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Double-breasted coat – the rules for creating fashionable women’s images

Double-breasted coat is the undisputed classic among outerwear. With it you can create as the strictest and business image, contemporary, young thinking and edgy arch. A variety of models satisfy even the most sophisticated fashionistas.

There are many models and types of women’s outerwear, but double-breasted is a timeless classic. It is able to withstand any competition. Will help give the image of delicate femininity and show the excellent taste of the owner. This stylish thing has to settle in the wardrobe of any fashion conscious fashion designer

Double-breasted coat 2018

Double-breasted coat is a key element of the transition wardrobe. If you bet on something like that, you can not go wrong, because it’s featured in the collections of most fashion houses – Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, Max Mara, Sonia Rykiel. After the new fashion shows this season is characterized by the variety of models of women’s coats. Different fabrics and prints, bright and bold selection in the color palette and decor, on one level with simple styles that will be relevant this year. Asymmetrical cut and oversize also fit the fashion trends of the season.

For women who dream of a universal outerwear, a beige double-breasted suit would be a good choice. Nadowa’s color scheme has never gone out of style for several seasons. In addition, such colors easily fit into any look, from grunge to business. Trends modern and fit the coat with different variations of cells, from the “goose feet” to the Scottish. And the romance and femininity helps to emphasize light pink, pale purple and powder.

Double-breasted coat 2018

Double breasted ladies coat

Double breasted lady coat is not only stylish and beautiful element of the wardrobe, it is comfortable, warm thing. For his tailoring fashion, he uses high quality fabrics with high abrasion resistance and good heat shielding properties. The special cut provides additional protection from the wind. Due to the front flaps and the double row of buttons, the cold air flow is not too short. One of the most popular pieces are:

  • Wool;
  • Wool;
  • suede;
  • buklirovannye;
  • Cashmere

The modern market presents and decorative light patterns. Such as the trenchcoat gabardine in a traditional English style. But because of the high cost of this material, sometimes cheaper used fabric: nylon, viscose, microfiber and silk. Extravagant is an extreme instance of such clothing, with the Burberry brand. Model with a waterproof glossy finish Bright colors and the lining of natural wool will be warm and will not get wet in rainy weather. Stylish decor can be a kind of collar fold, – unfold or – stand.

Double-breasted lady’s coat

Classic double-breasted coat

Historically, a double-breasted coat for soldiers was created. It was a very warm army jacket with a deep smell of coarse wool. Over time, it has become part of everyday life for practical and practical reasons. And the Irish Ulster version has been adapted into stylish clothing for women. In the classic version is a direct double-breasted coat, in front of the wide valve and two parallel rows of fasteners. Traditionally, there are 6 or 8 buttons, which are buttoned on one side and on the other side. But now among the classics include:

  • Model-equipped silhouette;
  • flared lower part;
  • Coat with a number of buttons only with a decorative function;
  • Styles, with 2 and 4 buttons or vice versa is greater than 8;

Classic double breasted

Double-breasted coat with buttons

Modern styles combine proven classics and modernized accents. The lack of buttons “breathed” the usual appearance of the coat a new life. This succinct and rigorous style with a shallow smell, suitable for more age categories of women. Young girls prefer zippers or rivets, such as a coat leather biker jacket or coat jacket. Two-breasted black coat buttons – clear silhouette, no kinks and buttons – this is a slight negligence that leaves no painful impression.

Double-breasted with buttons

Double-breasted, narrow coat

Simple, classic coat-waisted silhouette is called “Pardesi”. Very feminine and elegant style that emphasizes the shape of the owner. Sometimes stylists add the waist area of ​​the insert and simulate a belt. Perfect fit for the girl with Typfigur “hourglass”. And the ladies with a rectangular silhouette, this style will help to visually balance and create the appearance of the waist. Modern ladies double-breasted slim coat towards the bottom can be easily extended to be straight or flared. With the first a stricter and businesslike way and with the last – playful and light bow.

