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Different and unique braids for long hair

Long hair contributes to the beauty of the woman and definitely you will want to give your hair different styles. One of the different styles is braid style and braid styles also give variety to your hair. Any desire to braid changes in look and different styles can help you to have a different look.

From casual to formal occasions, you can have a variety of stylish braids. The braids will look very beautiful and refined. Single sided braid, twisted braid, front braid and fishtail braid etc can give you an amazing look. Various stylish braids that give you a stylish look can be found here:

Front plait for a casual look:

Different and unique braids for long hair

This front braid looks fabulous and can look very decent and nice to you. Braid on one side of the shoulder looks gorgeous. College girls can make this hairstyle and young girls will look very subtle with this look. If you make the braid forward, you can attach it to the side of the hair and can leave your hair open from behind. This look also gives you a gorgeous beauty and especially young girls and even teenagers who have long hair can style their hair this way.

Twisted braid style:

Different and unique braids for long hair

This twisted braid style also looks very pretty and amazing. Braid from both sides you have to do and then tie in the middle. This look is also possible at wedding ceremonies. With Side Pony you can make this type of fishtail braid all over your hair. This style requires a technique that makes the braid look neat and clean. The more you do the exercise, the more you will get a good result. After much practice, you will be able to bring variety to the style. These styles are striking and eye-catching.

Side braid with western dresses:

Different and unique braids for long hair

This braid on one side looks very stylish and will look very chic. You can also go with western hairstyles with this hairstyle. With Denimpent and Top you can do this style on one side and leave all the hair on the other side.

For street style look you can do this style. This style can also give you a funky look, so college or girls girls can do this hairstyle for street style. Even with a skirt and top you can make this hairstyle look fashionable and not only this hairstyle gives you a stylish look, but also arranges your hair in a good way.

A braid for thick and heavy hair:

Different and unique braids for long hair

This fishtail braid looks very good and for thick hair it is a great thing. For weddings and for formal functions you can do this type of braid making and then decorate the braid with clips in the distance. This style will make the hair look attractive and fabulous. You will look stunning and striking in this hairstyle.


Different and unique braids for long hair

This double-pied style will make you look funky and stylish. Girls who want to do different things with hair have to try this hairstyle. This hairstyle gives them a confident look. At home, you can manage your hair with this style. With modern and western dresses you will make your look more fashionable with this hairstyle.
Different and unique braids for long hair

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