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Lacktasche – what to wear and fashionable to complete?

Lacktasche – what to wear and fashionable to complete?
Lacquer bag is a stylish accessory that can complement formal and casual bows effectively. She presented a variety of models: clutch bag, bag, travel bag, could complement the picture or be in an elegant business style.

The right accessory can be a stylish addition to the picture. Among the fashionistas who prefer bright bows is the paint bag’s popularity. It has an incredibly attractive design and comes in a variety of models, where every girl will make her choice.

If lacquer fashion bags 2018?

Leading stylists agree that lacquer bag is still relevant in 2018, but it’s better to opt for a genuine leather product that does not lose its shine and is confirmed during mechanical damage. It is possible to notice such variations of models:

  • presented in the usual black and brown tones or in bright colors;
  • become fashionable patent handbag 2018 with a beautiful shiny luster that mimics the skin of reptiles;
  • can be poured, the shadow of the chameleon;
  • the product can include metal zipper, fur detail, rhinestone, chains and pendants;
  • in 2018 will be popular different sizes of handbags, but you can opt for a clutch, a backpack or medium-sized products;
  • 2018 is filled with originality, this is not always clear for the unusual shape of the accessories, where up and down.

Ladies patent handbag

In the collections of many famous couturiers lacquered bags present, which have these characteristics:

  • Thanks to special paint treatment, the thing is protected against mechanical damage and temperature resistance e fluctuations. Accessories are very bright and beautiful, they require no special care. However, there may be fingerprints or other stains that can be removed very quickly by yourself.
  • Patent bag for women has an attractive appearance, but a small disadvantage – it can not be a large number of items and a variety of stripes, as the picture
  • Due to its design, the product bag is ideal for cycling, it can be taken to a cocktail or a holiday party.

  • Patent Case

    Extremely interesting look Ladies bag made of patent leather, made in the form of a bag. They are characterized by the following features:

    • they are quite capable of conveying a vintage style;
    • may have long or short handles as the closure may be zippered or the pocket on the lock in the middle closes; [19659006] Color can be chosen from classic black to bright turquoise;
    • lacquered bag has a dense structure, it fits perfectly in a strict office loop.

    Business patent leather bag

    Going to the office will be a great addition to the paint business bag. Its properties are the following:

    • provided a minimum of decoration must be visible and clear geometric shape is a rectangle or trapezoid;
    • has a simple design, there are rich finishes, embroidery and other decorations;
    • mostly uses calm colors – black, brown at summer time is perfect matching beige patent bag;
    • It does not look awkward, but it has the optimal size, which makes it easy to put all the necessary things for the modern woman. [19659028] Patent bags with a picture

      Latest stylish trend is paint bag. Possible variations of the design include the following:

    • Predominantly with a floral print gives light spring mood. Designers say that floral patterns and perforated patterns have become popular in recent seasons.
    • You can choose accessories in soothing nuances of Nadowitsch or vice versa, in bright exotic colors. For example, it can be a blue patent bag with a rich ornament.
    • As the figure can print animal, this imitation leather reptile, fur pattern can be used.
    • On branded accessories use the company logo applied over the entire surface.
    • Small Patent Coupling

      For evening wear will be a great addition to light or black painted clutch. It is possible to notice such characteristics:

      • stick to the minimalist in the making of designers;
      • there are small braces and a long strap;
      • the most popular colors are black, beige and other peaceful options;
      • could be leather strap or metal chain
      • includes several attachment options: Use a padlock on the side or top center that contains the two parts of the product;
      • Common decorative elements include pendants, metal details and rhinestones.

      Patent bag [19659017] Another hit of the season is the color or black patent leather bag. It has such features:

      • may contain a short round button Il elongated strap;
      • a bright most fashionable bags, the parts of different materials used, the leather, suede and other options;
      • can have smooth or embossed texture;
      • the bags are comfortable and spacious, they have a branch. In addition, the side can be a zippered pocket.

      Designer handbags lacquer

      Numerous brand names offer consumers a patent leather bag. Its key features include:

      • Lack of spare parts. The handbag should be practical and convenient to use, give unnecessary details zagromozhdenny;
      • Some brands fashionable bags 2018 paint specially designed for the youth field, and they are perfect for everyday or evening style.
      • Among the most famous brands we can mention Armani, Loriblu, Givenchy, Chanel.

      Patent bag by Armani

      Products of the brand “Armani” are designed to create different images. They can fit perfectly in a romantic bow, business attire, sporty look. Pouch “Armani” has the following features:

      • Most of them are created in your favorite color brand: mostly red, blue, black, white and brown. In some models, fans of the brand can see the product in bright pink, green, golden and burgundy colors;
      • the main feature is decorated with the logo. Models use metal headset, buckle, fringes, laces, various key chains, necklaces, rings;
      • common key fob, the dimensional logo is copied on the side of the products;
      • in the collection “Armani” presents miniature handbags, things of medium size, bags, suitcases and backpacks in various sizes;
      • Some handbags Armani recalls the portfolios, but in a reduced form. They have the valve and close in front of two wide straps.

      Lacquer bag Loriblu

      The Italian brand Loriblu creates accessories that become a reliable companion for every woman. A well-known brand offers a beautiful patent handbag in classic colors for every day, elegant clutches in traditional and trendy bright colors. Products are characterized by the following features:

      • expensive option is complemented by gold goods and gems;
      • Real leather and suede models with textile lining;
      • uses short rolled handles and long with wide legs; [19659006] Decoration is paying close attention to the metal parts that are fixed handles.

      White bag by Givenchy

      Givenchy brand is synonymous with aristocratic style products presenting elegance and elegance. The brand bases its collection on concise and simple forms. When creating accessories, use these details:

      • as a material for the production of suede, calf leather, which is painted
      • popular models have a spacious item that has rounded handles and optional shoulder straps;
      • the brand has a model of “Pandora” – this sturdy bag has a rounded bottom and a hinged lid, which is attached to the side flap;
      • The model of “Shark Tooth” looks like the stretcher with a flap and has a rounded handle;
      • inconspicuous decorations used in the original branded products in the form of rates, shapes and various textures of the skin;
      • as for color, the popular red patent leather bag and products of traditional black tones.

      Chanel handbag patent

      Exceptional originality is patent bag Chanel. Its characteristic features include:

      • often the product is supplemented by a chain alternating with leather inserts;
      • there are models that are carried in the hand, and those that contain a long chain or a belt; 19659006] the main feature is the presence of logo in metal on the front.

      Lacktasche – what to wear?

      Women who have bought a fashionable novelty wonder what to wear with patent leather bag? It is possible to notice such variations of its combination with the objects:

    • The ideal choice will be a nice thing made from a monochromatic fabric. Should rule out the presence of lace, leather, shiny skirts, pants or dresses
    • Shoes that can not only be painted, but can be found in matt leather or suede.
    • Fashionable pictures with patent leather bag

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