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Hunter Rain Boots Starcloud Wellington Boots in Neptune Glitter Review

Hunter Rainboots Original Tall Starcloud Wellies in Neptune

Ok, I do not even know where to start, but I’ll try! Have you ever come up with your favorite pair of shoes or a bag that you would like to have as it is your ultimate must-have piece? Are you annoyed when you try to find something that is close to your vision and it simply does not exist? Well, that happens to me somehow. I always want something that does not exist and then not long afterwards, it is becoming a trend and is available (much like my love for velvet, basket bags and coral). Talk about Truman Show, right? Well, my dream rain boots have always been a sapphire glitter with glitter! In fact, it was only a few months ago that I talked to my friend about my dream couple of Hunter Wellies and they were a sapphire of shiny blue filled with glitter that reminded me of the galaxy, but subtle enough to be worn without being noticeable …

The Starcloud Collection

About 2 weeks ago I was on the Hunter Boots website and what was brand new? These! I perceived them twice because I thought they could not read my thoughts and published wellington boots that I had dreamed of. But they did it! Hunter has released a galaxy inspired collection called Starcloud and they actually have 3 different colors (see below) and a style with buckles! I first saw this special rain shoe, the original Tall Starcloud in Neptune, but I also moved to the green as they looked so pretty. I would probably say that I was fascinated by everyone.

The price

The price was a bit steep, that was one thing that scared me off. Hunter boots often cost a lot, but if you need rubber boots, you have to pay a lot more, and I did not really feel that for a pair of wellies, so I did not understand them right away. I managed to find a 10% discount that brought her to £ 99 instead of £ 110, which was a bit better. Then one of my close friends gave me a coupon for Hunter, which I had overpowered, and I put the rest on my own. So I finally got my dream rain boots! These are now available for only £ 66!

The glitter & color

Once they arrived, I could not wait to tear open the package and see how they actually looked like life, and I was not disappointed at all. The sapphire blue is beautiful, it actually looks like a jewel, and the sparkle inside the rubber is a mix of silver and green (see the enlarged photo) that reflects the light nicely. They are the most shiny and shiny rain boots I own! Hunter boots are always handmade from 28 parts natural rubber and this is the first time I’ve tried a different style. I have my Rockfish metallic pink rubber boots, but I have never had glitter. They really are a stunning deep blue that has a metallic depth and a lot of shine with subtle sparkles inside the rubber. It’s not the kind of glitter that’s on the outside and will fall off.

The size

When it comes to women’s wellies, I think that’s one of the greatest things I’ve seen! A pair of Hunter Wellington Boots is something everyone seems to possess (I have many colors myself) and a bit of glittering in this Neptune shadow, why not? I’ve taken a size 40 or UK 7 in it because I want to wear it all winter without getting cold feet, so they’re made to measure. I usually have a UK 6 size for the summer with a thin sock, then I have a 7 for the winter with thick socks. Depending on the season in which you want to wear your shoes, and if you want thicker or thinner socks, choose the size that meets these requirements.

Comfort and versatility

In terms of comfort, they are really comfortable and easy to wear, as Hunter is known. The inner lining is made of fabric, not rubber, so they are softer inside. I find that you have to somehow wear socks as if you do not, they can cause blisters. But I know that I would always carry her with me. When it comes to the versatility of these Hunter rain boots, I would say they are as easy to wear as the classic navy. From a distance, they look like a shiny navy that shines beautifully, so it’s only up close to see the rain boots glittering so they’re really easy to wear with everything without being overbearing or over the top , That’s what I like even more about the Starcloud collection! I know how special these women’s rubber boots are and other people when they come up close. What could you ask for more in a pair of Hunter boots?

overall assessment

My general opinion too Hunter Boots Original Tall Star Cloud in Neptune is one of excitement and happiness! I would probably give them 9.5 out of 10, and for a pair of wellies that I first dreamed of, then I actually heard them personally, they are perfect. I’m not giving them a full score just because the price is very high and I have more comfortable pairs (like rockfish – they come in the comfort section at the top), but in terms of luster, sapphire blue, glitter and lightness to carry them, Neptune come out up! Are not they just beautiful ?! You can also see a video of me in this slideshow, just click on the right arrow on the picture.

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Check out the complete Hunter Starcloud collection here!

The Hunter Boots Starcloud Glitter Collection

Original high star cloud in Neptune

Original high star cloud in Atlasgrün

Original high star cloud in comet orange

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