Fashion – the best trends in spring, summer, autumn and winter

Fashion – the best trends in women’s spring, summer, autumn and winter shoes
Women’s fashion shoes has a great biodiversity, under which every beautiful lady can easily choose something for herself. This year, stylists and designers have spent a lot of time developing not only stylish but also comfortable models.

When designing the look, women’s fashion shoes are often crucial. Beautiful and elegant shoes are able to completely change their owner, make them taller and slimmer, and show others the ability to feel women’s fashion and choose the perfect elements of the image.

Shoes 2018 – fashion trends [19659004] With the beginning of the new season fashion trends on shoes dramatic change. However, classic products always stay at the top, no matter in which areas designers and stylists tend. The most common option, which is suitable for almost all garments, are shoes made of genuine leather.

Fashion Women’s Summer Shoes 2018 presents not only versatile boats and other current models. So, this season’s incredibly popular closed shoes on a small firm heel, look like male, lightweight and comfortable footwear slip-ons, and resemble various options of heeled geometric and fantasy shapes and more.

In winter time The front side will be all sorts of ankle boots, platform boots, wedge heel or block heel. In the cold season, the girls will open their wide range – warm and comfortable Ugg boots have all kinds of styles and colors, embroidered or patterned female boots, rhinestones, boots made of different materials, decorated with natural and artificial fur. [19659005]

Fashion Demi-Season Shoes 2018

In the new season, shoes for fall and spring months will be extremely diverse. In the range offered, every fashionista can choose the interesting option, for example:

  • Fashion ladies spring 2018 shoes with animal print and imitation leather of different animals will be a real hit. Shoes, ankle boots, boots and ankle boots with such an interesting design, suitable both for work and for walks in the cool season;
  • elegant ankle boots with flower print will be a novelty of the season;
  • Shoes, block heel and plateau look bulky, not too graceful, but it attracts girls and women to their incredible comfort;
  • the options for tractor-soled shoes will remain relevant. In addition, these products can be low speed and with heel.

Fashion Shoes – Summer 2018

In anticipation of the hot season, stylists and designers have worked on fame, fashionistas present the extremely wide selection of models, styles and colors. For some products, this year looks absolutely outdated, as was built on the interesting retro models. Never fear – fashion trends of shoes that used to be that way come back again and bring something new, bright and original.

Fashion shoes, summer 2018, represented mainly by the following options:

  • Glitter, this year, for example, not only in terms of parties or celebrations, but also in everyday life. Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Gucci, Calvin Klein and other brands in their new collections, present elegant shoes, made of shiny fabric, or decorated with rhinestones or glitter;
  • In the hot season in the foreground always to be charming elements with floral print. In 2018, Fashionable Flower Print or Print is in the collections of Alexander McQueen, D & G, Alice + Olivia, and so on;
  • Among the public fascination with retro style will be especially popular shoes and sandals with wide heels, in the shape of a square or rectangle;
  • in 2018 at the forefront of popularity again home of fashion shoes with a pointed toe. Such models have appeared in the collections of Prada, Valentino, Tom Ford, Gucci and other famous designers;
  • In addition, the stylists this year are very pleased lovers comfortable and comfortable shoes – fashion shoes entered again at a small angle heel height of about 3 inches.

Fashion shoes for women

Each season, the trends change significantly, so that girls who always want to stay in the trend, must be carefully monitored. Stylish shoes tend to be light, comfortable and comfortable this year, so a few years ago stylists and designers paid special attention to their appearance, so the resulting products could cause discomfort.

This does not mean, however, that the fashion shoes 2018 looks bright, impressive and expressive. By contrast, every lady among the many popular options selects the one in which she feels self-assured, comfortable, and looks feminine and charming.

Fashionable high heels

The most fashionable shoes for beautiful women are always a delicate heel that changes the silhouette of a woman, her legs are longer and slimmer, and thighs and buttocks – feminine and seductive. Meanwhile, the high heel is not always comfortable. So, thin Stiletto heel, which is so often found at events and club parties, almost always gives way to a sustainable, half-high heel in everyday life.

