Jeans bananas – the most fashionable and beautiful models for every taste

Jeans bananas – the most fashionable and beautiful models for every taste
Jeans bananas have long been loved by women who appreciate a comfortable thing. In 2018, the trendsetters incorporated them into their collectibles, updating a traditional high waist and hip style with a host of interesting innovations.

On the global catwalk there was a retro boom – jeans bananas, greetings from the 80s of the twentieth century, in the new season has found a second birth. They are a classic style that will appeal to a La Rifle modified and modernized models and are suitable for many fashionistas, regardless of age and physique.

Jeans wearing bananas

How should jeans bananas sit? In answering this question, the stylists recommended starting with the selection of trousers. If “bananas” is indeed a “strict classic”, something loose at the hips, with no significant narrowing on the ground. Modern jeans for the bananas “repetition” of his predecessors and be a La Harem pants with elastic bands or a clip-on closure with cuffs on the sleeves, wrinkles at the waist, reminiscent of another explosion from the past, – wide pants “elephant” [19659005] If the preference for avant-garde model, which combines several modern ideas, for example, the Union cut themselves “bananas” with friend and skinny jeans, they have at the same time a slight emphasis on the hips, but sit tight, relieved the feet. These models are more suitable for slim women with above-average and above-average growth, especially if they have long and wide lobes.

Jeans bananas 2018

Mast have spring and summer and even fall 2018 women’s jeans for bananas, which will be a great base for creating stunning casual looks and elegant denim “outfits” that will fit into the club and beach activities. In addition to the interesting design ideas embodied in the modification of the unique cut at the height of the popularity of branded items for stylish fashionistas with couture decor:

  • Effect “varenkov” and aging tissue;
  • Embroidery and application;
  • ; 19659009] Play of contrasts: patchwork, stripes on the sides, openwork inserts

Bananas jeans high waist

Classic denim high waist bananas – a perfect base for retro images suitable for high build and free style build for everyone. Wonderful with things oversized, loose t-shirts, shirts and tops, blazers and short jackets when allowed, figure. If there are dress code or things jeans are included in the company’s uniform, overcut jeans without decor bananas are also well suited for business suits.

Torn jeans bananas

Full Avangard – ripped jeans for women combined bananas The most daring ideas leading designers who decided that a little overexposed already friend and skinny jeans is it time to upgrade. Hit Jeans “Rvance” bananas – the best alternative from the fashion “biker” pants with low waist. Just as perfect for those who layer brutal youth arches, combining elements of grunge, boho and hippie to make extravagant ensembles affordable streetstyle.

Short-cut jeans, bananas

Ladies who prefer to keep up with the times to a short jeans bananas, depending on the style, with a length: 7/8, 3/4 or Capri under the knee. These pants are perfectly feminine shoes with heels, shoes or sandals with high heels, “drain” and wedge heel or plateau. It not only visually extends the legs, but also gives the almost “masculine” style a romantic touch, especially in combination with a sophisticated top in versatile blouses and T-shirts from the shoulder, lots of ruche and flounces.

Banana jeans elastic

Hot Hits – Women’s Jeans Bananas with interesting solutions instead of traditional braces with a zipper or buttons, for example, rubberized belt or a gathered elastic band and with a high waist. Gum can go and cuffs, mount them in the picture and similarity of the pants. Such solutions are more suitable for slim women, as they visually increase the hips and shift the emphasis on them. Jeans bananas with rubber bands blend perfectly with tops and poluprilegayuschy top.

Banana jeans with embroidery

Fashion Jeans Banana’s leading fashion designers are adorned with openwork accents and interesting patterns. In the trend model with imitation of hand embroidery in the form of floral, ethnic and abstract patterns, the popular embroidered large and small flowers, monograms and narratives that combine applications, stripes and embroidery. Seductive look of jeans Bananas with a thin to medium stripe on the sides of the contrasting colors. Patterns can go up and down and the whole product, the choice of the model depends on personal preferences.

Banana jeans with embroidery

Jeans are full of bananas

Who decided that jeans bananas look like in all girls? It depends on the selection of suitable models, according to fashion experts, the owners of luxury shapes in the classic loose-cut banana with a narrow hem, if you fit perfectly on the top. Black jeans Bananas are not only optically faded by the color smaller error count, but also blend well with all the colors of the rainbow and their shades, especially when blouses, tunics and pullovers are loose on the hips or oversize.

What other jeans bananas can come in chubby girls?

  • Stylists recommend to note modern styles with a variety of decor, the same “ranci” and models with high waist, but poluprilegayuschy, combined with blouses with wide peplum, razlicica and tunics.
  • Nobody stops wearing light-colored jeans and Cato beats with tropical and abstract patterns when you combine the overall picture with a free horse, for example multi-layer options: t-shirt, jinsovka or tops with dolman or raglan sleeves.
  • What to wear jeans with bananas?

    Original hatch with jeans bananas presented in their collection shows by well-known brands such as D & G, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant and others, and masters of denim fashion, Montana, Levi Strauss and Rifle. What do they offer?

  • Total denim. The combination of Ketonovyh shirts and blouses with jeans, if you allow parameters, you can emphasize the waist, a wide leather belt or a crazy belt. Traditional banana jeans and feminine tops or blouses, the perfect combination – the “coarse” jeans and the delicate guipure top. For the low season – “accordion” boots, stylish boots and shoes.
  • Female romanticism successfully highlights the harmonious ensembles of bohemian style: fly blouses, off-shoulder, asymmetrical cut, embellished with ruffles and ruches, pairs of openwork t-shirts and a light cardigan and denim bananas. For the summer under these outfits sandals “Greek women” and “Gladiator” fit, with high and low cover as heels and wedges.
  • Two-tone jeans, blazers, turtlenecks, loafers or oxfords in office style, attractive color contrast. For the daily summer youth pictures – T-shirt and rubber band trousers with sandals. A winning combination for all ages – a fine blouse and simple “banana” or “Runki”.

  • Ethno boom, pictures of the country style. Short pants with wide belt, T-shirt or shirt, short leather jacket. Also include wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, platform shoes or wedge heels with a toe, bracelets and large beads. Bag can fall to any personal preference, but not out of total harmony.
  • Jeans bananas with coats

    Trend way with denim bananas – Coats and sleeveless coats, military-inspired shirts and sweaters, low season shoes for the season, and high heels. For spring and summer every day will be a wonderful ensemble of banana jeans with blouses or jackets with long coats or trench coats, full of comfort will provide sports shoes and men’s shoes. Fishnet relevant in the new season coat for hot days in perfect harmony with the “rankama” and interesting riding, bow to complete a stylish and flirty, you can choose lace-up shoes.

    Jeans bananas with coats

    Banana jeans with sneakers

    What kind of shoes for jeans bananas to make you feel as comfortable as possible? Sport models are the best choice every day: sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, espadrilles and moccasins. The trend of variation: jeans and bananas are high-quality sneakers, T-shirts, shirts and tunics. Great combination for street fashion summer tops and “Runci” shoes sport-chic and winter-lined jackets of various styles are “bananas” and sneakers with hidden wedge.

    Banana jeans and sweatshirt

    Lightweight denim bananas are perfectly combined with jumpers of every cut, especially shift time. Such ensembles are very practical and comfortable, designed in the same style and suitable for anyone without exception, as young girls and fashion-conscious women at a mature age. Original combination: jeans in bright colors and pastel sweaters, catchy, but classy or rich dark top and blue or gray jeans.

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