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Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles, 2019

Hairstyle is one of the most important things every girl should take care of. There are different types of long and short celebrity hairstyles that you can copy and look different from your usual days.

Emma Stone wavy brown hair

Long and short celebrity hairstyles28-emma stone hairstyle

Just leave your hair open and let it flow in the direction that you want. Do not forget to drop some of your hair on your forehead for a glamorous look.

Scarlett Johansson curls look Bob

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles29 - Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle

Another type of bob is where you can curl your hair to give it a trendy look. However, as you apply these curls to your hair, make sure you do not miss out on them to make it look weird.

Jennifer Connelly dull look

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles30- Jennifer Conneyly Hairstyle

The dull The look has been around for ages and is still considered one of the most charming looks. A girl looks pretty amazing with a simple blunt cut, and it also makes her hair quite manageable for her.

Maggie Q bound hair

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles31-Maggie Q Hairstyle

This look involves tied hair with small and long strands across the face. Just tie your hair and then let two small and big strands fall on your face. This look has its own innocence and can be adopted by girls of all ages, whether they are a child or a teenager.

Rachel McAdams half tied with curls

Rachel McAdams half tied with curls

Malin Akerman Short and curly hairstyle

Long and short celebrity hairstyles33 times Akerman hairstyle

Malin Akerman is very cool with her short and curly hair. She was posing very casually with her new looks. The look is best in hot weather. To apply this hairstyle, you only need to use a hair curler and a hair cream.

Amanda Seyfried clean bound hairstyle

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyle34 - Hairstyle by Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried sees her hairstyle kept very clean by tying it at the back. She was recently seen in the award feature with this look. The style is very easy to hold.

Ellen Page Small fringe with curly hairstyle

Long and short celebrity hairstyles35-page hairstyle

Ellen’s side holds a curly hair looks these days when discovered during various functions. Her appearance requires a curling iron and hair gel to hold her. Small fringes can also be kept with this hairstyle.

Kate Beckinsale side curly hairstyle

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles36-kate Beckinsale Hairstyle

Hot and stylish actress Kate Beckinsale is also known for trying new looks and styles. She was very famous for her looks in the movie Underworld and her series in which she made them short. Nowadays she has long hair. It is also very easy to hold because you only need to use a hair curler and a proper hair lotion.

Taylor swift short tied hair with scarf

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles37-Taylor Swift Hairstyle

A very popular youth icon of the country, Taylor swift could keep very simple and simple looks. She is holding her hair tied with a scarf. She has seen the hairstyle mainly when traveling.

Michelle Monaghan casual hairstyle

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyle38-Michelle Monaghan Hairstyle

Michelle Monaghan keeps her hairstyle very simple and makes her look pretty dry and light. You can easily maintain the style by maintaining the straight line and not using a comb. All you have to do is hang a few hairs on your forehead.

Nikki Read stylish long curls

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles39 Nikki Reed Hairstyle

Another popular actress from Hollywood, Nikki Read loves to keep her hair very stylish. She used to keep her short and that was perfect in the summer, but now she has grown her hair. Your hairstyle takes a lot of time and you need hair curlers from the market or directly from the hairdresser.

Alison Lohman looks cute with short angled fringes

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles40-Alison Lohman Hairstyle

Alison Lohman looks very cute in the short outline, which has angled fringes. She retains her blonde look that emphasizes her looks. Their style is very easy to maintain and to preserve that style you just need to use a round brush and then use a swab pomade product to give it a haircut.

Eva Green with curly hair at the side

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles40-eva green hairstyle

Eva Green spends a lot of time in hairdressing and sees hairstyle as a fashionable trend. She is proud of her hair and has confidence in her hairdressing. Evan Green was very sensitive to new fashion trends and loves to style her with different looks. She likes to tie her right back or hang some hair outside.

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles41-zooey deschanel hairstyle

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles42-kathryn prescott hairstyle

long and short hairstyle of celebrities Hairstyles43-Vanessa Hudgens
(Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Long and short celebrity hairstyles46-bella thome hairstyle

long and short celebrity hairstyles55-Elizabeth Gillies hairstyle

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles56 Victoria Justice Hairstyle

Long and Short Celebrity Hairstyles65-Bernstein belongs to hairstyle


long and short celebrity hairstyles72-Ashley Greene hairstyle

long and short celebrity hairstyles74-Dianna Agron hairstyle

long and short celebrity hairstyles75- Catherine Zeta Jones Hairstyle

long and short celebrity hairstyles76-Alexandra Daddario hairstyle

long and short celebrity hairstyles80 -blake lively hairstyle

long and short celebrity hairstyles84-faye reagan hairstyle

long and short celebrity hairstyles85-Ashlee Simpson hairstyle

long and short celebrity hairstyles92-Helen Flanagan hairstyle

Celebrities love to try new things with their hair and to have a different hairstyle is fashionable nowadays. If you are looking for a new hairstyle and want to see some references, follow some of the hairstyles mentioned above. Treat yourself to a new look by following dynamic hairstyles.

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