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Latest long hairstyles for men

Modern hairstyles for men with long curly hair show ponytails and buns. These hairstyles for men are simply irresistible, as they keep the streaks off your face. Here we have the latest Long hairstyles for men put together to encourage you to grow your curls. Here you will see everything from crazy updos to medium-length hairstyles that are swept back for a masculine touch. You will also find some long styles with undercuts and clean cuts. Do not waste a minute, look at these pictures for the best idea on how to style your long hair.

Latest long hairstyles for men 2018

Curly high top fade

This type of high top fade is especially popular with African American men, but also people of other ethnicities try to copy it. The beautiful curls look particularly good when combined with a medium bare fade. They are designed in a carefree and disheveled style that adds a special charm to the look. Note that the sides and forehead are lined up for a neat and clean finish.

Curly high top fade

Chin-length hairstyle

Lateral and central parts are still super trendy, but in 2018 we will see a lot of non-part hairstyles. The longer strands look better without the interpretation of a part. Instead of drawing a part, you can simply turn your hair aside or back. Take a look at the picture below and you will definitely want to take it over. You can also let your facial hair outgrow for a masculine touch.

Chin-length hairstyle

Med-length hair with a full beard

Bart is an undivided part of the male image. It is an element that can radically change its appearance. If you let your hair grow long enough and wear a full braid, you will definitely rock. 2018 was about full beard styles and it looks like we’re going to see big beards in 2018 as well. Here you can see a stunning example of medium-length hair with full beard, which also fades quickly on the sideburns.

Medium-length hair with a full beard

Straight back hair

Have you ever thought to wear a hair? Style combed back with your waves? I assure you, it will also look stunning on your chin length hair. Slicked back style allows you to keep your hair out of your face. It is an excellent style for both young men and mature men. You do not have to make an extra effort to achieve this style. Smooth backs are all about hair gel.

Slicked back waves

Comb over hairstyle for long hair

The comb over Fade has a very different look on long hair. It’s about creating a fabric with volume on one side. You can do it either super smooth or natural. It is a modern style that will attract everyone’s attention.

Comb over hairstyle for long hair

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