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How to Make Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

When making a small or small round eye make-up of any color, it should be clear that the necessary expressiveness is only possible when choosing the right contrasts.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the appropriate eyeshadow. Your eyes are a visual addition.

A common misconception in makeup is the use of eye shadows that match the color of your own eyes.

Another variant in a Make-up for small eyes is not successful. The choice of dark tones makes the eyes visually even less. To successfully highlight and magnify the eyes, they must be carefully drawn.

Best makeup for small eyes For example, the most classic version includes: thin eyeliner from the outer third of the eyelid, slightly expanding and slightly ascending in the corners of the eyes.

It makes your eyes more open and it does not matter if it’s just an optical illusion or a great performance.

The result is achieved – and that’s important!

Do not use too eye-catching, black color, and if you make a little deviation from the rules, do not overload the overall picture, leaving your eyes bright and open. One thing is for sure, that there are no ugly eyes.

It is poorly chosen or made fast, which can spoil even the most ideal look.

At the same time, any defect in the exterior can be successfully masked and even transformed into an attractive taste presented by nature, and when all colors harmoniously match and apply a make-up properly.

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