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Foilyage: Your next hair color solution for 2020

There are a few terms in hair coloring that only hair colorists can understand and foilyage is one of them. The technology combines films and balayage. This technique is best for women who want to achieve the sun kissed effect in the whole locks. Luckily, this technique can be applied differently so that everyone can achieve the effect. Whether you are brunette, blonde or redheaded, you will need to check these hair colors for 2019. Read more about your favorite hair colors.

Copper Foilyage Hair Color

Combining this technique with the latest hair color like copper gives you the trendiest look ever. You have the chance to produce these fiery colors with some flaming transparencies of color. The benefit of rocking is that you will have a natural looking look. In fact, to look like this, your haircolorist needs to be professional. If you love it, just take the picture and go to get the copper foil without spending a minute. Blonde foilyage hair color

Your blonde hair color does not have to be boring or plain, because there is a special technique known as “foilage” that can give your curls a new breath. Sun kissed accents in the locks add extra dimension and movement. It can be accepted by anyone who is ready for a high level of commitment. However, to maintain that special look, you need to whiten your hair to the lightest levels, even though the roots may be darker. Foilyage for brunettes

Brunettes will fall in love with this amazing look. It’s not a high devotion look and it only takes a few highlights to strategically place to achieve what you see here. However, the hue of the highlights is based on your complexion, natural hair color and of course preferences. Note that these highlights work for almost everyone and may not be an exception. Caramel Blonde

No wonder, this technique is the best. It creates a sophisticated hairstyle that highlights the wearer in the crowd. If you’re one of those women who want to experiment with technology, but are still not sure how to get started, here’s a great way to inspire you. This caramel blonde would be a great solution for blondes.


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