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Gucci GG Marmont Velvet Mini Pocket Review

Gucci GG Marmont Black Velvet Mini Pocket Review

I am really excited to share with you my brand new bag – the Gucci GG Marmont Black Velvet Mini Bag ! I literally sold so many things out of my wardrobe to save two new bags this year, as it’s been 7 months since my last smaller pocket purchase (can you imagine the last bag I bought was in September 2018) and I was looking for something new. I have sold so many clothes and collected enough money to buy this and still save for my second. But first is my new, extremely beautiful bag that I can not wait to wear and show in outfits! If you are interested in this bag yourself, take a look at SSENSE now, as it is still cheaper and has the higher priced version everywhere else. Do not miss, the links are below! Let me know if you have questions.

The Design & Details

I’m pretty sure most of you know the Gucci GG Marmont Velvet Bags in all sizes – they were the bag of the season for 2018 and again this year. It is a classic folding bag style with a very robust snap closure (similar to the Gucci Dionysus), so it stays securely closed. It has chevron velvet with stitching as you can see to create a beautiful quilted pattern, including a heart on the back. The hardware is made of antique gold or brass, which makes the GG logo and chain much more durable, as it already has this vintage look and you do not have to worry about tiny scratches. The necklace also has a top half made of leather so it fits comfortably on the shoulder. It has an inside pocket and a main compartment and is made in Italy. It’s very classic in terms of design, as you can see in the photos. Apart from the heart on the back, the quilting, the pink lining and the gold hardware with the large double GG, there are no other details in the bag. It is simple, elegant, minimal in a gucci style and very easy to carry. I’ve heard that small things like lip glosses or pens can slip out of the page when it’s closed, but I did not have that problem as I do not lay my pockets flat on my head. It’s such a chic and iconic design, but once you’ve seen it, you’ll see it everywhere – especially online!

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The size

Since this bag is available in 4 different sizes, I thought I would provide the measurements for you. I have the mini size, which is the smallest, and the width is about 22 cm, the height is about 13 cm and the depth is 6 cm. If you prefer in inches, that’s 8.6 “wide, 5.1” high, and 2.3 “deep. It’s definitely a mini size, as you can see from the modeled photos below. If you want a reference of my size too, I’m 5ft 4 (longer torso, shorter legs) and one size UK 8-10. My breast measures about 39 “, my waist is about 28”, and my hips / butt are about 39 “. I always prefer small bags, as I find that the larger ones overwhelm my frame, and since I have back problems, lighter pockets are easier to carry without feeling pain. This Gucci GG Marmont Mini is no exception. The necklace is light for her size, so she is perfect. I definitely recommend it if you want something for everyday use. It fits a lot inside as well (see this video).

The Fabric

Similar to my Gucci GG Marmont Velvet belt pouch, the velvet is similar to this version. It is much more sturdy than any of the other designer velvet (especially Chanel – which is not only sensitive), but it still dent when you hold the chain down. Since the chain sits over the top of the bag when worn with the longer strap, it can leave some marks, but you can rub / brush it out. I have found that it is not easily damaged or damaged and I am pleased about it. It’s a lint, hair and lint magnet, but that’s something that all the black velvet has in common – it’s inevitable. You can just use a small roll to remove it or simply brush it off. As long as you do not mind, it’s a great bag because I always find black velvet that looks incredibly classy and chic! There is something that only looks luxurious and it feels so good to rub your fingers!

The interior is made of a pink satin / silk, and that’s the same in all velvet GG Marmont bags. It’s even in my belt pouch and it’s so pretty! It is a nice contrast of black. I would also say, do not use it in the rain, but anyone who knows velvet should know that it is damaged in the water.

The price

Now I managed to get this bag on SSENSE They had not raised the price. Gucci made a price increase a few weeks ago, and because I saved for that money, I was almost stingy and paid more. Since they’ve topped it by over £ 100 (that’s the third price increase in about a year!), I was very reluctant to pay for what I originally planned when I found it on SSENSE at the previous price. I had to be really quick and decided to put it on my credit card because I was about to have enough for it and I’m glad I did. Everywhere now has the new price, but SSENSE still has a few left over at the original price before the raise, so I recommend clicking the link and buying it from there if you want it, so you do not have to pay anymore (there are If you are international, you pay for it yourself.

For the design and quality of the bag (it is made in Italy) I would say that it is a fair price for Gucci and designer bags in general. Most have a retail value of over £ 1500 and most over £ 2000, so I’m pretty happy with the lower price compared to other bags. Especially as Gucci shoes can be quite close in price, as well as sometimes cost more their jeans, which never makes sense. So, if you’re wondering about a cheaper gucci bag, and if it’s worth it, it depends on your opinion, but I’m glad that I have it the way I love it and could not be happier!

[19659003] 4 choices, the Gucci GG Marmont bag

As you can see in the photos above and below, there are 4 different ways you can wear this bag due to the chain. The slide chain strap can be worn as a shoulder strap with a 55cm drop (this fits around the hips) or it can be worn as a top handle with a 30cm drop by doubling the chain. I find it extremely versatile, because you can wear it during the day when you need to be freehand, but in the evening, when you double the necklace and put it on your shoulder, it looks so glamorous! I feel like it’s one of those bags that you can easily pick from day to night by adjusting the chain. My favorite track is Cross Body, but I think it’s just a bit short, so I like to wear it on my shoulder. Since it’s black, it literally goes with everything, but I find myself limited to gold hardware on my jewelry or clothing to complete the look.

overall view

I’m pretty sure you can say my general opinion is a good one. I would not have saved and sold my stuff to buy it if I was unsure, so I always make sure a bag is one that I want when I buy it. I have a few disadvantages, but they are minor. Because I ordered from SSENSE, it did not come with the box Gucci bags usually come in (my belt pouch came with one), so I have nothing but 2 dust bags to store. The other is this velvet can. Delicate and a fuzzy magnet, as it is not as durable as suede or leather, so I have to be extra careful in the rain or scratch it – but I’m still careful with all my pockets and have a small handbag raincoat ( see here), which I take with me. However, the positives outweigh the fact that I love the shape, the design, the luxurious look and feel, the four ways of carrying it versatile, the pink lining, the small heart on the back. It is wonderful! I give it 9.5 out of 10! I definitely recommend this bag!

Buy this Gucci bag at (cheaper) and at

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