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Seems like red hair and maroon hair colors Soon you will not go out of style, on the contrary, if you accept these shades, you will not do without red hair. [19659002] If you want to go red hair or have red hair but want to change the color with a darker shade, then you’re on the right page, because we’ll show you the best hair color and hairstyle ideas for long-haired women.

It is very important to choose a hair color that is suitable for your skin tone. If you have dark skin, light colors like Chopper Red or Strawberry Blonde will not look as flattering as dark red hair colors. So dark red-purple hair Of course, colors are a good choice for women with dark skin tones and black women. You can accept dark red hair or maroon hair colors, and if you have light skin tones, they will bring out the beauty of your skin tone perfectly. Red hair looks well with both wavy and straight, so there are many different hairstyle options with long red haircuts.

1. Dark red hairstyle with curly ends

Dark red hairstyle with curly ends

2. Layered dark red Long hair

stratified dark red Long hair

3. Amazing red hair color

Amazing red hair color

4. Dark red to light red ombre hair color

Dark red to light red ombre hair color

5. Very long dark red hair

Very long dark red hair


Dark red hair color


Dark red hair color


Dark red hair color


Dark red hair color


Dark red hair color


Dark red hair color


Dark red hair color


Dark red hair color


Dark red hair color


Dark red hair color

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