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Identical clothing for mothers and daughters – a fashionable trend of today

Identical clothing for mothers and daughters – a fashion trend that followed first the world and domestic stars and later everyone else. Photoshooting bright, unforgettable emotions and family cohesion should be bought similar outfits.

Same clothes for mother and daughter – a modern fashion trend that is gaining popularity quickly and unchecked. A funny idea is present in almost all family photo shoots, often at social events and various celebrations.

Fashion for mother and daughter

The so-called United style, when used the same clothes for mother and daughter, came from Western countries, where they famously used celebrity for the first time. The staff was quickly absorbed by our stars, including Anna Sedokova, Glucose, Anastasia, Ksenia Borodina and many others. The popularity of such an exciting idea is easy to explain because of the continuity of generations.

Two similar, but women of different generations look original and fresh. The striking similarity in outfits between the closest and dearest people is a great way to talk about the love between you. In addition, you will attract attention in similar clothing. To separate his eyes from the sweet couple of others, it is simply impossible spectacle, very pleasant! Such a touching and spectacular single style may have a different design:

  • One of the most popular versions – paired clothes for mother and daughter.
  • Holiday should think about a similar swimming trunks.
  • In everyday wear you will feel well in paired costumes, Switchto, hats or T-shirts.
  • Excellent shooting can be arranged with the same skirts.

  • Same clothes for mother and daughter

    Two beautiful women – mother and daughter – attract attention Like a magnet when you wear double outfits. Girls love to imitate their beloved parents, which is a great opportunity for them to feel grown-up and beautiful like mom. A woman who expresses the solidarity and understanding that prevails in the relationship with the youngest to emphasize that her little copy is the charm.

    What clothes are needed for mothers and daughters who are in demand? 19659006] Lush models on the way out make both princesses.

  • Sweet and infinitely feminine look sets made of knit dresses with prints of floral, plaid or polka dots.
  • Often, Dress Adult is sensual, but not straight cut, the option for girls excludes such details.
  • There are suggestions where the sum is just cloth, and the styles are different. For example, for the little girl dress for high contrast with the model on his knees.

  • The same swimwear for mothers and daughters

    The current trend of recent years and came to the beach. Look at the most stylish couple as you prepare for the long-awaited vacation. Beautiful female figure swimwear for mothers and daughters. It remains to enjoy the warmth and tenderness of the sea and not to forget to capture the precious moments in front of the camera or the video. Swimwear is the same color, print, cut, but different styles. For example, the option of my mother always frankly, girls choose closed models. Most little girls are often just enough heats.

    Matching outfits for mom and daughter

    In everyday life it is much easier to find cute costumes for mom and dad daughter. Girls, adults and not, I love skirts. Neat sweater and the flared skirt on both beauties looks playful. If you like the actual tulle skirts, choose beautiful sets in which the two are like sweet marshmallows. Suits with pants more practical. For the summer holidays from a wide range of offers you can choose kits with shorts. A particularly spectacular kind in nautical style. For winter you should look for the version of the winter jacket and the insulated pants

    Matching shirts for mother and daughter

    A simple and affordable option, if you urgently need the same clothes for the mother and daughter, this T-shirt. And if world stars prefer the duo of chic dresses from famous designers, this is not possible for ordinary people. But the funny knit T-shirt for mothers and daughters – “cheap and cheerful”. And if you want to gather your unity of society, use any version of:

  • The most popular variant – the inscription “The best / the ideal mother / daughter”.
  • In the forefront of preferences – Write “Dear Mom”, “Love you. ”
  • Great option – the image of hearts, funny animals, apples and apples (as a reference to the famous saying), berries.
  • To underline their commitment to women often uses the image of the heels, the lipstick, the crown
  • Matching shirts for mother and daughter

    The same hats for mother and daughter

    Clothes for the mother and daughter in the full kit is not cheap. In the cold winter, to create a nice family bow without spending a lot, is easy if you use double caps. Two beauties in similar hats are so sweet and touching that it is difficult to remain indifferent. Versions sets of hats are many:

  • For heavy winters fit a pair of soft warm wool (alpaca, merino, angora). Fashion trend – excellent dimensional pattern of KOs.
  • Hats can be decorated with a chatterbox.
  • Often girlish model additionally decorated with floral applications.
  • From popular styles – cap, hat with ears, tied up.
  • For the off season, the perfect subtle knit pattern is print, stickers, body jewelry, patches.

