Kerchief – how to choose, what to wear and how to style it?

Neckerchief – how to choose what to wear and how to tie in style
Scarf – Women’s fashion accessory that will add a touch of sophistication and romance to any look. And original ways of binding will serve to highlight the uniqueness, originality and stand out from the rest.

Stylish accessories make the picture bright, attractive and original. Popular solutions in modern fashion that can water down even the most austere and reserved bows without breaking the main style. And fashionable choice is now considered a scarf.

Scarves 2018

In the new season, designers offer beautiful, feminine pieces for every season and every picture. Beautiful and romantic, the accessories are made of delicate lace. When used as a thin yarn and synthetic tonic fibers, United unites with open-work motifs. In the cold season, the actually considered models coat and wool flap, supplemented by fur apply. Universal are natural cotton add-ons. Fashionable scarves 2018 differ and rich color palette:

  • Monochrome design , Monochrome solutions can make the accessory a functional addition that covers the neck or a bright accent. In the trendy and eye-catching colors and the universal classic shades.
  • Prints , A touch of attractiveness and originality. Their onions add items with a beautiful pattern or contrasting abstraction. The most popular prints are flowers, fruits, geometry, Indian patterns, ornaments and children’s motifs.
  • gradient , Looks impressive and stylish addition with a nice transition of colors. Ombre can be kept in the same color palette or contrasting. The trend is both sharp and blurred smooth borders.
  • Silk kerchief

    The most popular are natural silk products. These accessories always add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the image and underline the feminine style. Women silk scarves attractive and beautiful shine. And a ripple effect fabric adds even the most modest combination of elegance. Silk models presented as a broad and succinct narrow size. Trendy long scarves, which are always worn over clothes, and a neat little scarf, which fits and decorates the bag, instead of a bangle in the other ideas.

    Scarf with bow

    Easy to tie is the accessory with an eyelet through which the other end is passed. With a loop, you can invent the most incredible methods of fixation that give the decoration of the original shape. The scarf can be independently turned with one hand in a loop. Sometimes this element comes in the form of adjustable closures with velcro, so you can make the knot tighter or more relaxed.

    Knitted scarf

    Very nice accessories made of yarn. These products are universal, as shown by the warm winter threads, and in summer the choice of silk or cotton. The most beautiful and feminine models are considered as a broken mohair. This supplement not only provides comfort and warmth but also emphasizes femininity, elegance and sophistication. Looks especially soft white scarf. Knitted design presents itself in the technique Chunky Knit with thick yarn or textured pigtails and Arana. And with modern surfaces often appear tassels or fringes.

    Small scarves

    If you wonder how to choose a scarf that not only emphasizes the originality of the style, but also visually adjusts the proportions of the face, and shoulders should remain concise in size. These products are presented in the thin and wide decision. Each option extends the neck, relaxes the neck and balances the broad shoulders. Small accessories popular simple combinations that often require dilution. The universal is the red scarf – the breath of femininity in every Luka. Tenderness adds the model to white.

    How to tie a scarf?

    The popularity of these feminine and stylish add-ons due to the variety of ways in which socks. Today, stylists offer the most original and attractive solutions that underline its originality and originality. In modern fashion important accessories to tie the complicated knots of the fabric. For a good long product. Smaller additions, however, retain their shape. The actual choice will be the combination with the brooch. But let’s find out how to tie a scarf to a woman’s neck – the most popular ideas:

  • Choker Neckerchief , A decent solution, without breeding everything, makes the look attractive and neat. In this case, the corresponding small parts, as long as the model forms a thick collar.
  • Scarf Handkerchief , A universal solution for the image in every style is the interpretation of business accessories. Due to the flowing fabrics and the swelling of the ends of this extension looks as discreet as a tie.
  • The ends are derived freely , The easiest way is carelessly thrown around the neck accessory with the ends placed in the chest. In this case, the addition acts directly stylish accent bow thinning.
  • Bow , Feminine and looks impressive bow that can be placed on the center or side. And this method is suitable for both long and short models.
  • [embedded content]

    Ways to tie scarves for women

    Stylists offer a more elegant and attractive solution. Popular ways to tie scarves – a complex braid. With this accessory you can braid before putting on or directly at the neck. The original selection of multiple nodes, such as the entire length of the product and only at the ends. For fixation you can use your favorite jewelery – rings, necklaces, ribbons, etc. And in this case, more punch brings to a picture contrast and bright solutions.

