Evening bags – how to choose color, style, design?

Evening bags – How to choose color, style, design?
Evening handbags are an accessory that can become a stylish addition to a spectacular image. They are presented in numerous variations of models: clutch bag, envelope, bag, gift, decoration, rhinestone, lace and other decorative elements.

Evening bags are an essential attribute when creating great pictures. They can be the final accent to supplement proper clothing. The diversity of styles and colors makes every fashionista suitable.

Evening bags 2018

Stylish evening bags 2018 present themselves in the collections of many well-known designers. The models are extremely varied and can have these distinguishing characteristics: [19659005] As for the size, the product can be a miniature or medium sized. Large and massive, unable to fit into a feminine and refined image;

  • Design women evening handbag is very varied in shape it can be rectangular, there are variations such as a clutch and an envelope, square, have rounded edges or are round
  • as for the material for manufacturing can be dull or patent leather, suede, velvet, satin;
  • can present all kinds of decorative elements: rhinestone decoration, stones, beads, embroidery, applique, lace trim, fringes
  • Evening bags can be carried with the short handles, long straps, chain, carrying handles in the hands.

Evening bags 2018

Evening handbags and clutches

In the production of solemn and magnificent arches, a well-deserved mastery received evening bag in the form of clutches. Distinguishing features for them:

  • Miniature size for guests to carry in their hands;
  • can be supplemented with a thin elegant chain, thrown over the shoulder;
  • As material for manufacturing is dominated by a matte or glossy leather, the design is found under the skin of reptiles. Allowed options consist of different types of textiles;
  • Products are presented in different variations, they differ in shape, size, color, detailing.

Evening bags with chain

Very popular with ladies evening bag over use the shoulder. They can be worn with a thin oblong ribbon or necklace, the latter option gives festive and solemn. There are variations of the design:

  • the chain may consist of small or large limbs, golden or metallic shields;
  • The chain can be solid or combined with leather panels that give extra strength and servants than the original design from the front desk.

Lace evening bag

To give the picture of tenderness and romance, evening bag with lace is possible. An organic supplement such as lace dresses and other materials is made. The variations of the design products include:

  • under the top is another dense material, it may be leather or textile;
  • the surface of the product may be fully processed tip or contain a separate tip panel; [19659006] may match the point of the color of the underlying material or make it rich in contrast;
  • the structure of the lace border can vary, they are small or large patterns;
  • Lace can be harmoniously combined with other decorative elements: rhinestones, pearls, feathers.

Evening Bag Bag

To make the picture very original evening bag. It can have the following distinctive features:

  • the main feature is the decorative rope that pulls the product from above and closes in this way. This element serves as a carrying strap for carrying;
  • These evening bags are mainly made of fabric, luxurious velvet look;
  • can be embroidered, lace trim, decorated with stones.

Lacquered evening bags

To give an additional statement when the use of ladies evening bags, made of patent leather. They can consist entirely of this material or contain a separate insert. The surface may be smooth or contain perforations. This design is mostly in clutches, but there might be other options.

Evening Bags Envelope

The perfect solution for the Grand exit is a women’s evening bag, which is made in the form of an envelope. They have such characteristics:

  • flat structure, with the help of this accessory you can only a small part of the ginormous;
  • on the upper surface there is a button closure and a design reminiscent of the shell, where one part has a triangular neckline, finds another.

Evening bag with closure

Beautiful vintage model that perfectly complements the matching outfits, is a small evening bag with closure. This is a special clasp over the top surface of the product and resembles a reticulum. Among the distinguishing features of such things as the following:

  • found round, oval, square;
  • the clasp can be made in gold or silver tones;
  • Vintage evening bags can be complemented with a necklace to wear a short handle or a detail of beads.

Evening bag with rhinestones

Enormally popular with the beauties are evening clips, which are decorated with crystals. These decorative elements can be placed as follows:

  • evenly placed on the surface of the product;
  • in the form of certain patterns representing the floral and plant motifs, abstract patterns;
  • Rhinestones can be combined with other decorative elements such as embroidery or applications.

Evening bag embroidery

To create the unsurpassed style, stylish evening bags are decorated with embroidery. It is possible to identify such variations of the design:

  • The embroidery can be made in the threads that match the color with the thing or the components of the most striking contrast. Really luxurious look pattern, embroidered with golden threads;
  • Embroidery can be abstract or contain a specific theme, such as floral and plant motifs. It can occupy the entire surface of the product or any particular part;
  • Embroidery can be done not only with threads, but also with beads. Welcome to the interweaving of different stones and crystals that give shine and a luxurious look.

Evening bag with short handles

One of the original designs are nice evening bags with short handles. This item may have a hard or soft structure. Combined with a long shoulder strap or as a stand-alone product. As a material for the production of handles leather, fabric, metallic materials can be used.

Bags evening dress

Such a stylish accessory as a bag for evening dress can be a harmonious complement of the image and act as a last accent. However, the selection should follow certain guidelines that are as follows:

  • If the dress is made of dull dyed fabrics, you can choose a handbag that acts as a bright accent in the picture. It can be made of patent leather, has a velvety, satin finish. Welcome a rich decoration of sequins, stones, embroidery, beads, feathers.
  • If the dress is made of sparkling fabrics, golden or metal shade contains a combination of several bright colors, to complement, it is better to choose simple evening handbag, made of matte leather.
  • When selecting accessories, the characteristics of the selected image must be taken into account. If the focus is on tenderness and romance, it is advisable to choose an accessory made of soft pastel colors. If you want to create a catchy and memorable loop, you should prefer bright colors, golden tones.

The color of the handbag for your evening dress

This stylish piece of clothing like a handbag for your evening dress should harmoniously fit the picture. Important value has a correct selection of colors. These allow combinations of:

  • The ideal solution would be if the accessory matches the color with the shoes. This technique is considered a classic and is used by all designers. However, modern fashion allows the divergence of the shades of these garments.
  • The coloring of this handbag can be made in similar colors with the dress. In order to avoid being put together, the colors of the products must differ in several shades.
  • Very impressive in appearance, when evening bags and dresses stand between contrasts. This will help to make the picture as catchy and attractive as possible. A classic combination is black and red, black and white. Gold or silver accessories will help to highlight every outfit.
  • If the dress has several colors, the handbag can adopt the color of one of them, it looks incredibly harmonious.

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