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Direct Coat – what to wear and how to create fashion pictures?

Direct coat – What to wear and how to create fashion pictures
Direct Coat is a classic outerwear that does not lose its popularity over several seasons. It can be shortened, average and maximum length, complemented by a hood, belt, furs inserts.

A real trend this season is a direct coat. It is used in their collections a couturier with a world name. With a variety of design techniques, every fashionista can easily pick up the option to their liking.

Direct coat 2018

In fashion collections one finds, according to the characteristics of the model, fashionable smooth coats 2018 following parts:

  • The trend remains a classic style characterized by brevity and the lack of decorative elements. Such a thing is a win-win option to create an elegant bow;
  • found the decoration of embroidery, fur inserts or other types of materials. How design gives things luxury and impressive appearance;
  • The model is designed taking into account peculiarities of different shapes, they can be complemented by a belt to accentuate your waist, or on the contrary, have a looser fit to conceal the
  • in terms of material for production, then it can be cashmere, tweed, wool, textiles and other types of fabrics. One finds a combination of materials with different structure, for example, a thing can be made of cashmere, and the sleeves are knitted of wool;
  • Colors used to create the models are extremely diverse. It can be calm and restrained colors, bright and lively clothing can be simple or contain a variety of prints. Allows the combination of several shades that act as single parts or decorative edges.

Ladies coat straight cut

This type of outerwear like z coat straight cut in different variations of models that usually have such features:

  • in terms of the design of the upper part, it can be classic English collar, collar stand included, or without it with an open neck;
  • On some models, the shoulders are a bit lower;
  • There are designs that are not only suitable for elegant bows, but also for sports and pictures in casual style. This is possible when the product is completed by a hood;
  • extremely stylish and original thing is the direct double-breasted coat;
  • To emphasize the waist, the product can be supplemented with a wide belt.

A classic straight coat

To create an elegant sophisticated bow safety bet, a classic women’s coat would be just silhouette. It has these distinguishing features:

  • Product length can be shortened, ending in the middle of the thighs, MIDI, to the knee, maxi, reaching to the middle of the ankle or fall down;
  • Ding front button closures or invisible hooks;
  • the cut and the design are characterized by simplicity and conciseness;
  • direct classic coat is universal, it fits many garments, thanks to the features of its cut;
  • like color, that classic with quiet muted colors, preferably solid or aged prints like Glen Plaid or Stripe.

Straight hooded coat

Among the young girls is very popular women watching hooded coat. It is ideal for making original bows in a casual style and can have the following features:

  • The hood can have a simple design or contain characteristic winter fur trim pattern. In this case, the coat may be present on the cuffs and hem of the product;
  • the thing can be attached to buttons or snake “lightning”;
  • straight hooded coat will not only look great with elegant stiletto heels, but also sport sneakers or sneakers;
  • The hood can be color-matched to the product or be designed differently in color and form a striking contrast.

Straight jacket without collar

For the warm spring season, a good solution would be to coat straight cut without a collar. In it, the neck is left open, if desired, the girl can tie a light scarf or scarf, give the image of freshness and act as a stylish accent. The product contains a small oval neckline in the neck that looks incredibly feminine. It can be decorated with borders in a different color or stones.

Direct double-breasted coat

One of the most original design solutions, considered a double-breasted straight coat. It has these distinguishing features:

  • the position of the buttons in two rows, in some models there is a possibility to fix them on one side or the other;
  • the gate can be so deaf and closed, and is made in the shape of the English collar;
  • As for color, it shows a low-key and traditional shades, for example, gray, beige, black straight coat and bright rich colors.

Straight coat with belt

With a proportioned figure type “hourglass” can afford a coat of a direct silhouette with a belt. This will help to highlight the pronounced waistline. It can be produced in such variations:

  • of the same kind of fabric as the product;
  • of the material that forms the contrast. For example, the direct coat of cashmere and belt – leather can be made;
  • a zone may contain buckles, decorative items such as flowers, is made of leather.

Straight coat with English collar

One of the classic variations of the design is a straight cut with English collar. Its features include:

  • the collar has straps forming a V-neck, leaving the neck and neckline open;
  • The product is worn with light scarves or scarves that are filled under the collar.

Straight coat with fur

For a cold season, ideal women’s winter coats would be straight cut, complemented by fur. It takes over the heating function and acts as a striking decorative element. There are variations of his design:

  • Fur collar, tight at the throat or descending to the chest area;
  • Fur trim on the hood;
  • Fur may be present on cuffs, hem, pockets.

What to wear with a smooth coat?

When deciding to cut a coat straight, the length of the product is of great importance, depending on what garments it is can be combined. Outerwear can be well combined with such things:

  • with jeans or trousers that can make a tapering or wide-legged profile;
  • with skirts and dresses whose cut is determined by the length of the outer garment; [196590000] 19659006] Direct coat combines well with elegant heels, wedges or plateaus. It may be shoes, boots, boots with a high or low shaft;
  • When choosing garments, the color scheme in which they are made should be considered. So, if outerwear contains prints, then the rest of the things should choose one. When done in subdued colors, bright pieces that give a pop of color and originality.

What to wear with a long straight coat?

When deciding what to wear with a straight long coat, it is recommended to be very Careful. For this reason, the length of outerwear can only be combined with certain things. It is possible to combine such variations:

  • Carrot pants or skinny jeans skinny;
  • with dresses or skirts with lengths mini or midi, which are hidden under the outerwear. It is preferable to provide them with strong, strong opaque tights;
  • Shoes better to choose heels or high wedges, sports are better excluded.

What to wear with a smooth coat to the knee?

Girls Who decides what to wear with a smooth coat to the knees should consider such recommendations:

  • Outerwear like this length will be the perfect complement to the elegant office of onion, it fits perfectly with a shift dress, a pencil skirt
  • allowed and the combination with pants or jeans, fitted fit. You can dress and model, easily exhibited from the knee;
  • depending on the specific style of the women’s coat, the straight cut will complement the elegant high-heeled shoes, wedge heels, flat shoes. Products Hood can be combined with sports shoes or sneakers.

What to wear with a cropped, straight coat?

When deciding what to wear straight short coat, you must consider these points:

  • such a model of outerwear fits perfectly with all types of trousers or jeans that can rejuvenate, classic cut, from the knee or the hip can be issued. You can create an extraordinary bow, for example, if you use vivid details, it can be leather pants combined with a plain colored top. In this case, they act as a stylish accent that attracts attention;
  • if you want, you can wear a fitted or flared skirt;
  • Depending on the selected image selected elegant or sporty shoes.

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