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EMO hairstyle ideas for 2019

Sweet pink topknot

This is the cutest EMO hairstyle ever. Actually, EMO hairstyles are all about dark hair tints and unique hair cultures, but this one is just ultra-feminine. This graciously simple but incredibly beautiful updo requires a straightener and a few hairpins. Apart from that you also have to change your hair color. Try pastel pink as it makes a great combination with the buns.

Wavy EMO hairstyle

Girls with medium hair can brush up their looks with an amazing hairstyle like this one. Try this style and give your personality a seductive touch of freshness and youthfulness. The overall style gets an EMO-inspired look through a bold, white-gray hair shadow and make-up. If you want to copy this look, be sure to emphasize your eyes.

Light pink waves

Start with deep pink at the roots and translate it to light pink hair color for a gorgeous look like this one. The tips faintly faded, giving the look a touch of femininity. Pink is associated with EMO people. So if you are more daring, try this one. The following style also requires some layers that spice up the overall look.

Black and purple hair color

It’s a typical EMO look that sets the wearer apart. Mauve looks strikingly beautiful with black hair color. It’s the greatest look for EMO people. But this color combination would never be full without a feathery haircut. Show this picture to your hairdresser and ask for the same look. I am sure you will get the public’s attention with this style.

Black hair color with peek-a-boo highlights

The next popular hairstyle for EMO is something like this. It requires peek-a-boo highlights in unconventional hair color. Look how well black hair color works with pink peek a boo highlights. Try it yourself and create a great contrast in your curls. It is a daring hair look that speaks about your nature.

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