Dutch braided hairstyles for 2019

Dutch Halo Braid

The Dutch Halo braid is such a stunning hairstyle that once you master it, it will undoubtedly become one of your favorites. Luckily, a Dutch braid is also easy to get. All you have to do is create a bulky Dutch braid and wrap it around your head for halo-like braid. Leave the rest of the strands wavy and messy. Hair highlights are bonus to this wonderful hairstyle.

Dutch braided hairstyles for 2019

Dutch braid in a high bun

If you are looking for a hairstyle to formally deduct? Here’s an amazing updo for you. In fact, it contains a chic Dutch braid that goes one step further. Use several techniques from different hairstyles to achieve the headdress. You will still have to know how to get a Dutch braid, otherwise you will not be able to get it right. Note that the updo is not very neat, so you do not have to overdo it.

Dutch braided hairstyles for 2019

Dutch braids and double rolls

Take the Signature Space rolls to the next level with chic Dutch pigtails. To rebuild these buns, you need a strong hold hairspray, hairpins, rubber bands and comb tail. All you have to do is split your hair in half with a ratchet comb. Start Dutch by braiding your hair on the head and then securing the tips of the braid in a simple bun design. Repeat the same step with the other side!

Dutch braided hairstyles for 2019

Side Case Dutch Braid

Fall is here and all you have to do is find an exciting hairstyle for your everyday look. Whether you’re going to work or out and about with friends, this pretty, side-cut hairstyle will give you a chic look for any occasion. To create the following hairstyle, you must sweep your hair aside and braid from top to bottom. We also recommend a little waves for a romantic finish.

Dutch braided hairstyles for 2019

Mini Dutch braids

It is not necessary to create huge Dutch braids to have an amazing look. You can try mini braids that are just as cool. If you know how to braid a Dutch braid, this is an effortless look for you. Create mini braids on both sides of the head and then hit them on the back of the head for a female half to half down hairstyle as follows.

Dutch braided hairstyles for 2019


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