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Fresh hairstyle ideas for men in 2019

If you are after fresh hairstyle ideas for men in 2018 search, look no further. These hairstyles show the latest trends that are low maintenance. Luckily, they can be accepted by men with different hair types and textures. Men are always looking for maintenance-free hair looks, here they can really find something that is low maintenance, but they are in a high style. Keep reading to discover the cool hairstyles I’ve put together for you. Let’s hope you will have something for your next appointment.

Fresh Hairstyle Ideas for Men in 2018

Short haircut for thick hair

Those with thick mane should consider this trend. It has several layers in the strands giving the hair a certain shape and makes the styling easy. The extra length at the hairline improves the texture of the strands. Undoubtedly, it’s a fancy headgear worth trying. Keep in mind that the trendiest hairstyles have short sides and long laces.

Short haircut for thick hairShort hair

This is another cool hairstyle that has enough length above that you can style it spikes or slim back shape. If you want to reach these clever spikes, work the product with your fingers in the hair. There is a misunderstanding that prickly hairstyles are not for formal occasions, but try an elegant suit and tie, and you’ll see that they work well for special events as well.

Short spiky hairstyle

High and tight low fade

High and tight is one of the most popular short hairstyles among African American men. It has ultra-short sides and long tip. This version of High and tight Short Haircut is all about a high-low fade over the ear. But the uncoupled sideburns and the well-kept beard style also stand higher. If you are a black man, try the best hairstyle for your texture.

High and low low fade

Curly hair with fade

Men’s short haircuts develop day by day. Her curly hair will never look boring when created according to the latest trends. This model is blessed with natural curls so he can go for different styles. His headgear has a conical fade and long curls at the top. The style can be paired with goatee or worn with a clean-shaven face.

Curly hair with fade

Gray hair color and spiky hairstyle

It’s crazy to see men changing their hair color. This model has bleached its curls to achieve a perfect gray hair color. He proves that not only women but also men can rock the latest hair tints. He has stirred his locks to give him a male touch. If you are brave enough to update your hair color with the coolest shades, this is the best option to continue.

Gray hair color and prickly hairstyle

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