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Happy Valentines Day 10 hairstyles for the romance look

Hello sweeties,

Valentines Day is coming soon. You need pretty make-up, a matching outfit, the right look everything right. Guys are most turned on by low maintenance hairstyles that feel natural. Try one of these and we bet that your hair is not the only thing he wants to touch. These gorgeous styles make you (and he!) Just swoon the same.

Hairstyles with braiding elements are particularly popular. What you do on the day of love with short, medium and very long hair, you will find here the hairstyles.

1. Low pony Low pony

This pony is easy to do. You can make this hairstyle within 5 minutes and save time to make-up.

2.Herz braid Heart braid

This hairstyle can show your love to your friends. Try this heart-braided hairstyle.

3.Subtly slicked back Subtly slicked back

You do not need to do the hairstyle as you just stepped out of the infinity pool to sport a slicked-back look. This one is subtle and goody – and your husband is not afraid to run his hands through it.

4. Big Bouffant Great bouffant

It’s easy to style bouffants. Take care not to make bouffants over your full head. Just try a classic hairstyle.

5.Chick topknot Chick topknot

Topknot is also easy to do. You can also wear beautiful skirt, neck and wear beautiful necklace.

6.With flower crowns With flower crowns

You will look very beautiful if you wear the flower crown.

7. Wavy hair Wavy hair

Curling iron lures your hair. This is very natural and popular. Do not worry!

8. Fischtail Zöpf Fischtail Zöpf

You can also braid beautiful braids with nice brace. This shows your respect for Valentines Day and your friends.

9. side hair

Side hair

Many people also try hair on the side if they have long hair. That will help you get more attention.

10. Short wavy hair Short wavy hair

If you have short hair, you can also lure your side hair and make messy. Then she will look goody.


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