  • Matching pajamas for mother and daughter

    The greatest value in our lives is the family favorite. Closer and closer to each other, joint themed photo shoots will help. If you want to celebrate beautiful pictures for New Year’s Eve, choose pajamas for mom and daughter. They are made in traditional red and green colors. The abundance of common attributes – snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees – creates a festive mood. A sense of comfort gives the same main clothing for mother and daughter, decorated with a print of funny faces, animals, famous cartoon characters.

    Sweatshirt for mother and daughter

    The type of knit cardigan perfectly knit femininity both representatives of the female half of the family. Girls often imitate Mum, they want to be so beautiful. Coordinating outfits for mother and daughter will help to improve the similarity. The same clothes sweatshirt for mother and daughter is great because it goes well with many things closet. So every time so easy to create a new image with skirt, pants or jeans. Of the kits available, all options are easy to select for a scheduled photo shoot:

    • a simple couple without decoration;
    • Version with bright prints – flowers, in the form of sweets, stars, animals, cartoon characters;
      • 19659007] identical clothes for mothers and daughters with voluminous application

      Same skirts for mother and daughter

      Modern parents tend not only to become smart and healthy, but also tasteful dressing children. A good taste is necessary from earliest childhood. The right habit to learn is easier if we can see an example – Mom, which I would like to imitate. A great lesson in using the same fashionable and beautiful clothes for mother and daughter.

      And if in most cases a pair is up, then you can be original by choosing the same bottom – beautiful skirt:

    • The undisputed leader is the voluminous skirts of tulle for mother and daughter. Airy and delicate pictures adorn both cuties.
    • For special occasions, your wardrobe turns the skirt pleated or flared.
    • Denim twin models – a handy option for a photo shoot in a pleasant environment.
    • Stylish looks the place where the mother is dressed in a long skirt and the daughter – in the model to the knees. Both garments are made of the same fabric.
    • Girls can play business lady with strict pencil skirts and blouses.

    • Identical track suits for mother and daughter

      Luxurious Duo – “Mother + Daughter” may have an interesting embodiment in the form of sportswear. The theme of healthy lifestyle and contemporary sports chic can be clearly surpassed in a photo shoot or just everyday when buying a cool set. This steamwear for mother and daughter – it’s not just a costume, but a real booster of your feelings and cohesion.

      Evening dresses for mothers and daughters

      If you go to the celebration beloved daughter, enjoy the baby to prepare the same clothes for mother and daughter. Dressing as a parent, the girl feels more mature and self-confident:

    • Onion family dresses for mother and daughter do not have to be absolutely identical, enough of similar fabrics and style.
    • If the girl prefers Quinceanera dresses toe, mother with a good figure can not leave the tight-fitting dress above the knee
    • Airy tulle, lace, cascading ruffles, asymmetric hem – this gorgeous dress will make you a princess.
    • Looks sweet and refined in empire-style high waisted outfits
    • Mom’s outfit can be more open – open back, low neckline, neckline.
    • Consider and similar accessories – tiaras, handbags, jewelry.
    • Evening dresses for mothers and daughters

      Same shoes for mother and daughter

      Exceptional family look can be created not only with the same things for mothers and daughters, but also with this attribute, such as shoes. So small identical bar bright and original express a commitment to traditional family values. If you feel like returning to carefree childhood, put on some playful sneakers or sweet rubber boots. Every girl dreams of heels with heels. The last threat to your baby’s health, so come to a sensible compromise by choosing similar shoes on a small heel or flat shoes.

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