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Fast and sweet day-to-night hairstyles 2019

We all saw a cowboy after trying for a day to change her hairstyle in not so cool conditions. Luckily, there are many hairstyles that can be created quickly and easily if you have limited space and time. If you do not believe, you have to see these fast and cute 2019 day-night hairstyles.

These hairstyles include everything from braids and braids to ponytails and buns. Grab some hairpins and prepare for these extraordinary hairstyles.

Half-woven crown

This half-length updo is perfect for almost any occasion. To achieve this eye-catching look, simply braid two strands of hair and attach them to the bottom of your head. This headdress is just an impressive option for medium hair women. When it comes to hair color, we highly recommend blending blonde and brown shades. This combination offers an excellent hair design.

Milkmaid Braid: Day-to-Night Hairstyles 2019

In fact, everyone loves a good braid for a quick day to night hair repair. The following braid is super easy to create. Start with the braiding from the side of the head and wrap the braid over your head. Another way to get the look is to create pigtails and put the tips on top of the head in a milkmaid braid. If you have pony, let her run down her forehead.

Rolled Chignon

Pulling up the curls can be a lot easier than it looks. If you never thought Chignon was a simple style, now is the time to change your mind. You can attach a headband and start turning your lock over it. You will end up with an elegant hairstyle that will take you from the office to the evening dinner. Notice that your strands camouflage the headband.

Hairstyle with Bouffant: Day-to-night hairstyles 2019

How about adding extra size to your tresses? It’s not just a retro-inspired hairstyle, it also brings your overall look a little higher. Actually, the trick is to create a mini bun under the bouffant. Everyone will agree that the height gives the style a refined touch, but it’s pretty easy to get. Straight dull bangs are bolus for this half updo.

Faux Fishtail Braid

It is impossible not to fall in love with a fishtail braid, but sometimes it can be difficult to weave, especially if you run out of time. This chic, yet ultra-feminine ponytail requires you to separate your ponytail and pull it through the headband. I assure you, once you have found out the technique, you can easily achieve the look for the night.

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