    [embedded content]

    How to wear a lady scarf

    Fashion accessories on the neck have become a popular addition to casual and formal fashion. In addition to their decorative qualities, these accessories also have functionality, for example, to speak in place of the scarf. The question of how to wear scarf, stylist and propose innovative solutions. In the modern way, such accessories are used to decorate bags instead of headdresses, as a bracelet on the wrist and even on the ankle. But let’s look at the most popular combinations:

  • Casual style , Every model looks great with comfortable casual wear – jeans, switchcom, raglan, leather jacket. Over the past few seasons, popular ensembles have become feminine accessory and sports shoes that match the fashion trends of mixed styles in a Luka.
  • Romantic bow , The most popular ensembles in the style of a romantic, finally falls here a handkerchief on the neck. In this case, a good selection of clothes will be dresses, flowing skirts, beautiful heeled shoes, a cropped, waisted pants, blouses.
  • The business motive , If your work dress code is not limited by the strict limits, instead of a boring tie, you can use a nice scarf. In the ensemble with a classic suit, this addendum will be the original stylish accent.
  • Scarf with pearls

    If you are looking for an elegant formal style option, stylists offer to stay on models that are complemented with beautiful pearls. Decoration may be a continuation of the ends of the textile pieces and the clasp. But if you can not find a similar design, you can make the accessory yourself. Fashionable scarves look great with big and small pearls. If you use pearls white color, the fabric is better to choose a simple dark – black, brown, purple, blue. Black pearls look better on light clothes.

    In addition to the pearl beads, stylists use gems made of precious stones – sapphires, emeralds, rubies and others. Stylish choice is the gold chain. In this case, a thin product highlight exquisite feminine style and wide decoration will add luxury and sophistication in a smart arc. For everyday life, you can choose wooden beads or bright jewelry.

    Scarf and blouse

    The actual combination of modern style is the business element of the wardrobe and a nice accessory. If you are wearing a plain white shirt in a classic style, it is a little scarf a woman is better to tie under the collar, moving the ends forward. For such clothing styles fit and solid and printed inserts. If you choose a model in a romantic style, the accessory can be worn over a gate, engaged in an interesting arc. Especially popular solution is the type of tie tie – the Ascot.

    A scarf under your coat

    Women’s fashion accessories look good with classic outerwear. When choosing a supplement, it is important to consider the cut and material of the sheath. Stylish silk, chiffon, thin cotton scarf is more suitable for feminine or straight-cut models such as MIDI length or maxi. Wool, knitted and solid products is better in the pictures casalinga style coat oversized short coat, style men’s wear. If the design of the outerwear is discreetly simple, the addition should choose a light or printed one. Printed coat better than a monochrome scarf.

    Scarf to the dress

    A beautiful complement is considered feminine with the dress as a relevant solution. And this combination is welcome in everyday fashion and on the way out. Stylish and attractive look scarf with a dress with bare shoulders. In this case, the accessories are always accentuated. Beautiful products dilute the brevity and restraint of the severe case. While this dress can be light shade. Win-Win was a combination of sophisticated accessories and style of the mid-50s style MIDI length. In this way sunglasses with oversized frames will be the perfect solution.

    Ring for scarf

    Modern fashion boutiques along with a beautiful female product is often a supplement, like a ring. This element is not only an attractive finish, but also a functional clasp. With the ring it is possible to fix complex weaves and nodes. Often this attribute is represented in the form of a bracket. Branded scarves are usually included with such products. Rings can be smooth or decorated with rhinestones, pearls and other ornaments. Stylists offer this article of metal, wood, durable plastic.

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