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Haute Couture Fashion Week: 2019 Fall Hair Trends

There is hardly any other event than Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week that can bring so many styles and beauty to our world. Paris has always set itself apart from all other fashion cities with its unique perception of the refined beauty vision. This time, the runways sparkled with brand new make-up solutions and hair ideas that proved to be the most important hair trends 2018 will prove. Moreover, these tendencies will pave their way to the future seasons and 2018 hairstyles will be defined by them. For the first time in 2018, Couture organized Proenza Schouler and Rodarte collections in 2018. And it was an amazing show that deserves the highest ratings.

Below you will find our view on the soft hair trends defined in Couture Week and you will be better prepared than ever for the coming autumn

Proenza Schouler wet hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles 2018 Autumn
Curly Hairstyles 2018 Autumn
Proenza Schouler Hairstyles 2018 Autumn-Winter2018
wet hair

In the meantime you did not have any special make-up, there were many special hairstyles. It’s the absolutely wet hair that caught our attention. The look was so alive because of the incredible combination of dense young eyebrows.

Ralph & Russo strict P-tails

Ralph and Russo Smoothed Hair Trends 2018 Autumn
smoothed ponytails

Looking at the models that I remember last year easy bun hairstyle by Giambattista Valli 19659016]. We love the look, it’s obviously the trend for the upcoming season.

Rodarte Flower Hair Accessories for Fall 2018

Rodarte Flowers Hair Accessories Fall 2018
Flower hair
Rodarte Hairstyles 2018 Autumn
Flower hair accessories

Flowers are usually more suitable for the spring time. Not in this case. If you have delicate white floral strings with ultra fashionable black hairbands by Tory Burch combined, results in a fashionable look for colder times.

Relaxed ponytail for 2018 fall hair trends

Dior ponytail hairstyles 2018 fall
Dior ponytail hairstyles 2018 fall
messy ponytail hair trends 2018 fall
mixed cocks

What can you feel warm in the winter is the Hair color for autumn / winter and also a comfortable hairstyle. Messy wavy low ponytail may be this style for you.

Looped Ponytail Hairstyles 2018 Fall / Winter 2018

Sam McKnight Loop Ponytails 2018 Autumn
Sam McKnight Loop Ponytails 2018 Autumn
Loop ponytails for fall 2018
soft, relaxed ponytails

Chic and yet carefree The look is the one you can get with the ponytail. The simplest hairstyles of all have now turned into a space for creativity. Hairstylist Sam McKnight definitely knows about it.

Dior wavy hairstyles from Haute Couture Fashion Week 2018

Dior hairstyles 2018 autumn
romantic waves
Dior soft wavy hairstyles for fall 2018-2018 winter
wonderfully wavy hair

The permanent resident of Couture Fashion Week, introduced to us last year Center-divided half updoos , This seems to be the typical style, because this time we see wavy hairstyles in the middle part. Elegant, feminine and easy to style yourself.

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