Besides, it’s not the first season at the forefront of popularity is a fashion shoes with fancy heels in different shapes and sizes. Renowned stylists and designers have developed a pattern with heels in the shape of a violin, wine glasses, hearts and more. Heel is today available for all types of shoes – shoes and sandals, boots, boots and even sneakers.

Fashionable shoes without heel

Fan comfort and comfort will surely need fashion flat shoes where you can stay the whole day. These products are great for creating casual, sporty or romantic pictures, but the celebrations are rare. Flat shoes are available in all types of sports shoes, running shoes and sneakers, sneakers and espadrilles.

A few years ago in the fashion Olympus came incredibly spectacular slip-on mules with an open heel and closed toe. Although such models initially appeared in Gucci and Miu Miu, they are now among the best-known brands. Impressed with the unbelievable comfort and stylish appearance of these shoes, some girls went home while remaining incredibly feminine and seductive.

Modern fashion deals, fashion and other types of shoes at a low price – Chelsea boots, bright and original loafers, moccasins, oxfords, brogues and more. In the summer, the hearts of the fair good become comfortable and comfortable slippers, or simple slippers, and a light slip-on espadrilles, made of linen.

Fashion platform shoes

Products on the platform give miniature fashionistas the opportunity to get higher. In most cases, they choose young ladies of small stature who are ashamed of their natural disadvantage. Unlike heeled shoes, models on the platform do not cause any inconvenience and do not cause increased pressure on the back of the girl. Not only tall shoes and sandals are included in this species, but also trendy winter shoes on the platform, which not only visually increase growth, but also provide good traction with the icy surface.

Fashion shoes wedge heel

The wedge is a comfortable alternative to a heel. Fashionable shoes on this sole cause no discomfort during wear and visually stretch the legs and make them much slimmer. Wedge-heeled shoes, boots and sandals are what the business ladies, who feel comfort and confidence, and others who need to show their solidity and elegance. In addition, the wedge is currently released and these youth fashion shoes, such as sneakers or sneakers – these products look stylish and perfectly combined like sportswear and casual style items.

Fashion sports shoes

Comfortable and fashionable women’s sports shoes should be in the wardrobe of every beautiful woman. Modern ladies use it not only for sports and active recreation, but also for everyday life – for hiking and shopping. Products Sports areas are predominantly restrained stylistic achievement and not overloaded with decoration. In addition, sneakers and other models have a better grip of the sole with the surface, so that the legs are absolutely not tired.

Fashionable rubber shoes

Lately, especially the women among the special ladies have earned a high-fashion rubber boot for women, which reliably protects the feet from moisture and rain. These different models of boots, including the options for flat shoes, wedges or heel and comfortable ankle boots and closed shoes. Modern stylists and designers have even developed rubber-made sandals, sneakers and slip-on shoes, all of which look very unusual and are especially designed for summer rainy days.

Trendy beach shoes

In the summertime, especially beach shoes are in demand, as many girls make holidays by the sea, sea or lakes. Fashion shoes for girls who are at the water in the following variations:

  • Aqualuz;
  • Sandals and flip-flops of all kinds;
  • Flip-flops models with a jumper between their fingers;
  • Dianati – Products with a ring around the thumb;
  • Clogs – PVC slippers with perforations;
  • muli;
  • Pantaleta;
  • Clogs;
  • sandals

Fashionable shoes on a full foot

Girls with excessively full legs can be very difficult to choose appropriate options that will make them feel comfortable all day long. In the meantime, stylists and designers are developing a large number of models for women with appetizing shapes every year. So, casual, trendy women’s full-legged shoes are represented by the following variations:

  • Court shoes the heel height of 5-7 inches with a rounded nose;
  • neat ballet shoes on a low heel;
  • Sandals with thin, barely visible bands;
  • Models with large buckles on the front distract this detail from the massive ankles;
  • Boots with a wide shaft

Fashionable shoes for older women

In old age, women need fashionable comfortable shoes in subdued colors, mainly black and brown. For work, ladies of this age are best suited pumps heel height of about 5 inches, for the winter season – warm boots height to the middle of the calf, and for the hot summer – closed shoes made of thin materials or simple sandals without unnecessary decoration


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