Denim style – the simple secrets of creating a universal image

Denim style – the simple secrets of a universal image
Original denim clothing is always in demand. The main features of this trend are the comfort, convenience and lightness that make it one of the most popular among young people.

Denim style – a completely independent fashion trend that allows you to create stylish and comfortable looks for every day. Today denim is everything – jeans, shirts, jackets, skirts, accessories and more. All this is very popular with girls and women of different ages.

Denim style 2018

Original denim fashion style refers to the areas that will never lose their relevance. Girls and women appreciate denim and garments made of this material is unmatched for practicality, maximum comfort in every situation and remarkable appearance. Although this trend is always at the forefront of popularity, many of its elements change with each season. In 2018 women’s denim clothing featured the following features:

  • one of the main trends became a pronounced asymmetry.
  • Back in fashion ripped jeans and all the decorative items you see. Holes, scratches and slits currently decorate not only the pants of youth, but also all other elements of the denim style.
  • very relevant raw leg edge, often associated with the “ragged” elements;
  • Romantic nature becomes love adorns the garments of denim, with embroidery or applique. Especially relevant here, floral motifs and floral designs;
  • welcome shiny objects like rhinestones or pearls;
  • lost her positions and metal decor – studs, buckles, the great accessories and more;
  • In 2018, denim style includes the classic shades of denim blue, sky blue, black, white and gray. Overly bright and bright colors should be avoided this season. Meanwhile, the stylists have suggested interesting colors. So the fashion will be the original two-tone model and gradient design.

Denim style

Dresses Denim has always enjoyed great popularity with the beautiful women, and over time they do not lose their relevance. Usually clothes from this direction are chosen by young people, who attach great importance to comfort, comfort and affordable price. Often in a youth circle, the party is in denim style, clothes made entirely of denim and in most cases has a similar look.

Denim style for women has a special value due to the following factors: 19659005] unbelievable comfort in every situation;

  • Practicality and durability;
  • Strength and wear resistance;
  • maximum ease of care, no need to use special tools or methods of washing;
  • a wide selection of articles of clothing;
  • a large selection of silhouettes, under which any woman can choose the one who will decorate her figure and hide inadequacies;
  • a variety of design – in this regard, the present as the understated and simple models, and overly eye-catching, ornate products;
  • a high degree of kombinatornoi, the ability to create different images of the same things;
  • Shades of color for most of the fair good;
  • no requirements for shoes and accessories – if you want the same nim can complement both elegant shoes with high heels and a mini-clutch bag as well as comfortable sneakers and a large backpack.
  • Denim Style Jacket

    Like any other fashion trend, Denim Style does not just include the elements of a simple wardrobe of clothes. Today Denim produced various products – a lightweight, short-cut jacket that can protect the young lady from a sudden wind on a warm summer’s day, the classic models of thin insulation jackets, suitable for winter and winter versions, usually supplemented with natural fur

    In summer, the image of a fashionista based on air dresses, chiffon skirts and top or short shorts adds a light windbreaker made of thin denim. This product fits just as well with shoes or sandals and the original summer boots. For everyday use in cool weather perfect denim jacket in oversize style, this model looks great with a narrow skirt or pants. Winter products are rare, but they select those girls who do not want to give up my beloved fashion trends even in the cold season.

    Denim Shirt [19659026] Denim style involves wearing various shirts that can be made not only of denim but also of cotton or mixed synthetic materials. Women’s shirts look simple, but at the same time they are stylish and attractive. They can be perfectly combined with different pants and skirts can be combined with jeans overalls or summer dresses. In addition, these products can even be part of the business image due to the revised classic jacket.

    Denim-style jumpsuit

    As a fashion denim-style it is based on classic jeans, it is logical that one of its components is original denim overalls, not the other, like the traditional jeans, complements the top. These products are ideal for outdoor activities and hiking – they are comfortable and comfortable in all conditions.

    Classic denim style does not mean a high fit, so these overalls are mostly straight or loose cut. In the meantime, some ladies who need to show a slim figure to others, choose goody designs with a contoured fit. Such options seem very brave and defiant, so they are only suitable for clubbing and theme parties and do not always suit the situation.

    Speaking of simple and concise denim overalls, in conjunction with T-shirt, shirt or turtleneck can be refined to almost any picture. These products are very popular with mothers because they visibly support a protruding belly at the same time and cause no discomfort.

    Denim style skirt

    Always relevant Denim fashionable style includes many styles and models of skirts, for example:

    • concise pencil skirt;
    • the issued circle skirt;
    • charming tulip skirt;
    • Denim skirt in bohemian style;
    • simple a-line with different lengths

    Denim style – clothes

    The ladies jeans style is not overloaded with decoration. They are incredibly practical so they can be worn in any situation, do not stress, but do not hide the curves of the silhouette and always make their owner visually younger. If you want to make this dress more interesting, original stylists will decorate such products with vertical button rows, elastic bands and contrasting panels, patch pockets and many more.

    Denim boho style

    Like other fashion trends, the denim style has several subgenres, including and in conjunction with boho. Denim boho style clothing contains the following features:

    • stratification;
    • Texture;
    • Surround Trim.

    Denim clothes style boho

    Since the main features of the design are comfort, lightness and comfort, it fits perfectly with the denim trend. Boho style denim is very common, almost equivalent to things made of the core material – suede. All these products are richly decorated with embroidery, fringes, lace and other elements. Especially different prints – they can be floral or ethnic, folklore, geometric and others.

    Especially popular among the fair good are denim jackets in boho style – interesting and original article unusual cut, often supplemented by a lining of natural materials. In the production of such outerwear is often a layered effect, for. B. Denim Sleeves, this product may look knitted.

    Boho style denim jewelery

    In the direction of trendy boho style is extremely popular bright and eye-catching jewelry, for sure, is made of natural materials, including and denim. Often they are decorated with cheap semi-precious stones, fringes, coins and other objects. In addition, denim brooch design often have the aged look that almost never left unattended.

    Denim pockets in boho style

    In the summer season, the variety of accessories and the pockets of denim design. They all look very unusual, bright and a bit chaotic, which gives them the charm. These bags are very durable, comfortable and spacious, perfect for shopping and shopping. On the outside of these products are very often embroidered, fringed or wood decorations.

    Wedding in jeans style

    In recent years, extremely popular topic wedding among young people. They are well remembered, attracting attention to spouses and many different custom parts. So, some young men and women interesting wedding in jeans style and design that can suggest the following:

    • As a venue, you can choose a modest picnic, village house or tent. Everything should be so modest and cheap;
    • Wedding couples should be the bridal couple with elements of denim. The bravest girls can choose a dress from this material. The groom can wear classic jeans and a shirt;
    • Usually made in the denim style wedding invitations, coasters, glasses, name cards for the tables and much more. The Banquet Venue You can cover the tables in the original Denim tablecloths.

    Wedding in jeans style

    Photoshoot in denim style

    Bright photo shoot that allows you to get beautiful and memorable photos that have been very popular recently. It looks very cool when the general background and images of all the participants in the recording are kept in a style, such as denim. As a result of this session, you’ll get playful and relaxed shots that will easily find their place in the memorial album.

    Young couples with small children can be an interesting family photo shoot in denim style, in which all family members dressed in jeans and jeans are a sweet sweater. The shoes in these pictures are usually missing, for the sake of simplicity, socks or bare feet are chosen. Like these potoraplivaya and teenagers or young couples – surrounded by objects of denim they can demonstrate their youth, carelessness and unbridled joy.

    Photoshoot in jeans style

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