straight rainbow ponytail

Tap into your inner unicorn with this pretty and funky hairstyle. The first thing you need is to add all the colors of the rainbow to your long and sleek hair. Pull the hair back to a high ponytail and sweep it aside. Let your hair become the talk of the party with this look.

Blue ballerina bun

Go for this hairstyle with your hair color jazzy as the singing star. Your blue hair needs to be well brushed and tightened to get the perfect ballerina bun. Add cool accessories and a great leather jacket, just like Ms. Perry, and you’re ready to conquer the world with your unsurpassed style.

Side Parted long wavy haircut

This model is so versatile that it looks good for women as well as for formal and informal occasions. Start by loosening your hair to create light waves along the entire hair length. Create a hyphen on the left side of the hair and brush your hair. Let the beautiful waves of your hair grace your shoulders and be ready to earn many compliments. Wear this one of which is a beautiful floral dress and look just amazing.

Blonde pixie with dull bangs

The pixie cut on the blond hair looks so beautiful on it and it’s sure to make you look really good too. Make sure you ask your stylist to add dull bangs in front of your hair to add that unique factor to the look. This is very easy to look for when looking for such a haircut.

Blonde pixie with dull bangs

Blonde Pixie with undercut

She proves that undercut no style is just pulled by the guys. The hair is really shaken on the sides and on the back of the hair. The longer hair part in the middle is brushed forward. You do not need to brush as well as the messy look fits this one.

Blonde Pixie with undercut

Choppy layers with feathered hair band

She went for this hairstyle during one of her performances in London. The very popular hair trend of the choppy layers is made even more beautiful by their dark hair color. The long fringes beautifully frame the forehead. The feathered hair band that she put on has a really soft and cute effect on the overall look.

Choppy layers with feathered hair band

Rose Gold Ombre Bob

This look was made by her as early as December 2011 and is still loved and tried by many women. The rose-gold ombre highlights look stunning against the backdrop of shiny, blonde hair. Keep it short and stylish in the popular bob hairstyle. Go for these if you are not sure which splash of color to add to your loads.

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