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Different and awesome hairstyles by Kristina Bazan

Asma Jahangir |

August 30, 2018

Kristina Bazan is a style icon that has a large number of fans on various social websites. She is truly amazing and always waltz her way and we can her trendsetter who knows very well on what occasions how to combine an outfit she wears with fancy accessories. Here we will discuss the hairstyle of Kristina, as she makes different hairstyles for her outfit.

It was always amazing to see the personalities who were never afraid to experiment with the look. Kristina Bazan is also one of them who thinks it’s never fun to play it safe. Here you will see how versatile her personality is and he is an inspiration to fashion bloggers in every way. Let’s see some of Kristina’s looks on different occasions:

Side braided hairstyle with hat:

Wearing trousers with poncho Kristina looks seductive and she has made this hairstyle enhances the charm and grace of her appearance. Her gloves, muffler and golden cuff have made her personality beguiling and conspicuous. She exudes feminism with the lateral braids on her face and the wearing of the hat. Here she looks with her excellent looks a thousand times laudable.

Side vertex hairstyle with ponytail:

Here the stylist looks surprised with her amazing look. She looks absolutely stunning and fabulous with her great hairstyle. This hairstyle looks very formal and has given the stylish Kristina an elegant and sophisticated look. With the sky blue color that carries golden cuffs and rings in metallic, it looks stunning and captivating. The mid-ponytail style fits in well with their looks.

Straight hair pony:

This hairstyle has made Kristina pretty and beautiful. It’s wonderful to see that every style she makes fits her face and personality, and this is the reason for her popularity, as she can preserve any style. Straight Hair Bangs look amazing and wear earrings. Kristina looks breathtaking and breathtaking.

Updo hairdressing:

Kristina looks professional and has given her brain a beauty look. She has done updo by pulling on her hair and she looks gorgeous and enticing. This hairstyle has made her beautiful features visible and with her beautiful eyes and attractive lips she looks spectacular.


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