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Knitwear – knitted clothing for women for all occasions

Knitwear – knitwear for women for all occasions
Knitwear is the trend of the last few years and used to create stylish bows. They are represented by different models: It is summer, winter, half-season wardrobe. There are dresses, tunics, coats, cardigans, sweaters, skirts.

Knitted items have become increasingly important in recent seasons and are used in many fashion collections. With these garments you can create an incredibly stylish summer, spring and winter bow. You can be casual, elegant, bohemian.

Knitwear – Fashion 2018

Many well-known designers from all over the world use fashionable knitwear in their collections in 2018. This method is documented in numerous garments, of which we can mention the following:

  • light summer tunics, dresses and blouses knitted open with a hook;
  • Pullovers, pullovers, sweatshirts, cardigans, designed for the fall and spring seasons;
  • Outerwear made of thick woolen threads. It may consist entirely of yarn or contain a combination of inserts, such as sleeve, hood, front or back;
  • Knitted items include not only clothing but all sorts of accessories, these insulated and lightweight hats, scarves.

Knitted summer clothes

Ladies who prefer original bows can look incredibly stylish in the warm season when using summer clothes for women. Among them we can list the following:

  • Extra long tunic that can be worn with summer pants, shorts, skirts, jeans. They can be straight or asymmetrical cut (short front and rear extended);
  • Binding can be smaller or very big. In the latter case it is necessary to pry the opaque tips;
  • extremely feminine and romantic appearance dress or summer dress, crochet. Among them, poddavatsa may be the lowest layer, because the constellation tends to show through;
  • Made using knitwear, it can be knit, and did things like cropped tops, T-shirts, and lightweight blouses

Winter knitwear for women

Winter collections Knitwear 2018, which uses thick wool yarn and is chunky. Among them we can list the following:

  • Cloak of circumcised length, ending in the middle of the thigh, MIDI, reaching to the knee, maxi, reaching to the middle of the ankle or below;
  • the current trend that products are made from very large threads, they provide maximum warmth and look incredibly original;
  • For registration, you can apply all kinds of patterns, such as big braids or braids. They can be in a certain part of an object or evenly distributed over its surface;
  • relevant and knitted winter clothing such as jackets, made entirely by this method or with the individual parts such as the hood, sleeves, accents on the front or back;
  • To give extra warmth and luxurious look, the use of fur helps. It can be a tight collar, hood, pockets, hem trim, cuffs.

Winter knitwear

The most common are beautiful knitwear. Such varieties can be noticed by them:

  • all types of pullovers, pullovers, pullovers serving as a separate upper part;
  • Sweatshirts and cardigans are worn in combination with other upper garments. You can pry them under sweaters, blouses, shirts. Possible combination with thin jumpers;
  • Knitted hats can act as a separate garment. This is a variety of dresses that can be attached to the figure, trapezoidal, flared silhouette;
  • original decision will be skirts of different lengths, from mini to maxi, they can tightly encase the thigh, done in the style of the year ”

Fashion knitwear for women

Such garments as fashion knitwear are available in a variety of ways. Their design depends on the season for which they are used, the method of manufacture, the structure and the thickness of the threads. You can call these variations:

  • with open woven crochet work. They are extremely simple, they can even be worn on the hottest summer days;
  • Knitting with thick yarn, designed for an autumn or winter season;
  • Products can be elegant, characterized by simplicity and distinctiveness, to suit the everyday casual look or executed in an exceptional bohemian style;
  • Elegance and sophistication have things embroidered with embroidery, it’s a real hit of the season.

Openwork knitwear

In the warm season for fashionistas Finding will be a stylish knitwear made with beadweaving. Are their variations:

  • Tunics containing large patterns and doubling as a cape, which is worn over the swimsuit. With these things you can create great beach bows;
  • Blouses, shirts, tunics, under which they give out sleeveless shirts or tank tops. They can be combined with all types of shorts or skirts and used for everyday use;
  • light clothes or skorts that will be a salvation in the heat of summer and will help an incredibly stylish look.

Knitted clothes with thick yarn

In the last fashion collections one began to apply a very unusual knitwear from very thick yarn. The most common versions are:

  • Outerwear featuring warm cardigans that provide reliable protection from the cold;
  • extra long sweaters – oversized, they are recommended to be worn with tight skinny jeans or warm leggings; [19659006] mainly uses simple variant binding without the use of patterns, as knitted clothing for women is catchy and eye-catching at the expense of the thick structure of the threads.

Knitting design

Women who prefer extraordinary bows can choose beautiful knitwear for women, made in boho style. Characteristic for them are these distinguishing features:

  • the use of a combination of several shades, which can be very bright, attracts such a product the most
  • for example, a dress or tunic that stretches from top to bottom dominates from a free style;
  • welcome asymmetry, the hem has a different length;
  • Some models include fringes, embroidery, appliqu├ęs and other features of boho details.

Knitted Outerwear [19659010] For the winter and fall seasons, the true blessing will be a fashionable knitwear for women, serving as outerwear. This can be a jacket with different lengths, insulated jackets, cardigans. They provide warmth through the use of thick yarn or thick knit. Very organic on some products, the insert looks like natural or artificial fur.

Fashionable knitwear with embroidery

Incredibly original and stylish design is embroidery on knitwear. This decoration is characteristic of the following features:

  • the use of colorful threads that help create patterns that serve as a stylish highlight in the picture;
  • Embroidery can decorate certain parts of products: sleeves, shelves, collar cuffs, bags;
  • Embroidery can be combined with other elements, eg. As applications or rhinestones, combined.

Knitted Clothes for Fat Women [19659004] Owners of sumptuous forms will be able to choose fashionable clothes. When choosing these substances, it is recommended to pay attention to certain nuances that look like this:

  • You should prefer fine yarn products, as the use of thick strands can visually give more volume;
  • You need to avoid large patterns, bright prints made with embroidery or applique, because they can focus on the defects of the figures;
  • the most suitable models are high – waisted pullovers in empire style, loose cardigans that cover the hips trapezoidal dress

Knitted things for the house

To knit stylishly in the home, the clothes knitted. It can be soft sweaters, dresses or tunics. Used for making delicate wool, to be combined with knitwear. Restrained dominated by pastel colors and discreet prints combined with comfort and cosiness at home.

Knitwear – fashion accessories

With the help of the binding not only clothes, but also stylish accessories can be carried out. Among them we can list the following:

  • Chunky knit hats and voluminous snudy, perfect for the winter season;
  • Hats and scarf made of fine yarn that will go perfectly with skirts;
  • Famous fashion designers apply design in a knitted garment, use it for handbags. Elements made with woven woolen threads are used to decorate the front of the accessories. Handbags can be made entirely of yarn.

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