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How do you get curly hair overnight?

Things you need:

Just a good curling mousse to curl your hair and a hair band

How to get curly hair overnight

Step 1:

Keep the hair slightly damp

Keep the hair slightly damp and comb to remove all the entanglements with a wide toothed comb

Step 3 :

Headband for hair
Tie the ribbon to your forehead this way.


Side band for hair
From one side of your head, near your ear, take a section of the hair under the band in thi s way.

Step 5:

wrapped hair
Wrap it, without entangling it, carefully and firmly in the tape. Carefully pull all wrapped hair down and comb if necessary.

Step 6:

next to the hair part

Step 7:

wrap the hair
Take the next section of your hair and repeat the above procedure carefully. That’s how it looks. This is a picture showing it half way. Complete it on the other half as well.

If you have shoulder-length hair, it is relatively easier to do so. But if you have long hair like me, then you have to wind more often. If you have hair longer than mine, it can be a little harder because you have to find a place to wind your hair.

Step 8:

Spray a good hair mousse. A good hair curling iron / product is necessary! Otherwise, your hair will be smoothed as soon as you comb it.

Step 9:

Wrap hair
This is what it looks like when you finish the packaging.
wrap the ribbon
This is the front view. Since my hair is long, the hair covered the whole circumference of my head. It covers the whole head without gaps. I’m thankful that I’m not left with extra hair that I can not wrap up in the band.

Do this procedure before dinner and leave it overnight so you have so much time to go.

Final Look:

Night was worth it
That’s what my hair looked like when I opened it in the morning. These curls made my day! The whole effort of last night was worth it!
Curls just next to hair
If you only want your curls near the tips then this is definitely the best method. If you want curls for all your hair, then you also need to roll your hair closer to the roots.

So you get curly hair overnight without heat at home! Please share your experience with us in the comments.

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