Bob Hairstyles

Curly Also Lovely Bob Hairstyles that you’ll love

Is curly hair blessed or a curse? If you choose the right haircut and model, there’s no reason not to look and adore chic! With these nice bob hairstyles you will look really stylish and fresh!

1. Gwyneth Paltrow curly curly bob hair

Lots and soft waves are really popular among celebrities like Gweyneth Paltrow.

2. Sophia Bush Curly Bob

This brunette long bob Soft curls emphasize her features and make her look absolutely beautiful.

[19659002] 3. Leticia Sabatella Bob

Here is a naturally curly hair with angled and multi-layered bob hairstyle, the layering helps you to style your hair perfectly.

4. Long Bob Brown Hair

Booty in this gorgeous brunette bob hair with highlights and soft curls, do not you think that her praise really looks voluminous and chic?

5. Shaggy Curly Short Bob Hair

Pixie-bob hairstyles have been popular with women lately, shaggy layers add a perfect texture and look chaotic.

6. Short Hair Ombre [19659003] Dip dyed ombre coloring on this naturally wavy angled bob hair with layering looks absolutely fancy and ravishing.

Curly Bob Hairstyles-6

7. Thick Curly Bob

This naturally curly, ash blonde, long bob is a great inspiration for older women looking for a new medium length hairstyle.

Curly Bob Hairstyles-7

8. Blythe Danner

9. Shoulder-length curly hair

10. Rear view of Curled Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles-10

11. Sweet natural curly hairstyle

12. Stylish look

Curly Bob Hairstyles-12

13. Brown Casual Bob

Curly Bob Hairstyles-13

14. Thick hair with wavy curls

15. Messy and curly

Curly Bob Hairstyles-15

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