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Great updos for short hair to try every opportunity

Short hair updos look just as good as updos for long hair. Sure, they may require that more hairpins and tricks be kept in place. From trendy to classic and beautiful, updos for short hair are really versatile by nature. If you’re one of the short haired beauties, here are 25 inspiring short hair updos to inspire your style.

1. Chaotic updo and pony for short hair

short hair with bangs

Not only is Pony ideal to frame your face and highlight your natural beauty, but also to enhance your short hairstyle.

2. Twist updo for short hair

Twist updo for short hair

Instead of the classic ponytail pull all the hair in a braided strand

3. Braided updos for short hair

braided updos for short hair

If your hair does not reach the length that allows ample braiding along the length of the strand, do not fret. Lichen it section by section, especially if you are wearing a layered haircut. Secure the braids in a versatile and playful hairstyle for short hair

4. Knotted curls updo for short hair

Knot curl updo

Knotted curls are among the easiest ways to inject some individuality and edge into a classic short hair updo. Take the time to create a shiny finish for your hairstyle.

5. Braided ponytail for short hair

braided ponytail updo for short hair

Here’s the classic ponytail in a new light. Put the braid under the rubber band or fix it with a strong hairpin under the ponytail.

6. Updo hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for short hair

Work with the hair in the back and style the front in this beautiful romantic hairstyle for short hair beauties. Create a loose and untidy roll on the back for an effortlessly voluminous look that’s simply mind-blowing.

7. Easy Headband Updo for short hair

Headband hairstyle for short hair

Headbands have quickly become the preferred hair accessory for a good hairstyle for short hair. Sweep your hair back, add the headband and use it as a support to put on the back hair. It works everytime.

8. Best Hairstyles for Short Hair: Braided Pony

braided bob

This hairstyle is not so much about updos for short hair, but more about the power of the braids. Be inspired by this intricate and delicate braid that uses nothing but the pony and creates similar braids for all hair lots. Secure them together, which promises a stunning updo for short hair.

9. Casual updos for short hair

Casual updos for short hair

A simple but effective updo for short hair is achieved by turning the ponytail once with the same elastic material. Make sure it does not slip.

10. Classy Side Bun for short hair

Side Bun Short Hair Updo

Comb all your hair back and apply lots of hairspray to keep each hair in place. Create this classic side roll, attach it by pinning it and applying a second coat of hairspray.

11. Chic Half-Do for short hair

Halddo for short hair

Half-dos are ideal for those occasions when you need a quick hairstyle that looks stunning. Gain more volume by carefully pulling the hair out of the hair accessory used to secure the half.

12. Cute Easy Updos for Short Hair

curly updo

How stunning does this updo look for short curly hair? Scarlett Johansson looks gorgeous to achieve this easy-to-reach hairstyle. Pull the front hair backwards, the back hair upwards and forwards and secure it with pins

13. Fast hairstyle for short hair: High Bun

high bun updos for short hair

If you thought that short hair is only suitable for low rolls, here is a photo to prove that even high rolls work. Just make sure that the shorter hairs that do not reach the high bun are attached with needles and a layer of hairspray.

14. Casual Faux Hawk Updo for girls with short hair

Casual Faux Hawk Updo

We love this daring hairstyle for short hair. The limits for these are set only by your personal taste and your imagination.

15. Messy Updos for short hair

scarlett johansson short hair

This is another Scarlett short hair updo on the red carpet. Pull strands of hair from each side and secure them in the place where they meet. Release the ends to create this beautiful jumble of curls.

16. Cool Bandana Bun for short hair

bandana bun

This is a faux updo for short hair, mainly because it uses a bandana as a support to hide the shorter hair in the back. Nonetheless, it looks gorgeous and we recommend it as a quick and casual look for short haired beauties.

17. Short hair with Bandana updo

Banadana updo for short hair

This is another example of how well short hair and bandanas work together. This look is smart casual, which makes you think twice about wearing a bandana in your hair everywhere.

18. Natural updos for short hair

Flower band on short hair

If you wear a beautiful wavy mane like this, no extra tricks are needed to create a stunning updo for short hair. Use the simple but effective headband to roll the longer hair around your back. Let the rest flow freely.

19. Messy Low Bun for short hair

low bun updos for short hair

Do not worry about not wearing the perfectly finished low bun. Loose and rebellious strands of hair always create fascinating messy looks that will surely stand out.

20. Headband updo for short hair

Headband updo for short hair

This is a great example of how classy yet casual headbands can change the look of women’s hairstyles. This is a beautiful copy of a short hairstyle decorated with a simple headband.

21. Updos for short fine hair

braided halbedo

Braids, braids, braids. These are the secret ingredients for a variety of stunning short hair updos. This is particularly suitable for short, layered hair, which is good.

22. Messy Curls updo for short hair

curly wrinkled hawk

There is nothing that a few hairpins can not solve when it comes to short hairstyles. Just use your fingers to pull the curls into the desired position and use the hairpins to secure the curls.

23. Braided hairstyle for short hair

Braided hairstyle

Sometimes the key to a successful short hairstyle starts with the front and top hair. Saving these sections leaves only the back section to deal with, and that’s easy to do when you have so many inspirational short hair updos as examples.

24. Fancy updos for short hair

curly faux hawk

This is one of the most beautiful updos for short hair we have ever seen. The perfectly styled hair underneath simulates an undercut, while the abundance of curls on top creates a visually attractive mass of voluminous hair.

25. French Twist updo for short hair

braided updo


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