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Gucci Marmont velvet belt bag review

My Gucci GG Marmont Velvet Belt Bag review

I am SO excited to share this new review with you! Honest, so excited! You probably all know that I have a little Gucci obsession! I have two pairs of Princetown loafers (brown and black embroidered), two belts (brown and black) and a Gucci Dionysus bag, but my latest achievement is the new one Gucci GG Marmont velvet belt pouch ! I’ve been watching this bag for months, mostly in the color magenta, but after saving it and discussing it for a couple of weeks, which color would be better for me, I chose Black because it’s the most versatile – I thought not that the magenta would fit with anything, especially with burgundy, and we all know that I live in that color in fall / winter. I was not sure how it would be in person, but the moment I took it out of the box and tried it on, I was totally in love and in love. Not only does it come in the prettiest box and dust bag (which always upsets me – see below), but the belt bag itself is unbelievable, which is why I share this review. So, look at the notes below and let’s get started!

Points from 10:
Design – 10
Size – 10
Fabric – 9.5
Belt – 10
Price – 9.5
Details – 10
Color – 10
Versatility – 10


The design

I do not know much about the design, as you can see in the photos, and I’m sure most of you have seen this bag with other fashion bloggers, but I’ll talk a little bit about it. It is an oval / oblong clutch bag that is attached to a belt to create the belt pouch. This comes in a leather and a velvet fabric, in several colors. The leather comes in red, black and baby pink, while the velvet has a little more variety and comes in black, magenta, turquoise, pink and sapphire blue. All of them have gold hardware and all of them have the same shape and size as these. With this belt bat, Gucci definitely pays tribute to the retro trend, right? Velvet is ideal for the cooler weather and so the jewels are tones in which it comes. So, that’s the design, and I’ll talk more about the details on the bag just below.

The Belt Size [19659002] Just like the Gucci belts and how they come in different sizes, this belt pouch does exactly the same. It is available in sizes 65, 75, 85, 95 and 105, so it fits almost any person. If you’re not sure what size you need, you can check out my Gucci GGG Belt Review because I’ve provided all the size information there. Since I have a size 85 in their normal belts, I knew that I had size 85 in this belt pouch, and I was right. It comes with many more holes than the normal straps, which have 5 though. This one has about 9 holes so you can choose to wear it around your hips or low on your hips as you can adjust it. It’s awesome! So it does not matter if you’re not sure about the exact size, it has so many holes that you can not really make a big mistake if you’re a few inches away.

The bag size

The Marmont bag itself is actually pretty petite, as it also doubles as a clutch. The width is just over 7 inches (18.5 cm), the height is about 4.3 inches (11 cm), and the depth is just over 1.5 inches (4.5 cm), making it a great one Small bag sitting around your middle as it is not too overwhelming or in the way. It keeps my iPhone 7 lightweight, along with lip balm, lipstick, cards, money, etc., so it’s ideal to carry all your essentials, as you can see from the photo of it on top of me. I’m one size UK 8-10 or wearing size 27 in premium jeans and I’m 5ft 4 so I hope you give an idea of ​​the actual size of the bag on me. I will soon release a complete outfit for more reference.

The Velvet & Fabric

Well, as you can see, I opted for the Gucci Marmont belt bag in velvet , They also have leather at their disposal, but velvet is one of the things that I absolutely adore, so it was a certainty that I would choose it. The whole bag is made of velvet on the outside, the pink lining is made of silk and the actual belt is made of leather (as well as the small loops on the back of the bag), so it’s a good combination. It says Made in Italy on the actual bag and on the belt, so the whole thing has Italy as its country of origin, as expected from Gucci.

As you know, I already have this Chanel Small Boy Bag in Velvet and I have to be so careful with it literally because it’s one of the most sensitive velvet I’ve ever seen. It is so easily labeled and damaged, which was also important for this bag, as I was afraid that it would be similar since it is velvet from a designer label. Since the price was much, much cheaper than my Chanel, I thought that the velvet should be more robust and decided to give it a try. I was right. It is not a delicate and slightly damaged velvet, it is much more durable, which is perfect for a belt pouch as it is severely damaged by the wear. I am glad that it is a harder, more robust material!


