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Crazy long hairstyles for black men

If nature has blessed you with beautiful and healthy hair, you should definitely use it and grow your hair. When we talk about long hairstyles of African-American men, the first thing that comes to mind is incredible braids. Dreadlocks are also included in the list of braids and they flatter dinner for African Americans. If you do not like dreads, consider cornrows that are perpendicular to your forehead. Let’s not forget the twists. Below are some interesting ones long hairstyles for black men.

Crazy long hairstyles for black men

Long black male hair

For all black men who have long hair, there are several options. If you have curly texture, you can keep it well conditioned and show your healthy strands. In this case, you do not even have to grow out your facial hair, because this hairstyle gives men a beautiful and elegant look without a feminine touch. Just try it and you will rock!

Long Black Men's Hair

Super Long Dreads

Well, this year ultra-long strands are great, so you can wear them and impress the people around you. Some people will need years to grow their strands, but if you have had long curls then you should wear this hairstyle. Here the hair is smooth and well-groomed and it does not have a wild look. The dreadlocks bring out the beauty of hair length.

Super Long Dreads

Black Men Bun hairstyle

There is an easy way to get out of the crowd. If you wear such a bun, you will definitely notice. This look does not require much care and you do not have to spend a lot of time styling. I’m sure many ladies see black men with a roll hairstyle. However, this particular style requires some creativity. Opt for regular retouching to keep the design fresh and clean!

Black Men Bun Hairstyle

Cornrows and Long Micro Dreads

Long hairstyles for men require skillful and professional hands. The twists of these micro dreads are just incredible. It seems a very complicated design, but you just have to figure it out. Full dreads always offer interesting and creative hairstyles. Even if you find it difficult to create it yourself, there are many stylists who can easily recreate that style. Just take this picture with you to show it to your stylist.

Cornrows and Long Micro Dreads

Half Up Half Down Style

This is a crazy half-down half-style, which is very popular with blacks. Actually, it’s one of those effortless hairstyles that you should perform. Take just a few hairs from both sides and pull them to a half knot and your half-down style is done. You can either twist or curl the rest of your hair.

Half up half down style

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