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Important tips for face, lips and eye makeup step by step

Makeup is something that not only makes your best facial features look better and disguises all defects, but is also a means to protect your skin from the dangers of nature in many places. The key is to know the mistakes you should avoid when putting on makeup. In addition, one must be familiar with all aspects of make-up, such as applying make-up with glitter and the dos and don’ts. You also have to look at things like the shadow of your skin. As there are different ways to apply makeup, depending on the color your skin has.

The normal rule is to think about the color and tone of your skin; If you have a darker skin then you would benefit from make-up ideas and tips for darker skin tones. So, if you’re wondering how to use make-up for the best benefit, then you need not wonder anymore. Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

However, before you do that, you should find out what kind of skin you have. But before you do that, it’s up to you to figure out what kind of skin you have so you know which products are right for you.

The hints given here for a makeover are based on the assumption that you know the type of skin that you have:


Moisturizer: Start with a cleansing and then moisturizer base before continuing with the make-up. This will serve as the foundation for make-up and nourish your skin.

Concealer: Although most of us would like to have it, most women do not have skin without mistakes. This is where concealer comes into play and ensures that your skin blemishes are covered to give the skin a uniform tone.

Founding: After choosing the right foundation for your skin; one for the day and one for the evenings, learn how to mix the foundation well. Watch and learn from tutorials. You can use either fingers or sponge. Do not ignore the eyelids and neck area during make-up.


Powder: This is something that will help concealer and foundation set in the right way. But make sure that your application of powder is done with a light hand. It is a good tip to have a contract in your handbag to make a repair if necessary.

Rouge: This is the product that gives you the nice flush, but only if you pick the one that matches the color and tone of your skin. While powder blushing is easy to apply, it can be difficult to mix and cream blushes, although a bit harder to apply, are easy to mix. So make your choice at will.

Lipstick: This is an element of make-up that will determine your look so be sure to choose the lipstick that not only matches your skin and appearance, but also to suit the occasion. For a longer-lasting lipstick, start with the lip contour pen and refill the lipstick. Set with loose powder before applying a second coat for a long time.

Eyes and eyebrows: Although this part of make-up is vital, it is also easy to do wrong here. Shape the eyebrows well to form a frame for your eyes. Then you shape it with a pencil and make it softer so it does not look too strong.

Eye shadow: The shadow that you pick out makes you look really glamorous or innocent. So choose carefully. You can use it to contour the eyes by experimenting with shapes and textures. Bright colors make them stand out, and dark colors make them stand out. [19759005]

Mascara and eyeliner: These bring out eyelashes and eyes. Use eyelash curler to make the eyelashes look very voluptuous.

The last touch: Once you’re done with the make-up, make sure to pass it once to make sure everything comes together in the right way. If necessary, touch up something.

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