Double breasted thin coat

Double-breasted coat raglan

This coat sleeve consists of a shoulder. This cut appeared in England and was first made for the field marshal. Another for now a purely male thing that women have skilfully integrated into your wardrobe. The shell of this style can be straight, widening down or a flashlight. And ¾ length became very popular. In the cold season these high gloves complement, creating a special ambience with a French “touch”. Important women’s black double-breasted coat with raglan sleeves and bright, acidic colors of this style.

Double-breasted coat raglan

Double-breasted hooded coat

The presence of a hood qualitatively distinguishes such a coat on the background of variants with bulky collars. If the latter is more decorative, the first combines several functions. It not only protects the neck from wind and cold, but also allows you to protect your head while maintaining the hair’s appeal. A great alternative for fashionistas who do not want to wear hats. Hooded ladies often go winter double-breasted coat, sometimes adding fur. In addition to functionality, this model offers comfort and attractive appearance.

Double-breasted hooded coat

Double-breasted coat oversized

This is perfect for girls with irregular shape – too thin or overweight. It will hide shortcomings and emphasize dignity. “Oversize” is a trend that will never go out of style in the next few years. When you buy these clothes, you are at the height of the fashion wave. Do you want to furnish a spring wardrobe with brightness? The red double-breasted oversize coat will master this task effortlessly! Day, combine it with a t-shirt and jeans, get trendy casual bow. And in the evening, the cocktail dress turns it into an elegant outfit.

Double-breasted oversized

Double-breasted coat with belt

Belted coat is a great option to emphasize the waist. Such a product model can easily be called universal, as it is suitable for women with different body types. Help to emphasize the graceful figure and the other to make it thinner. The belt can be supplemented as a lightweight semi-model and a double-breasted winter coat. Stylists offer a range of items – buttons or a complete lack. Second, they suggest casually throwing on the shoulders. The lack of buttons of the series adds to the silhouette of softness and calm.

Double-breasted coat with belt

What to wear with double-breasted

The answer to the question “What to wear with double-breasted tailcoat” – very simple. Despite the classic style of the product, other things that fit do not have to be in style. It’s good because it fits different clothes. It fits perfectly under different circumstances – with the shoes getting a formal look and fashionable sneakers every day and stylish bow. When choosing the ensemble should be from where to go, from the long, cut and straight color. Given these nuances and approached the subject creatively, you get the trendy and stylish image. Now:

  • Ladies beige double-breasted coat and a narrow velvet or corduroy trousers in black. Here, beige slippers with leopard print look harmonious.
  • Light coat with thin leather pants, with knit sweater and ankle boots in color aubergine.
  • Double-breasted dark coat with a dress jumper. To dilute the strictness of the sneaker’s silhouette becomes a comfortable, casual style.
  • Blue coat with a shirt in men’s style of the same color and cut off classic pants. Heeled shoes give elegance and femininity.
  • Double-breasted coat in dark red color and blue jeans with polka dots. Such a tandem can be more convenient Botilony Wedge.
  • Dark gray coat with high leather bottom. Wear dark leggings that visually “pull” the image and create a simple yet stylish bow.
  • Double breasted long coat

    This length is preferred by the solid ladies and girls who are experts in modern fashion trends. Will be the salvation for most hundreds in the cold season. Double-breasted long coat gives the image of elegance, perfection and appearance something special. This style can be described as universal because it is suitable for creating stylish pictures that correspond to the current fashion. Complete the ensemble bright accent accessories. For example, wear a double-breasted coat with scarf – get a very cool bow. Also good-looking, wide-brimmed hats and scarves.

    Double breasted long coat

    Double-breasted short coat

    The women’s short double-breasted trench coat has earned itself a very luxurious look thanks to the efforts of the designers. The style, which extends to the middle of the thigh, is often referred to as shorthair. This season, stylists recommend products like bright, rich colors and muted to wear. It is not wrong to choose a blue, pale purple, lemon yellow and pink coat. In fact and model in black and white striped, with colorblocking and deep dark green, brown and graphite colors. Short coat choose girl driver – for her this model is very practical.

    Double-breasted short coat

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