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Jeans – the trend for today’s style. Every modern girl has to have a pair of pants in her wardrobe. After all, without them, the actual picture will “gather”. They are combined with many things and meet fashionable demands.

A modern wardrobe without jeans is not possible, it simply does not exist. Among their diversity are highlighted today – jeans that are presented in a variety of styles. Every fashion fan can choose a matching pair of pants to the peculiarities of his character and his personal style.

Wide-cut jeans, 2018

Actual instructions dictate the outstanding guru of the fashion industry. There are things that are shown on the runway that are difficult to implement, and there are models that can easily “get along” in our cabinets. For example, Ralph Lauren has shown sprawling jeans, 2018 fashion trends that exist in simplicity and elegance. There is a wide imitation, but with a modern twist. Was also given the “green light” Denim Total Look. Such an interesting figure appears in the Tommy Hilfiger Spring-Summer 2018 collection, in a peculiarly popular branded handwriting.

Fashionable wide jeans

They were in Vogue, at the time of the “fall” of it. Now is the time to wear women’s jeans – riding on the wave of popular trends. Any fashion fan who’s up for something has to wear some of those pants in the closet. They fit perfectly with other garments and are ideal for creating complex urban and Caroilna-style images. The actual high or medium height styles with a button to fly as a buttoned and zipped. Fantastic pants this season are without eye-catching decor, but if it is, then minimized. In most cases it is:

  • a variety of prints;
  • the tie-dye effect;
  • “Vranesti”;
  • flaps;
  • Cuffs with elastic at the ankles.

Stylists, commenting on current fashion trends classify them “stand out, not stand out”. The key word to highlight so you can safely throw in the furnace the thesis that jeans are designed to get lost in the crowd. A feature of the Normcore supporters is the ability to be different, a deliberately practical and simple things, but stylized “deliciously”.

Wide jeans with high waist

This is the last squeak under the “pants” mode. They are wonderful contour silhouette emphasizes a slim waist and the constitution in general, or on the contrary hide all the shortcomings. For example, for women with overweight on the stomach, these pants only rescue. How to balance a disproportionate body. If you have a rectangular shape, the wide waisted women’s pants with high waist are visually designed so that they create or hide “ears” on the sides. Modern dress is completely or partially filled, such as T-shirts, shirts, etc.

Wide short jeans

Omnipresent at fashion shows, for example the famous brand Tommy Hilfiger collection, there are a wide short-cut jeans. They are great for sitting on girls with slender hips because it gives them extra volume, height does not matter, though evil tongues claim the opposite. The style is good because it shows open to show the beautiful shoes. To achieve the actual shortness of the pants, you can easily stow them with. This technique is suitable for straight-cut legs, flare this “room” will not work – you have a chance to end up getting a complete lack of taste.

Wide short jeans

Wide jeans with pockets

Wide leg jeans with patch pockets have always enjoyed success as one of the most unusual. They give bullying, trivial and playful. It was a common form of denim decoration in the 70s. Known as something like “fashion” cycle, and makes the next round, it brings us back to those times. Combine it with a blouse with a bow in the same style and exceptional, even “nostalgic” outfit ready. Perfect for a walk in the city or for meeting friends in a café. Or a men’s shirt with a small cross body and urban chic.

Jeans bananas

These pants fit loosely on the hips and narrow, and therefore such a fancy name. If you look closely, the legs of the eponymous fruit are very similar. The jeans of this cut feels confident, feels free, nothing binds movements and no pressure. They go well under many things out of the closet. These wide jeans for girls, like bananas are good, because with their help you can easily achieve a beautiful silhouette and give the hips visual volume to balance broad shoulders and hem. This is suitable for women who have a triangular or rectangular shape.

Wide ripped jeans

This type of décor can be applied in a variety of ways, someone loves this “ragged” effect and wears it, and some people think it is vulgar and unaesthetic. But everyone agrees that such jeans are not indifferent. Womens wide ripped jeans are often presented in menswear – inspired by her boyfriend who totally captured the love of fashion and every second girl on the street wearing her. They allow you to create a fashionable outfit in such a popular style as casual and streetwear, alongside frivolity and playfulness.

Jeans pipes

Tubes are different – it has a very loose pattern and is dense. The existence of the first style gave the ladies freedom with wide curves and girls with excessive slenderness. They have the ability to hide the defects of the body, especially pants dark or almost black jeans. Why “almost” – just a trend now denim in the color navy, this shade looks rich and stylish. Pale blue and white also remain relevant. The image of such pants depends to a certain extent on your personal preferences.

Jeans tubes

Wide leg jeans 7/8

These pants with a length that reaches to the ankle – the narrowest part of a woman’s legs. It is “on the hand” women with thick ankles, they are distracting from them – often the gaze falls to where the leg ends, and this model focuses on graceful. Unlike many beliefs, visually does not reduce growth. Their great advantage is the ability to create a large number of successful and modern compositions. For example, an excellent way to create light-colored jeans with a wide leg and a blouse in a box-shaped cut, and depending on the shoe you can make a leisure or business clothing.

winter jeans

Great “invention” for the winter months, because I want to look stylish not only in summer, but also in cooler seasons. They are insulated by fleece lining. Today it is the most comfortable variant: It is light, soft, comfortable for the body and requires no special care and very warm. The same as the manufacturers use corduroy, fleece and a bicycle. Wide warm jeans allow you to wear under tights or thermal underwear for very cold days. They are practical and do not hinder movements. Wide-cut jeans give you the opportunity to put on boots or shoes and pull the legs over them.

Summer wide jeans

Unlike winter, they are made from a thinner denim that allows the body to breathe. In the warm season it is better to prefer light trousers or classic blue. Dark colors are left for cooler days. In summer variant, a decoration in the form of holes or slits can be added for better “ventilation” and often these jeans are the friend who is now so popular. Jeans with big trousers in the summer version will be useful for the creation of excellent bow, for example for evening walks with friends, a romantic date or an outdoor party.

Which shoes to wear with wide-legged jeans?

Clear rules in this matter do not exist, there are only recommendations that depend on what you want to get in the end. It is now fashionable to combine a pair of youthful jean jeans with sneakers or espadrilles to create a glamorous bow that helps with sandals, thin heels or flat shoes. For cool weather suitable Botilly, boots or shoes, stylized men’s loafers will be ideal, in combination with a bomber jacket will receive a modern, contemporary style. When choosing the last option should be remembered that the trend of slight negligence.

Fashionable pictures with a wide jeans


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