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Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

Celebrities have all the fun. They have a team of ultra-talented stylists and designers to help them, while creating a head-driving look that impresses everyone with A-List features. Do you want to look exactly like her on your big day? Well, we’re here with our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list to help you with ideas, copy styles and look just as stunning.

1. Blake Lively’s beach beckons

Okay, we have to admit, Blake Lively looks great no matter what she does, but who can say we can not totally copy her style. This easy to create list on our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles can be achieved with straighteners or curling tail and will look great with both blondes and brunettes.

2. Cara Delevingne’s Side Swept Hair

Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

The beautiful side curved look worn by the beautiful Cara Delevingne not only looks absolutely awesome, but is also very easy to copy. This is easily our favorite among celebrity wedding hairstyles looks, as it is effortlessly charming.

3. Chanel Iman

The slender bun is one of the most sophisticated hairstyles in our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list. The dazzling supermodel Iman looks absolutely gorgeous in this stylish hairstyle and radiates an aura of glorious simplicity reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s everlasting style.

4. Elle Fanning’s ethereal look

Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

With her Celebrity Wedding hairstyles, Elle Fanning shows how a bride can look like a fairytale princess on her big day. Just add a crown-shaped wreath on freshly blown hair and you’re ready to drop each jaw when they see you.

5. Blake Lively’s Updo

Blake Lively is back on our Celebrity Wedding Hairstylists list, this time with a slightly messy looking bun, styled with a pretty hair band.

6. Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski kills in this picture, with her centered topknot, which looks soft and adorable with the loose hairs on the sides.

7. Emma Stones 80s Curls

Emma teaches us how 80’s Bob and curls on a beautiful blonde can look good. The side part in this look makes it soft and glamorous.

8. Blake Lively’s Side Swept Braid

Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

Are we in love with Blake or what? Her messy side braid with accessories in just the right place makes this an ideal style for the wedding day.

9. Erdem Spring Fashion Show

The ribbon band pulled into a bow at the nape, looks stunning with a low braided bun, on this model.

10. Gigi Hadid’s High Bun

Another twist on the woven bread roll is the one we see here on our favorite supermodel Gigi, in that high roll style she wears.

11. Gigi Hadid’s side hair with bun

Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

Gigi Shows us how to turn a normal bun into a beautiful romantic affair by putting a simple page break and sweeping hair down her face.

12. Sarah Hyland’s soft curly look

Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

Sarah’s soft, loose bun, created with a perfect side-section of knitted strands of hair, looks stunning in our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list.

13. Jennifer Anniston Youthful Look

Jennifer’s half-up, half-down hair is ideal for weddings. By pulling the side hairs over the front braid, the hardness of the curled corners can be easily hidden.

14. Jennifer Lawrence’s gentle waves

Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

Jennifer’s white, blond hair looks super dazzling with light waves and a very short haircut.

15. Jessica Chastain’s flowy locks

Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

This red haired bombshell looks gorgeous goody in this hairstyle. Just putting your hair back and leaving a few strands of hair falling on your face can make you look so beautiful.

16th Julianne Houghs Ponytail

Another great style that can be copied from our Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles list is Julianne Hough’s high ponytail. Enhancing this look by combing the front hair gives you volume, while the sinuous ponytail looks soft and pretty.

17. Kendall Jenner’s flowery charm

Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

Kendall looks beautiful in these deep waves created on one side, beautifully decorated with tropical flowers on the other side.

18. Kim Kardashian’s Princess Look

Great celebrity wedding hairstyles copy

Kim looks like Princes Jasmine from the Disney movie with the sequined hair accessory. She decided on a simple, smooth back style to enhance the veil.

19. Kirsten Dunst Floral Style

Kirsten’s style is reminiscent of Elle Fanning’s appearance as far as the floral wreath accessory is concerned. Her slightly chaotic, braided hair with a soft, side bang looks extremely stylish.

20. Lily Donaldson

The charming Lily has opted for a lateral, simple ponytail. The ponytail itself is gently curled to emphasize the elegance of this simple look.

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