Of course I was attracted to this Gucci Marmont because I’m fascinated with belt bags (or as we call them in the penny packs in the UK or in the US) I always adore the idea of ​​being completely freehand and your stuff safe with yours I do not know if it’s because I’m older and like 80s / 90s fashion, but I think they look so cool too I’m excited to wear it!

There is so much versatility with this special bag though! It is actually 3 items in 1! Yes, you can remove the belt altogether, as it is only pulled through the leather loops on the back of the bag, so you need to wear a simple black belt, and then have a clutch for one night, or you can put both together and have the belt bag. So for the price (I’ll get right to it) it’s definitely a good buy to have 3 things in 1! Who does not love that ?! Besides, you can not only wear it all over your midst, but I have also seen some people who have worn it across their chest. I tried, but due to a bigger chest it did not work, ha ha.

The details

There are some really cute details on this bag that I adore! It not only has the antiquated gold-colored metal GG on the front plate (similar to the GG belt, but also smaller), it also has a sewn heart on the back (see photos). This is covered by the belt, but if it is worn as a single clutch, you can see it perfectly. I love little things like this because it makes me love the bag even more.

The zipper puller has a leather strap on it. All hardware is gold, even on the belt. The silk lining is a pretty pink color that is very representative of love on the back. It has the zig-zag stitching all over the velvet (called chevron seams) to add a little more uniqueness, but from a distance this is not really visible. It has only one main compartment inside, as it is not very big, but nothing will be lost, it is too small for that.

The price

Now I bought the belt Bag last month before the price increase, so I was lucky. I got it for about £ 650 after saving for it. I was not aware when the price increase took place (twice a year, usually September and March), and when I checked the week after that, I was shocked that it’s now £ 715 everywhere. So, unfortunately, the bag is now £ 65 more than what I bought it for, but I think that’s still a really good price for what you get.

If you’re like me and you’re used to it. If you see the prices of Chanel, Celine, Louis Vuitton, etc. then you’ll think that this is actually acceptable for a designer bag. I mean, the simple Gucci shoes are around the £ 500 mark and their T-shirts are around £ 300 so if you compare it with their other pieces, that will work for the brand. So for the quality, the versatility and the design, I think it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. It’s cheap for a designer bag (I’m not saying cheap in general, since I’m aware that it’s not and I’m by no means full of money), so if you’re saving for one or are in the market for a new bag, But if you do not want to pay the bigger prices, I can not recommend them enough! Serious! It’s worth the money and so cute!

general opinion

I’m pretty sure that in my opinion you can tell a pure love of this bag! I’m so excited, there are literally no negative points to make. Usually I have some bad points in my reviews, but I love everything! The size, the design, the velvet, the wearability and the versatility, the pink lining, all the little details … It’s unbelievable! Plus, the price was one I could save and pay for.

The box and dust bag, as you can see, are also absolutely breathtaking. I love that Gucci pays so much attention to her packaging, she only makes purchases that are special! I have mine of matches, so you can definitely guarantee it will come in the gucci box. I was not sure on other sites, but hopefully too! I know that the leather ones do not come with this box and dust bag, it’s just velvet. Knowing that this one was in his box and was free shipping at that time, I was able to use matches as it is a great company in the UK.

I would say, if I could say a negative, the leather straps The back of the bag into which the belt is fed is quite tight, so it may already mark the velvet so easily, but I think they must be tight, to keep the bag safe, so I feel inevitable. Anyway, I’ll definitely give you 10/10 or more if I could! What do you think? I would like your opinion about that Gucci Marmont velvet belt bag !


You can watch the video of another boxer just below the leather to see how it comes! It looks like the leather is in the original box and dust bag, while my velvet comes with the printed floral motif.

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